Helen Thomas is Ayn Rand!

Atlas Shrugged.  Yeah, right!  Ayn Rand is said to have died in 1982.  She is famous for her fictional novel, Atlas Shrugged, and for the subsequent philosophy called Objectivism.  

From Wikipedia:  
Rand characterized Objectivism as “a philosophy for living on earth,” grounded in reality, and aimed at defining human nature and the nature of the world in which we live.

“My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute”.—Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Well, I guess what she meant by productive achievement was pretending to be someone else!  Indeed, it is an efficient way to deceive and manipulate.  It seems she chose the role of “Helen Thomas” – author, journalist and columnist.  Makes absolute sense.

Helen Thomas uttering the “unspeakable” to Rabbi Nesenoff, and then resigning/retiring as a journalist, was all a fake media event circus.

Ayn Rand
Helen Thomas

Here is Helen Thomas with JFK, a meeting of a journalist with President John F. Kennedy, who has turned out to be an actor also!

At some point during the time of 1979-1980, Phil Donahue interviewed Ayn Rand, the love-child of the political right and atheist wackos.  She says here:  “Television is very revealing” and that she loved Charlie’s Angels because it was “romantic”.  And then she goes on to venerate the famous philosopher, Aristotle as the father of reason and logic.  What a joke.  How can you marry cold, hard logic of Objectivism (only one of many pathways to truth, by the way), with romantic art and emotional expression?

I’ll offer you my opinion on what is going on here.  It seems to me that Ayn Rand is pushing the same philosophical idiom as the fake character of Aleister Crowley:  Do What Thou Wilst.  In other words, do whatever you want, regardless of whether it hurts other people.  Because it fits with the prevailing and FALSE paradigm of survival of the fittest.  As if survival was the only point of life.  Anyone who subscribes to these petty philosophies pushed by these family members and associates, is reduced to the level of animals, for that is what they want you to believe.  That you are just a really smart animal.  Guess what… we’re not even that smart, and you are not just an animal…We still burn stuff to survive, how advanced do you think we are when we cannot even use the freely available electricity, solar, and wind all around us everyday?  Don’t be fooled, we still use technology that is hundreds of years old, and believe me, that is not by accident, but by design, while our real rulers use their networks of secret labs and secret libraries, and secret tech facilities to stay well advanced and above us.  They think they are Gods.

The media mounts an incredible offensive on our minds, and they are clever but you can be sure that they are ultra-right wing beneath the veneer of credibility that they work very hard at achieving by deceptive means, such as employing actors like this Ayn Rand/Helen Thomas character.  But they are slowly losing that war, and this is another battle won for the side of true freedom…

15 thoughts on “Helen Thomas is Ayn Rand!

  1. A lot of famous writers, must be just actors, while a team of hacks assemble the books. People wonder how Stephen King(so looks like an actor) could be so prolific. Well, he isn't he's just the face that hawks the books. Stephen HAWKing, does he even exist or is he a CG creation with his ridiculous robot voice. Simulated voice technology has come along away, but they won't update his because it would confuse the brand. Crichton seemed like a phony, and the books he supposedly wrote are screenplay pap.Will Durant was a historian who somehow wrote a comprehensive 11 volume set(around 11000 pages) of man's history, that was packaged for mass distribution. How could one person perform the research and amass enough knowledge to write about so many subjects? I think it's BS, and I want to know who wrote all those damn books, and the motivations for what they wrote.

  2. PAT BUCHANAN-longtime conservative commentator was a devotee of ayn Rand. Well take alooksee at former Penn. Gov. And BUSH DHS OFFICIAL-TOM RIDGE. similar voice pattern. Could be since ''the official'' pat Buchanan was opposed to bushes moderate policies and ran against pappy bush in the republican primary in 1992! Hey pat you want back in the government??? All is forgiven.

  3. Maybe too good to be true PAT BUCHANAN=ABE FOXMAN(ADL)=EHUD BARAK!!! You can tell how delicious the irony would be?? As captain hikaru sulu of the use excelcior-NCC-2000 would say -OH MY!!!!

  4. Interesting lead, and it does fit in with them defining the debate. Hard to get good images of Foxman. Looks like they used a fish-eye lens close-up so his face just looks like a blob and his ears wrap behind his head.

  5. I know a guy whose friend apparently worked at the Gamma Knife Computer underneath Antarctica which predicts the future. He told him all about the Secret Astronaut Corps, and the CIR (Council on Intergalactic Relations). Alex Jones (aka Prince Gustav) occasionally, very vaguely hints at the existence of those in a few of his broadcasts. I wish I could interrogate one of them in private and get them to tell me everything they know. Even if I was never able to tell anyone about it, at least I would die knowing the truth.

  6. Actor/fraud this “J.K. Rowlings” & I'm sure it's not her real name either. I refer to such people as 'straw men”. I didn't read Harry Potter but I would guess it's just another way to spread the propaganda or psy op's on to the children. I cannot explain where/how I know they are not the creators; but I will tell you a lot comes from the MILITARY PSYCHOLOGICAL Division, I had to shout that out; it's disturbing. Also, there's 'think tanks' working together are psychiatrists, public relations & writers with the objective of effecting the minds, or having an impact on the reader that is not for the benefit of the creepy agenda these power/controllers want to see in society. I JUST WANTED TO BACK UP WHAT THIS ARTICLE EXPLAINED IT IS CORRECT. Good luck.

  7. I can confirm there's supernatural to paranormal here & there, but it's more rare than regular. I'm not writing about ghosts; I have not seen a ghost; but other experiences which later in life became part of the society I belong too. But, that's not the only study that goes on, hardly but could. So, as far as aliens, or space men I do not believe; but like you, I have questions. I want to know what that moons about, & where did people come from. Also the pyramid story; which I'd have to research but what keeps it from cracking as old structures would? It's probably not that old. Its too bad so many people are so silly they believe in dinosaurs; they believe men rode in a dune buggy on the moon too. Well. maybe if media is exposed as one way to maintain society in false reality; some would realize.-SABLE

  8. P.S. YES AYN RAND IS HELEN THOMAS. While I have this box open; Lady Gaga is Amy Winehouse. William Milton Cooper, radio/has a book is Jordan Maxwell. Was a “Mr. Searchwell, cia agent on a talk show too”. is: Lindsey Williams; Joel Skousen, as seen on the Alex Jones Radio show; who (Alex) is the voice of Pete Santilli. **HELEN KELLER is another joke; actor who could hear/see well. Also, THE NEWS: is deception; scripted, rehearsed. One company that produces these 'practice' drills is in Washington, DC @ 1776 Eye St., lol. called: Obsidian Analysis, Inc. SO INFORMATION IS OBVIOUSLY controlled & created, as are News Stories & Various Characters.

  9. Dsllas Goldbug from WELL Aware is correct! It's great to see, I'm not the only person that has known about this crap, sorry for the profanity but all your information in the public realm like the NEWS, those stories that keep repeating then has books written are total fakes, name it. Titantic, waco,columbine, all these shootings are BullSh*t. PRAISE DALLAS PRAISE HIM FOR GIVING OUT THE REAL STORY: if theres these minor characters u think are wrong ok, but he has it RIGHT on all the MAJOR ONES!

  10. Alex jones is a dual citizen of Israel & the U.S., employed by Time Warner, there to spread fear, & fake information. Even if one small thing he says is true, that's how he lures in people to listen, it's a psy op's. He's not your friend, he's there to mess with your minds.

  11. I know I commented alot here I just wanted to add one more thing Ayn Rand's character, who used a fake accent is quite common to do. please believe she also was in the role of Helen Thomas. (she could of had other roles, but I am confirming her fake acting roles as Dallas posted, along with the others he posted about. So everyone that big news u see? its all fake, the shootings? all fake.They want you to huddle in fear, fake information, & false reality. Ok I'll try not to keep commenting now, take care everyone.

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