Steve Jobs and John Lennon were the same man!

The character, Walter Isaacson, says that John Lennon was Steve Jobs favourite Beatle.  Lennon’s album, Imagine, was one of his favourites.  

These two characters, at some point, were played by the same man!

When you look at one of the many photos of a young Steve Jobs, it will eventually become clear to you that you are looking at one of the incarnations of John Lennon.

Apple Records is a record label founded by The Beatles in 1968.  Coincidence?  I think not.  They put this right in front of us and we fail to see it!

What I also find interesting is that when news of the death of Steve Jobs broke out, the event was being treated like the death of John Lennon:

Steve Jobs = John Lennon – Forbes

Steve Jobs dies: ‘Like when John Lennon died’ – Economic Times India

Steve Jobs: ‘John Lennon of technology’ – France 24

In the video below, Steve Jobs: One Last Thing…..David Sheff, a best-selling author and journalist, interviewed Steve Jobs in Playboy about the gift he gave Sean Lennon for his ninth birthday, and how it attracted the attention of party-goer Andy Warhol. 


54 thoughts on “Steve Jobs and John Lennon were the same man!

  1. It's understandable why the headhunters would seek out musicians especially vocalists to play roles of CEOs and politicians. The good ones already have an innate ability to work a crowd, and years of performances hone this into an unteachable skill. Many musicians must come from the media families and are handed careers. Lots of people have enough talent to be a Gaga, Spears, or Madonna, but if the role is played by a family member the tens to hundreds of millions stay in the family business.Others that are suspect for playing additional roles:Axl RoseThe MonkeesJim MorrisonKISSAnthony Kiedes FleaIggy PopTom WaitsDavid BowieJimi HendrixMaroon5Kings of Leonand the list goes on.I love Pink Floyd, but are not above suspicion.

  2. Lennon is JOBS. thats a 100% MATCH ! good catch..guys check out josef goebbels and meyer lansky. born within 4yrs form another. both silly small (5ft vs 5ft4). same ear ! same face. i made a collage, email me if interested

  3. Reagan did not die. Before he was Reagan, he was Deutsche Bank Chairman Alfred Herrhausen. After the Reagan interlude, he became German media mogul Leo Kirch.Google their photos and check out the report (use Google translator if needed).

  4. very interesting. i followed up on your tip. and made my own comparison. both ruth kirch and and nancy reagan as well as leo kirch and president reagan look REALLY similar not to say they are indeed the same. if u want the poster email me

  5. holy moses !!! im just doing the comparison. clinton might be elvis ! no shit sherlock ! gimme some time for verification. they gave him a new lower earlobe, the rest is the same. BD, height, profile, facial geometry and ear.mark

  6. Sorry, but I definitely can NOT follow you here. Who are you anyway, ANONYMOUS? That speaks more against than for you.If anyone, I say Clinton is Gregg Braden. Check out this vid and tell me whether you don't recognize William Jefferson „Bill“ Clinton in all his gestures and micro-expressions.

  7. I can understand why Elvis is Clinton would be disregarded and expected some ridicule. However it isn't any further out than Lennon is Jobs. Please consider they are both characters played by actors. Why couldn't they be played by the same actor? Inner ear, eyes, profile, voice are all very close. Check out the 70's Elvis photos, when he's not in costume. Elvis dies in 1977 and Clinton becomes governor in 1978. I'm not convinced, and put it out there to get feedback. Either yes because of this evidence or no because of this evidence.

  8. It once occurred to me that there is perhaps more than a vague resemblence between RINGO STARR and SONNY BONO. the large mustache a trademark for both/the big nose/similar body types. Cannot say for sure but I have wondered about it.

  9. I didn't think much of Starr is Bono, but took a look at a few photos anyway. I can't find a full shot of Bono's ear, what is visible does match Ringo's. Neither one can sing too.

  10. ringo starr and sonny bono are 98% shure the same person. look at the nose. the wrinkles around the eyes, then when seen face-on both have the same extremely straight ears. thats a remarkable ear. hard to miss. both have almost same age. and same height 5ft5 or 5ft6. id say if ringo starr wasnt sonny bono then that would surprise me very much.

  11. ok heres to "Die Freiwirtin". my name is mark Butzer, and i posted anonymous because i wasnt able to the hint with ringo starr and sonny bono was true. they are the same person. both have same age. same height of 5ft5. same musical talent. same straight earline in a face-on picture. same wrinkles around the eyes, same remarkable nose with enough features alone to identify the person, haha. if u want the 100% confirmation look for an earshot of sonny but in those hairy 70s its hard to find one, hehe. ok u can mark this one off ringo starr is sonny bono..

  12. MARKUS- I originally posted that RINGO/SONNY-comparison.than for your findings and I have thought this for some time but hi-res pics I couldn't find lots of. I wonder if others see it too lol.

  13. I agree Bono is Ringo and Lennon is Jobs. So what about Paul and George? Were any of these guys even British? I'm American and I wouldn't suspect Jobs or Bono as being Brits. Did Lennon and McCartney really write those songs or was that just part of the act? Supposedly they're worth hundreds of million dollars.Madonna is youtuber Leharra(brutaltruthmediamaui), she spreads a bunch of disinformation about chem clouds, space weapons, etc. According to explormedia Madonna has a net worth of 650 million. So why is she slumming on the internet with a hippie dumb-ass character? Maybe the studio writes the contracts so they get most of the money, and tales of there wealth are just more hype.Joan Baez always struck me as a phony hippie, she was supposedly Jobs girlfriend, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was a politician too.

  14. Also, Yoko Ono compared Jobs to Lennon too, and introduced the tributes etc after his death:"Like John Lennon, the man I love deeply, Steve Jobs was a dreamer who changed the world." – Yoko Ono Ono appeared everywhere after Job's death, talking about his importance and comparing him to Lennon.

  15. Leharra gives up plenty of ear shots in her videos, and I'm no expert on ear ID, and sometimes I don't see the matches, but those are dead ringers. Same sinewy physique, boob job, nose job, hair, and face. Also if you check Leharra's twitter she happens to be following Jesus Luz, who happened to be Madonna's last boy/toyfriend. These people either aren't too smart or like rubbing it in our faces or both.

  16. Initial ear comparison inconclusive. There appears to be what might be latex overmoulding across the middle horizontally on leharra but the overall shape is identical. Considering how much leharra's face is visibly distorted from the golden ratio due to probable latex and that her voice is recognizable as Madonna's, I would say you've got something here.

  17. I listened to her song which was played acoustically accompanied and there are definate similarities although the audio quality was so so. Sounds like MADONNA with a six string. She ain't no BOB DYLAN or JIM CROCE.

  18. Not sure which video you used, but search for this one "leharra what chemtrails really are".I was mistaken when I said her twitter was locked, must have been over capacity or something. Just checked and out of the seven people she's following; one of them is Brazilian model Jesus Luz, another is Deepak Chopra. She's such a modern women!She's been interviewed by the truthergirl sonia, and runs with all the usual subjects.If she looks like Madonna, sounds like Madonna, and is following Madonna's ex-boyfriend… I say it's Madonna.

  19. Madonna is a Kennedy/Roosevelt. Look up Rose Kennedy and compare that pic of her to Madonna's supposed mother. They look identical! Even the same hair syle! But regarding Steve Jobs as John Lennon, this should come as no surprise since they both formed a company called "Apple" But if you think that's big, wait till you find out who Paul McCartney is.

  20. Ronald Reagan was really 26 years old in 1955. The movies you see with him in the 1930's were shot in the 1950's. There is one with a television in the background. They forgot to remove it before they shot the scene, and the movie was suppsoed to have been made in the 1930's before they had T.V.

  21. Lyrics to "Looking Hot" by No Doubt. Don't Feel it, So fake it I bait it, you take it One eye in the mirror, put on my veneer I could have sworn, it's a sure shot Are you onto my con?Go ahead and stare I'm a ragamuffin. "Are you onto my con?" She's an actor. Her real name is NOT Gwen Stefani. The person who plays Gwen Stefani also plays Jami Beth Gertz.

  22. i allready posted this 4 days ago-why would this not get posted—steven spielburg and steve jobs look a lot a like im sure they are the same person even the wifes look alot alike-please post this

  23. emanuel steward– is supose to have died he is not dead he also plays –tavis smiley –emanuel steward was a pro boxing coach—same voice same actor

  24. look at travis smiley he is emanual steward a pro boxer trainer—- is boxing fake to– emanual steward was supose to have died–he is a live and well as travis smiley there is a enterview with Bill O’Reilly vs. Tavis Smiley & Cornell west—–emanual is not even trying to hide his voice —this 1 no 1 can denia—

  25. Morrison's dad was a high mucky-muck in the Navy involved in a some slightly hushed incident where Israeli pilots (from the accounts available) mistakenly shot a US Navy vessel. Also I believe that Hendrix, Morrison & I believe J. Joplin all had the same manager who had deep CIA ties. Many artists/musicians & pro athletes/coaches/GM's have Navy Intel (among other military) ties. Dimebag Darrell was also (apparently) shot & killed on Dec. 8 & it's either this xdisciple guy or Chiriani (whom I apparently insulted, though inadvertantly) say that his brother Vinnie Paul is also the actor who played that Raul Castro guy who abducted & imprisioned those women in Ohio. The guy who (again, apparently) shot Dime-Bag also had military ties. I thought I was pretty deep down the rabbit hole but now seeing all this xdisciple/Chiriani stuff, I don't know what to think. I've seen crisis actors use subtle prostectics to play different roles at hoaxs like Boston Fraud, Sandy Hoax etc. so I can see it's possible. One of Chiriani's examples for instance is that Heath Ledger & Joe Gordon Levitt are actually the same person but they were both in the same movie, same scenes in 1998's 10 things I hate about you movie & there are photos of them together from the set & Heath seems considerably taller. I understand all that could be faked & I guess I can see why “they” (the royals/the elite) would do something like that but we need some people with experience to analyze pics & film like that from the examples of xdisciple & Chiriani & see if anyone can find any live recorded footage of any of these people together, one way or the other you could rule alot out that way. If you can find 2 of them together multiple times, it could disprove the 2 being the same person/actor, if you really can't, it adds weight to their claims.

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