Will Ferrell and Silver Manipulation Scam

SHOW ME THE MONEY!  This is a famous line from the movie, “Jerry Maguire”, starring Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr.  But this post involves another “Maguire”, and how a fake media event is used to create an artificial market for a commodity.  Andrew Maguire and silver.  According to the Wikipedia page:

“No one at JPMorgan is familiar with Andrew Maguire,” said Brian Marchiony, a JPMorgan spokesman.  Andrew Maguire is an independent bullion trader and a whistleblower. He notified United States regulators that fraud had been committed, manipulating prices in the international gold and silver markets. Maguire and his wife were injured in a hit-and-run accident a day after he was identified as the source of the allegations.

To continue the story with extracts from wikipedia, on March 29, 2010, he was interviewed on the radio with Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) board member Adrian Douglas.  He went public in April 2010 with assertions of market manipulation by JPMorgan Chase and HSBC of the gold and silver markets.  Maguire said “JPMorgan acts as an agent for the Federal Reserve; they act to halt the rise of gold and silver against the US dollar. JPMorgan is insulated from potential losses (on their short positions) by the Fed and/or the U.S. taxpayer.  GATA chairman Bill Murphy gave a detailed account of Maguire’s allegations to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), stating how “JP Morgan Chase signals to the market its intention to take down the precious metals. Traders recognize these signals and make money shorting the metals alongside JPM. Andrew Maguire explained how there are routine market manipulations at the time of option expiry, non-farm payroll data releases, and COMEX contract rollover, as well as the ad-hoc events.”

Maguire decided to inform the CFTC. He contacted commissioner Bart Chilton.  REMBER THIS NAME!  Maguire explained the manipulations in great detail, both over the phone in an hour-long interview and afterward, in a series of e-mails with screen shots.

Maguire then predicted a manipulative event in the silver market and gave detailed information in an e-mail to the CFTC about what to expect, sending it on February 3, 2010, two days prior to the event. The event transpired exactly as Maguire predicted.  While the event was taking place, Maguire sent e-mails in real time, pointing out certain details because the CFTC enforcement seemed not to know what to look for or how to interpret the data.

Following publication of the article, JPMorgan released a statement that they are not under investigation by the Department of Justice or the CFTC, which has interviewed 32 people and reviewed 40,000 documents, but as of May 2011, no action has been taken.  On February 24, 2011, in less than an hour, the price of silver fell $1.50 per ounce before recovering. Another London-based trader, Richard Guthrie, wrote to Chilton to complain about the event, asking “How many investors lost money and positions to the financial benefit of an elite few?” Chilton believes violations of the law have taken place and wants to see prosecutions move forward, but the five-member commission has yet to act.
But new evidence has come to light that would suggest that this whole drama involving JPMorgan and silver shorts in the market, was yet another fake media event.  You see, the character of Bart Chilton is played by Will Ferrell, a famous comedian, actor, writer and impressionist.  What this means is that this is another fake scam serving as a counter-intelligence production.  It really is a scam on top of another scam, because the silver short manipulation by JPMorgan and their associates is perfectly obvious.  So why bring light to this fact if nothing is done about it.  Perhaps, the purpose of the Will Ferrell/Bart Chilton performance is to help us to feel better that someone has reported it “officially” as an insider.  Perhaps, it is to actually manipulate misinformed retail investors to go out and stock up on silver.  I notice that silver continues its slide downwards from around $50 per ounce which it reached at the height of all of these fake news events surrounding the silver manipulation shorting in the markets.  

This all makes perfect sense in light of the other silver manipulation scams involving Max Keiser and Gerald Celente, who have both been exposed as frauds by Ed Chiarini.

He also plays the role of Chad Smith, the drummer for Red Hot Chilli Peppers!  Apparently, Will Ferrell (if that’s his real name) is a highly skilled operative, as can be seen by his mastery of character and in-depth knowledge of a wide range of subject matter, from “massive passives” to Detroit Red Wings hockey ownership.  


28 thoughts on “Will Ferrell and Silver Manipulation Scam

  1. Interesting. For awhile now I have thought Eric Sprott (silver pusher) is Keith Olberman. They sound and look a lot alike to me but not totally sure.I think the precious metals market is a scam to sucker in retail but don't know how it will play out in the end.

  2. There is evidence to suggest Eric Sprott is not what he seems. If his name or image comes up in Google when searching for Will Ferrell or Bart Chilton, it is somewhat safe to assume he was recently looking because Google collects search data and uses it for the next person using the same search parameters…

  3. Yes and in watching several SPROTT VIDEOS I can see a definate hint of KEITH OLBERMAN. HIS CNBC INTERVIEW has got a strong whiff of ol'KEITH. HE'S CLEARLY trying to downplay OLBERMAN'S signature overdramitized delivery but when he is seen at certain angles I see a connection.

  4. If memory serves me LAMAR HUNT owner if the DALLAS TEXANS later the K.C. CHIEFS and his brother tried to manipulate the silver market big time awhile back like in the 60s or 70s.

  5. omg im so pissed, i remember saying to my kids that it was will farrel in red hot chilli peppers and they said no mom its not its chad smith, and i actually argued with them until they got it up and showed me on the net, i feel vindecuated a bit now except my kids still wont have it and thimk im a loony, whos the loony kids ………….. eh

  6. As Johnny Mac would say-''you can't be serious''. Johnny mac goes to lots of Knicks/rangers games played at MSG. The time that Chris has his show. Johnny was at a rangers playoff game last spring. Matthews was broadcasting the same time on THAT DAY'S EVENTS.

  7. If David and Bill are not the same person they must be close relations. Handwriting similar too. I've been looking for Bill. I don't know how somebody could play such a despicable character but it's a gig. Steve Colbert is Bob Saget. !00%.Johnny Cochran could be Cain. Pretty sure Cain is Clarence Thomas too.

  8. I wonder if WILL FERRELL is not the son or nephew of former M*A*S*H actor WAYNE ROGERS?? They look like father/son and interestingly enough rogers dropped out of acting for the most part to concentrate on high finance wall street type adventures. I have seen Wayne several times on fox business/CNBC too commenting on high finance. Hmmm.

  9. You have to remember… this stuff is often TAPED… I highly doubt they do all these news shows LIVE… So the Chris Matthews/ Johnny Mac in my opinion is the same… "Hardball." They throw little hints out there. Just listen to Matthews voice, and he's a jerkwad like Mcenroe… Also, Chris Christie = Chris Farley reincarated???

  10. I have real trouble thinking CHRIS could have been a world-class tennis star for a decade-sorry-no way. I suggested Andre Agassi/Colin Ferrell. And besides – NOT EVERYTHING IS TAPED. you know it must be live when he is commenting on something that took place THST day like natural disaster or a plane crash/train wreck. I mean really sometimes things get absurd on this blog. Think about when Johnny Mac as touring going from one tournament to another. No way Chris could keep that up and do news. IMHO.

  11. Many(not all) of natural disaster footage is shot on a set well ahead of time. It's a lot of CG and tricky editing. Haven't looked at the ears of Chris and Mac, but that should be what is considered, and not footage.

  12. I don't see why this one is so far out. By now, I think it's safe say the majority of news commentators are characters played by actors. And we have also seen many athletes taking on acting work or participating in fictional events. We should know by now Chris Mathews is a character. John Macenroe has maintained a high media profile so I think all his credibility is thrown out the window. I did an ear comparison for Chris and Mac, and I am no expert, but I say it's a MATCH! Interestingly some images of Mac's ears have been altered in post production. They can't change all of them for somebody who was a tennis star. Who plays tennis anyways and can afford all the coaching etc…? Rich kids aka the opposition. Much of the 9/11 footage was taped well in advance, the news is a fictional reality. We can not rely on that as a timeline for placing events.How do you know if a plane really crashed? Because of the news? Even though they have been caught lying so many times.

  13. HEY BUDDY-chris Matthews was LIVE on television several times when Johnny Mac was at a knick playoff game. Do you really think MATTHEWS COULD PLAY five sets in the grueling heat at the US OPEN against IVAN LENDL/BJORN BORG/JIMMY CONNERS geez.

  14. I agree 100 percent with what you just said… On Mac and on 9/11… Also, it's like they can pre-empt these weather events… Do you notice what I mean? I mean, do "they" have control of weather patterns?

  15. I am not mocking the blog. Think about it, "Hardball." Just listen to the voice… It's gotta be John McCenroe. I loved the guy growing up… had posters of him.Also, is Jay Leno playing Michelle Bachmann's husband? He has the same head and mannerisms.

  16. Jay Leno may also be HANK ALBERELLI-HE WROTE a book about the CIA and some terrible drug experiments involving FRANK OLSON and the usage of massive LSD EXPERIMENTS in a small french village in 1950s ''A TERRIBLE MISTAKE''. IT WAS ON RT SO YOU KNOW ITS FUGAZY.

  17. How can you confirm it is live? They say so? Because they are covering the days events which are scripted well in advance? People say there is no way Tina Fey could be Sarah Palin because they were on Saturday Night LIVE together. Even casual analysis reveals it was shot on a green screen and edited together and was not live.IMO. Chris Mathews does not exist. He has no birth certificate, nobody made fun of him in school for throwing like a girl, his name is not on deeds, titles, loans etc. He is a character, costumed(fat suit?), made-up, and portrayed to cast a particular perception in the public's mind. Forensic science is the best way to determine his identity, rather than indexing a timeline rife with fraud.

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