Ariel Castro is played by Vinnie Paul of Pantera

Vincent Paul Abbott, also known as “Vinnie Paul”(born on March 11, 1964) is an American professional drummer and producer who is currently a member of supergroup Hellyeah. He was best known for being a member, and co-founder, of the heavy metal band Pantera. He also co-founded the heavy metal band Damageplan in 2003 with his late younger brother,Dimebag Darrell.
Ariel Castro is Vinnie Paul
AND Dan Dicks a.k.a. Brett Greenberg could be related to him…

Dan Dicks accepted my friend request on Facebook during this past year, after we had discovered him playing various roles in fake media events and fake characters such as the leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal.  He did this instead of blocking me or denying my request simply to mitigate any negative perception that he is not “Pressing for Truth”.  What a laughable name!  The real purpose of the Dan Dicks character, played by Brett Greenberg, is to KEEP THE TRUTH AWAY FROM YOU!  As in COINTELPRO, or Controlled Opposition.

Due to the slight smirk in the photo above of Ariel Castro, Ed Chiarini had recognized him as possibly Brett Greenberg/Dan Dicks.  I have run a cursory examination of the right ear and present the evidence below which corroborates Ed’s finding.  Accounting for the variables such as slight difference in angle of shot taken and the resolution and lighting, it is clear that the ear is a very close match!
Ariel Castro was in the news recently as the alleged perpetrator behind the disappearance of three women:

“Cleveland school bus driver, Ariel Castro, 52, was arrested on Monday, May 6, 2013. He is accused of abducting three young women and holding them captive in his basement and restrained with chains. His neighbors were completely unsuspecting. The only thing they noticed was that he parked his motorcycle and red pickup truck behind his house. He locked the back gate and entered the house through the back door.  The women lived in these conditions for a decade. Two of the women, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were teens when they were abducted 16 an 14, respectively.”

Dan Dicks is a fake character whose purpose is Controlled Opposition.  If you have been fooled by this fake character of Dan Dicks played by Brett Greenberg, (grandson of Maurice Greenberg, former CEO of AIG and a Nazi infiltrator), please cease giving him any more funds to further his evil operation.  Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Ariel Castro is played by Vinnie Paul of Pantera

  1. this is false info Vinny Paul drummer of the band Pantera is the actor playing ARIEL CASTRO NOT BRETT GREENBERG WHO REALLY IS DAN DICKS HIS Sister is played by the bassist from Rob Zombies band.

  2. None of these people look the same. Look at their eyebrows. The ears. The cheekbones. Nothing. Alike. At all.

    BTW COINTELPRO means Counter-Intelligence Program, not controlled opposition. These fevered delusions you have are the true enemy. We live in a world where there are real enemies and systems of control. But, instead of fighting those, you are conveniently occupied with these diversions from the truth. If anything, it is the greatest success of the State and capitalism–to keep us useless, distracted, impotent.

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