Ayatollah Khomeini was Sean Connery

Sean Connery played the role of Ayatollah Khomeini.  

“… And the electric effect he had on everybody, his charisma, was amazing . You just look at the man and tears come down your cheek. You just look at him and you get tears. I never saw a more handsome old man in my life, no picture, no video, no TV could do justice to this man, the handsomest old man I ever saw in my life was this man.” 

One would assume these words were fitting for legendary actor Sean Connery, and indeed they would be, but in actual fact, these are the words of Sheikh Ahmad Deedat, a Sunni Scholar from South Africa who was describing Imam Khomeini in his speech which he delivered on 3 March 1982.  It was said that Khomeini was also known for his aloofness and austere demeanor. He is said to have had variously inspired admiration, awe, and fear from those around him.  His practice of moving through the halls never smiling at anybody or anything; his practice of ignoring his audience while he taught, contributed to his charisma.

The term Ayatollah is a title in Arabic meaning “Sign of the God”.  It is given to those who are experts in Islamic studies such as jurisprudence, ethics, and philosophy and usually teach in Islamic seminaries.  Ayatollah Khomeini, also known as Sayyid Ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini (Imam Khomeini) was born on 24 September 1902 in the small town of Khomein (from which is derived his name) some 160 kilometres to the southwest of Qom.  Or so they say…

You will discover in this post that Khomeini is just a character played by 007!  The man with “The Golden Gun” and the “License To Kill” in the labour of Her Majesty’s Service!  His most important role ever!

You will find HERE a list of men and women with the title of Ayatollah around the world.  Sean Connery, or the actor who plays both Sean Connery and Khomeini, is just one of many religious leaders with this title.  So, it wouldn’t have been a huge endeavour to slip a secret agent into the religious ranks along the way somewhere… Sean Connery would easily have carried on his film career while posing for photos and short videos for the CIA photographers.  These images would then be broadcast back to Western audiences to serve as a target for their irrational animosity towards Muslims and as a conduit for the breeding of their growing Islam-o-phobia.  

We can easily see why they would do this.  An agenda decades in the making. He was named Man of the Year in 1979 by American news magazine TIME for his international influence and has been described as the “virtual face of Islam in Western popular culture” by Nasr Vali.  He was known for his support of the hostage takers during the Iran hostage crisis and his fatwa calling for the death of novelist Salman Rushdie.

But Khomeini is the most well-known of the Ayatollahs, and the reason for that is a geopolitical one.  He was the character that the CIA, via the black propaganda arm of the BBC, supported and cultivated into a popular political alternative for the Iranian people during the betrayal of the Shah in 1979.  Of course, the Shah was an actor as well… I mentioned above that his birth was said to take place not far from a place called Qom.  This is important because the rise of Khomeini’s popularity was based partly on his mystique derived from the supposed fulfilling of a prophecy, that:

‘A man will come out from Qom and he will summon people to the right path. There will rally to him people resembling pieces of iron, not to be shaken by violent winds, unsparing and relying on God.’ – Fouad Ajami

Just by looking at the physical appearance of these two characters one can ascertain that they are the same individual, but for now I will conclude with a left ear comparison of both characters which adds to the body of evidence.  I will add to this post as more information is forthcoming. Connery’s ear is to the left.

Ayatollah Khomeini was a prolific writer with 200 of his books online.  On June 3, 1989, after eleven days in hospital for an operation to stop internal bleeding, he lapsed into a critical condition and died.  Presumably, Sean Connery was then free to go on and make bad movies after that in the 1990s and 2000s, (although I did enjoy Highlander 2: The Quickening and especially Medicine Man).  And surely he then had more time to help popularize the rally cry for Scotland’s independence as a member of the Scottish National Party.  Small potatoes for a man who many have said changed the world as a religious cleric.  Ironically, when it comes to football (soccer), he says, 

“…religious affiliations in sport mean nothing to me” – The Scottish Sun Jan 2011

Yes, indeed.  The name’s Khomeini, Ayatollah Khomeini.  


19 thoughts on “Ayatollah Khomeini was Sean Connery

  1. X-disciple,I'm not trying to hijack this thread, I'm just not sure where to put this.Here is a youtube video of the Columbine shooting 10 years later. It's a reunion of the survivors or something like that.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3lczfIBe7U&feature=relatedAt 1:50 I see Stephen Dorff. I'm not sure if Ed has covered this but it's been bugging me for awhile and I need to get it off my chest. Also, the girl in red sounds like Ann Hathaway.Thanks for blogging.

  2. Now that he and the Pope have been exposed. The Dalai Lama should be next. I checked the cheezeburger site and his match was hunter s thompson, lots of similarities, but the ear didn't look like a match.

  3. This may be a silly question but did Sean Connery speak Farsi? I have a hard time believing the people of Iran could not detect his authenticity even if he could say a few phrases. I understand how America fell for it, I just don't get how the people of Iran were duped.

  4. You just are not yet able to fathom the sheer size of this monstrous conspiracy. You must unshackle yourself from the media mind control and realize that "Sean Connery" is also merely a character played by the actor behind it. Khomeini is part of a larger, much more profound master plan upon which we have only scratched the surface… stay tuned…

  5. Holy cow!! If Connery is the ayatollah can RINGO STARR be YASSER ARAFAT!!! Wonder if this could be as I believe strongly that RINGO is also SONNY BONO. maybe YASSER ''CHER'' ED both RINGO and SONNY!!!!

  6. Ringo always Said he would get by with a little help from his friends. You should check out STING and BILLY IDOL-same guy. Look at those ears. And hairline/chin/jawline/build.lol could be. If true call THE POLICE-HAHAHA.

  7. THANX- I'M cuurently working on DEBBIE HARRY. got some leads but I'm not sure yet. And now the man from mars is testing bars now he's only eating guitars-get up-little rift there.lol

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