Tim Bosma FRAUD was played by Mike Adams the Health Ranger

There was nothing natural about this news .  Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, of naturalnews.com played the role of Tim Bosma a missing man eventually found dead.  This sensational media news story over the last few weeks in the Hamilton and Greater Toronto Area and around the world was a total media production of lies and deceit upon an unsuspecting public.  One can’t help but remember the images of his sobbing “wife” Sharlene Bosma and her eloquent speeches.  

Even Robert De Niro got into the act by playing Sharlene Bosma’s father:

Shall I zoom in on the ears or can you tell they are the same person?

The alleged story, which we now know to be a complete fabrication, is that Tim Bosma was visited by two men under the pretense of wanting to test drive his truck for sale.  He was never seen or heard from again until police supposedly found his charred remains.

What follows here is absolutely undeniable photographic evidence that supports the work of Ed Chiarini, who has discovered that Tim Bosma is a fraud played by Mike Adams “Health Ranger”, the editor of NaturalNews.com

Here is what is posted about Mike Adams on his popular website: 

… he is editor of NaturalNews.com, the co-creator of NaturalNews.TV, and an award-winning journalist who covers natural cures, nutritional therapies, health freedom and liberty. He is an accomplished music creator (www.NaturalNews.com/music) and cartoon creator (www.CounterThink.com). Adams has served as an instructor at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center (Dr. Gabriel Cousens) and a guest lecturer at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. He is also a fill-in host for the Alex Jones show (www.PrisonPlanet.com) and a regular guest on RT America. He was awarded the Human Rights Award in 2009 from the Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights for his investigative journalism questioning the widespread psychiatric drugging of children. Adams was recently named the second-most influential person in alternative media. His NaturalNews.com website reaches 2.5 million readers each month.

And don’t forget that Mike Adams is associated with Alex Jones, and any affiliation with Alex Jones automatically presents one as a suspected fraudulent character…

Anyone can do this:  Take the two photos above of Tim Bosma with the dog, and Mike Adams with the camera and set them side by side in any image processing software.  Focus on the right ear of both and zoom in and cut and paste the ears side by side.  You will get this result below:

Look at that ear match !!

Considering the handful of variables affecting each of the photos such as unknown age or date when the photos were actually taken, any editing done over that time, the angle of the ear shot, the differences in possible lighting and shadows, and the presence of makeup or putty… and yet, we still have virtually the same ear present in both photos!

Suffice to say that Ed Chiarini is once again correct.


11 thoughts on “Tim Bosma FRAUD was played by Mike Adams the Health Ranger

  1. Think about all the parties involved in this scam: The Hamilton Police Service, the various media outlets including CTVglobemedia, Torstar and Metroland Media Group, Postmedia Network Inc., Sun Media and Quebecor Media, etc…, etc…, and etc…, I have to include the private and independent CHCH in on the scam as well unfortunately, just look up all the media outlets reporting this fake story to you… And what can we say about the police? Why would the Police LIE TO YOU? Think about it. What could possibly be the motive for this?

  2. I usually assume insurance fraud. I wish insurance companies would stop paying out to cheaters and frauds. Honest people are required to pay in by the government. Then liars and cheaters get all the payouts. As an example, Brighton Beach, as a whole, received over $5 billion in a 5 year period doing phoney baloney medical work. It was basically all insurance fraud.I don't know. Maybe there is some greater good at work. Maybe this is as close we get to a social support system. If someone would explain it to me, maybe I'll agree. But so far I've been kept in the dark. Until then I just see that I'm getting robbed while so many others are getting paid.But, again, no-one cares. The view totals on conspiracy sites are abysmal. It's all bread and circus. The criminals are not only winning, they are getting stronger.Personally, I'm just devoted to Catholicism. Even if it is all Jonathan Pryce and Harrison Ford, at least they are preaching charity and love. No-one else is offering anything better.

  3. Your brother-in-law, eh? Care to name that person? Or provide some type of proof to support your claim? If not, you are probably a liar. Why is Robert De Niro doing stand-up at Tim's funeral? Did your brother-in-law attend the funeral? By the way, Tim is not missing anymore. At least get your story straight.

  4. Hmmm… You bring up an interesting point. Any Baptized man could be a validly elected Pope – Ha, even Jonathan Price it seems. The Code of Canon Law would back me up on that, I think, though I'm no Lawyer of Canon Code…At least James has an ear comparison of the two here to study. For me though, a little more than this would be required for a match. Sorry, but epic fail on this one, friend.I remember when Ed used to have a disclaimer on his Web Site with his Pope Look-a-Likes: "Either I'm right or I'm going to hell."How bout you, James ???

  5. i found many more but have no computer right now to upload… but veronica moser the depraved scat sex star is nina hagen…imagine this ! lacie green the youtube NWO bait is just old footage from miley cyrus.. then NYC report3r from pix11 news mary murphy is german talkshow host sandra maischberger… and no end in sight… we can clearly see its a generational thing..the kids take over where the parents left off…

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