Steve Carell played Bob Brown of Australian Greens

Steve Carell started out doing Produce Pete spots on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.  These were fake-news talking heads segments opposite Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  How appropriate.  Because as it turns out, his more recent roles would follow along the same lines as the fake news we are presented with on a daily basis.  He then spent six seasons as Michael Scott on The Office, a mind-numbing, time-well-wasted cache of stupid nonsense.  But to each his own.  

His career, as popularly known, followed his idiotic portrayal, or rather should I say, his portrayal of idiotic Brick Tamland in Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy, and then he went on to make such films such as Get Smart and Dinner For Schmucks, Little Miss Sunshine, Dan In Real Life, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.  A very appropriate title for that last one, a movie that you don’t need to see, trust me on that one…  As you can probably tell by now, I’m not a huge Steve Carell fan.  And certainly more true now that he has been exposed, as you’ll find out below.
He claims that he worked as a mail carrier, but he quit because his boss said that he was not efficient enough.  Well, he certainly got more efficient… as a character actor, and certainly more efficient at portraying diplomats and party leaders!  Steve Carell played the role of Brett McGurk.  This character has held many roles throughout his career including International Affairs Fellow with CFR:  

“He served on the National Security Council staff of President George W. Bush (2005-2009), first as director for Iraq and then as special assistant to the president and senior director for Iraq and Afghanistan, and President Barack Obama, as a special advisor. During the Obama administration, he also served as a senior advisor to Ambassador Ryan Crocker and then Ambassador Christopher Hill in Baghdad. In 2007 and 2008 he was the lead U.S. negotiator on agreements with the Iraqi government that set the conditions for a withdrawal of U.S. forces and built the foundation for bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States. For this assignment he received the Distinguished Honor Award from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the highest award the Secretary can bestow on a civilian not serving in theState Department.”

Wow.  That seems to be a heavily important role for a “40 year old virgin”, doesn’t it?

You may also remember Brett McGurk as the fellow who withdrew his nomination (as Obama’s pick) for the role of Ambassador to Iraq because of a scandal involving racy emails with Wall Street Journal’s Gina Chon, who also resigned.

His most recent acting deception was the rendition of Bob Brown, former leader the Australian Green party.  

Check out Bob Brown’s bio on the Australian Greens website.  It says that Bob was a driving force in forming the Australian Greens in 1992, which is true, but all those stories of him being an activist, protestor, and getting arrested and jailed are utter and complete fabrications as part of the fake media events and fake actor that Bob Brown is.  Bob resigned from the State Parliament in 1993 and Christine Milne took over as leader of the Tasmanian Greens.  Of course, Christine Milne is actually Christina Applegate.  The bio also states that Bob has a house on the Liffey River beneath snowy Drys Bluff in central Tasmania. He enjoys photography, bushwalking, poetry, and philosophy.  I’m sure he does, when he’s not busy acting.


4 thoughts on “Steve Carell played Bob Brown of Australian Greens

  1. Love your blog. I still can't wrap my brain around some it but I'm starting to see it. I was watching CNN the other night and caught Aaron Sorkin being interviewed by Piers Morgan about a new show, Newsroom. I think he is played by Matt Damon. The whole world has gone crazy.

  2. I think when they worship satan, he helps them by taking over their bodies,….that enables them to speak in languages they don't even know. Like Persian, German or Russian etc. That's how the are able to carry on their disguises. Satan does give them certain powers and that's how they stay ahead of average people like us. It's not becuz they are sceptic ally sharp,…they can sing, they can host they can act and they can preach,……with the help of their master Satan, the accursed. These people have sole their eternity for a very small price,…..they may be billionaires here but eternity in hell,… no fun, and even a dumb person can understand that. And they think they are so smart.

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