Alex Jones is a Fraud

Bill Hicks and Alex Jones, same person

“Alex Jones appeared in two Richard Linklater movies as a supporting actor. 
2001—Waking Life—Man in Car with P.A. 
2006—A Scanner Darkly—Street Prophet. 
Jones teams up with Jesse Ventura for the Illuminati/Zionist controlled network tru.TV, a network owned by Time-Warner. If these guys are really “true patriots” why are they working for organizations of the Illuminati?The bottom line: Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura are actors and phonies.”

The Alex Jones Deception – YouTube


14 thoughts on “Alex Jones is a Fraud

  1. we should start a list of the crimes, according to real paragraphs and real criminal code that these "illuminati" (stupid word) people are breaking. if they had not their superlawyers and the judges in the back pocket we could sue them to mars. theyd be doing so much time theyd never see daylight. i´d make shure they wouldnt get a radio headset so theyd be blessed with sharing their bunk with irish white supremacists having a 20inch swastica on their belly like i was. or should i tell the story about the dude who had his pocket radio on at night at 2am and wouldnt turn it down and started threatening you if u told him to turn it off ?theres a lot to their own medicine they have never tasted. theyre a bunch of spoiled little rats. theyve never done time. they get everything blown right up their spoiled little bar-mitzvad butts. probly a little reality check would serve them month in prison ah-ah-ahtwo months in prison ah-ah-ahthree, three short months in prison ah-ah-ahthe count keeps track of their time as we share responsibility over the different states of their little private corporate enterprise called the US of A.ok… oops i was just daydreamin…. sorry…

  2. jesus exists very much in fact i´ve been working for him before he decided to force me into the whole monogamy thing which of course is a joke. (while those kosher little bubbeles are bangin all the best women).i have seen the holy spirit move with my own eyes. there are definitely higher powers at work in this world. thats why the world will not come to rest until the appointed time where those higher powers will be tranquilized and a period of rest can hapen giving the earth (much needed) time to recover form all the technology, overpopulation and abusive people.

  3. all the worlds military greets their higher officers with putting their hand to their head. i thought about this and it came to me some time ago that what they form with their hand is a perfect triangle. thats a masonic salute that people do and have no clue what they do. they say everytime they do this "i hail the geometry, the order of the great architect and his laws and order" everytime they give the salute. just like the masonic neckties that u HAVE TO WEAR when u want any job in any higher office anywhere in the world on any of the 5 continents. the necktie is the rope around the neck of the initiate. think about it it makes perfect sense. wearing a silly dickformed piece of cloth on your neck otherwise makes NO SENSE at all.

  4. On DallasGoldBug's facebook page a lot of people are talking about how these celebs are making an effort to even use ear prosthesis now and put things behind their ears to push them out more. More and more are trying to change or hide their ears… Some gal on there clowned out Pope Benedict today and pointed out that he fakes his real ears… Pretty impressive, so they know people are onto them.

  5. Brian, why do you believe in "the devil"? The source of all evil? It's a fantasy for children. I think there are two types of people in our world, those who care, and those who don't, and most of time is spent convincing people why they should care. Some agree, some don't, so there are your two types of people…

  6. I'm just saying those elite who are in control are THE DEVIL… that is what I mean by us being under control of the devil in this life. Hopefully that will change. I agree with you 100 percent about the majority of people in this world usually have good intentions, and the minority do not… it just seems like the minority is in control when you look at what is going on with these frauds. That's all I am saying. Trust me, I DO NOT worship evil or the devil… I despise it, but I, like every human, have my vices and make my mistakes.

  7. hahahaha, ya u can call him up in utah his name was larry thatcher. but probly he´s doing time rite now again.ddang i miss all my homies from utah, we had so much fun in jail.. ok sometimes at least. now there is no place for another tattoo on his belly or any other bodypart because hes tattood all over LOL

  8. I don't blame people who say bad things about bible and Christanity. Thei first things illumanti did was corrupt the religion so people would go lost and away from God. The fight between evil and good started from the day Satan was kicked out of heaven. He swore to mislead and misguide human beings, and he and his army are busy doing that days and night. Illumanati priests added some satanic stuff to the few true teachings of Jesus. And now they are doing stuff according to their plans and then they say look its in bible, so it has to happen.Satan makes plans 100s of years in advance and his worshipers just follow his commands.

  9. What about Jeff Rense, Piper, most all radio guys that quit at american voice radio, and remember Oracle??? most all quit too when Ed busted them. Where are they here?

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