VP Joe Biden is Jimmy Page

OMG!!  This is a total shocker!  The Vice-President of the United States of America is none other than the legendary guitarist for Led Zeppelin…. Are you kidding me?  This can’t be right.  No way, it’s just impossible… (These were my initial feelings).  So I had to look into this a bit further and with careful analysis, I have to concede the obvious… that it is true.  There are just too many coincidences, as you will see with his association with Jesse Ventura (a.k.a. General Ray Odierno) and with Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (a.k.a. Sarah Palin/Tina Fey).

JIMMY PAGE was probably the greatest guitarist who ever lived, said Johnny Ramone.  “As a producer, composer, and guitarist he helped make Led Zeppelin a prototype for countless future rock bands, and was one of the major driving forces behind the rock sound of that era, influencing a host of other guitarists.” – (Classic Rock Magazine, December 2007)….”just about every rock guitarist from the late ’60s/early ’70s to the present day has been influenced by Page’s work with Led Zeppelin” – (Greg Prato, Allmusic, November 2008).

The Ears Are Identical

Jimmy Page and Jesse Ventura

Here is Joe Biden and General Ray Odierno
in Iraq on August 30, 2010.  Both are actors.


21 thoughts on “VP Joe Biden is Jimmy Page

  1. Barack Obama IS Jimmy Hendrix! Please, xdisciple, check it out! Obama is Hendrix and Biden is Page!!! Please, if you can confirm, post about it as soon as possible! It's gonna be History!

  2. Jimmy Hendrix!!! I mean he died in 1970!! I know people who saw him at Woodstock and the Fillmore east. So how can Obama be so spry. I mean even with faked age. 1970 is 42 years ago… I'll give you something to look at and it crossed my view last week. EVA MENDES is also former late 80s early 90s pornstar TORI WELLES. Eva clearly has had a breast reduction and age is a lie but Welles was born in 1968 and MENDES 1974! not out of the realm of possibility.

  3. Obama is Michael Jackson from the 80s before someone else started playing him when he evolved into Will Smith… Just look at how many films/ shows Will Smith has been in from 2008-2012… ZERO.

  4. you got it 🙂 Also, morgan freeman is Hendrix, neil Armstrong is john lear, and Obama has so many names we lost track, lol, but I don't know of anyone else the actor playing Obama also plays, but I do know that Richard pryors daughter rain, is playing the first lady, and now the first tranny, lol

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