Lee Strobel, Kent Hovind and Ross Perot, Jr. FRAUD


The Creationist Movement is a SCAM perpetrated by elite members of the hidden ruling class in the US.  A group of them, known to us as the “Bush” family, or “Kennedy” family, or “Perot” family,  have been instrumental in playing various roles, literally, in order to frame the history of the world in fraudulent manner.

See other posts on the roles George Herbert Walker Bush (aka Joseph Kennedy) has played, and see how the other members of the “Bush” family (not their real surname, of course) have made careers not only in politics, but also in other areas like music and celebrity (ie., Lady Gaga).

See other posts on the roles the various Kennedys have played and the Perots who are related to both them and the Bushs.

And now, thanks to Ed Chiarini of Wellaware1.com, we see that the legendary Lee Strobel is nothing but a two-faced (actually, three-faced or more:), no-good, son-of-a-gun, liar, scumbag…

I give you Ross Perot, Jr. in disguise…

Make sure that these liars and frauds are brought to justice.  And STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY and your time.


3 thoughts on “Lee Strobel, Kent Hovind and Ross Perot, Jr. FRAUD

  1. There will be no justice. They've been doing this for thousands of years. There is no afterlife and all religions are bullshit. That should be easy for anyone to figure out.

  2. Au contraire, mon ami. There will ALWAYS be justice. Of course there is an afterlife, and yes, all religions are tools of the elite. But you are nowhere close to the truth with that attitude.

  3. I take back what I said in that last comment. I was in a really bad mood that day. NO, I am NOT atheistic. I have to force myself to believe that there is something after death. Because if I allow myself to believe there is nothing, I will become a nihilist and lose all motivation to do anything. I see it like this: If the atheists are correct and there is no afterlife, why not just kill yourself right now? Why go through all this horrible pain and suffering of life if there will be no reward at the end of it? So I force myself to believe that maybe there will be something better after this horrible life we experience here on Earth. I don't want to live 70-80 years and then just become worm food. But I don't think religion is the path to truth. I think religions have some truths mixed in with some bullshit to keep people from getting it 100% right.

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