True Story of the Roosevelts and Kennedy’s

The Roosevelts, like the Kennedy’s were no friends of the average Joe.  RUSE-a-velts.  A ruse.  Hmmm, they were playing the name game again.  So here is the true story:

Theodore Roosevelt had a brother who was said to have committed suicide, Elliott. He didn’t. Instead, he played the role of VP Taft and then President Taft, and also JP Morgan. A character that still holds importance today.


Teddy Roosevelt’s son Kermit played the roles of Hitler, Disney and Father Coughlin – all three characters fomented WW2. 

Teddy’s son Quentin was said to have been shot down as a pilot in WW1. He didn’t. Instead he took on the role of Joseph Kennedy after faking his own death at the age of 20.

Joseph Kennedy (Quentin Roosevelt) had a daughter who was said to be a moron due to a lobotomy. This is a photo of her, does she look like she’s had a lobotomy?  

No, of course not, because she went on to play the role of Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady!

And the Kennedy’s (Roosevelts, but original name is Van Rosvelts) had their share of acting roles as you can find out from the following link:


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence but we have:  MariLYN, RosaLYN, JacqueLYN.  Name games.


15 thoughts on “True Story of the Roosevelts and Kennedy’s

  1. You like contemplating hypotheses – I would ask you to consider that you may be suffering from a mental illness. Not saying it's true, just asking you to consider it.Finding these kinds of patterns in the world is a pretty classic symptom of schizophrenia.You believe in being open-minded so I'd ask you to at least consider "what would it mean if I am wrong?"

  2. If I am wrong, no big deal. If I am right, then it's a huge deal. There you go. Done. If that is your definition of schizophrenia, then all the police departments in the world must be schizo because that is what they do all day; that is, find these patterns to nail the perpetrators. It's also what scientists do; namely, find patterns.

  3. The Illuminati are Masters of Illusion and Deception.They have technologies and ways of deception beyond you simple humans, tiny ways of thinking and perception.They have been at it for 1000's of years.You are no match for their black magic and trickery.This stuff is 99.99% true… almost all of the matches shown on this site are true.The Conspiracy is so big its unbelievable to most.Yet that is only because you have been so brainwashed, that you actually defend those who brainwash you and police yourselves from thinking outside of the box, that you think is normal reality. Unfortunately 99.7% of you have no idea or even the faintest idea of what even a grain of truth looks and feels like.

  4. Best comment I have read in ages! And the most truthful. Go figure that a lemming would call someone who thinks outside the box, and schizophrensic. Note, the phrensic as in forensics. People never cease to amaze me at how simple minded they can be.

  5. Madonna is related to this family. She is a Kennedy. Go look up images for Rose Kennedy, and compare them to the images of Madonna's mother. Take a look at Jean Kennedy and compare her images to Madonna's. Also look up Jimmy Carter Chicago press conference 1976, and take a look at the girl who is standing by Jimmy Carter, compare those images to pictures of Madonna in the 1970's. Take a look at Eva Braun who is really Edith Roosevelt. She looks just like Madonna in some of her pics. It's all there. Plus she recently had her face painted on the Roosevelt Hotel.

  6. This takes the cake as the all time stupidest web conspiracy site of all time please clean up your space in moms basement
    T tea aft

  7. THE INFORMATION HERE IS CORRECT. IF you wish to be deceived, continue in denial, reside in false 'reality' go right ahead; if you want to say you disagree fine. But name calling, insulting someone who was nice enough to post what's real, who I am backing up, shows all of us about you. Petty little mind, take a hike, you're ignorance is annoying.—-SABLE

  8. You're right. ALL THEIR TRUTH, is false, lol. The television is their God. They sit & watch, believing real information is going to come their way because they are 'watched out for', in spite of ALL the evidence one could find, and see without any media, still, they “Know it's true they seen it on TV” they are indeed programmed robots, they have nothing to be proud of.,their minds are owned.—-SABLE

  9. You take the cake, as the representative, the person who is lead around by the nose, thinking media is ran by the people for the people, ha. . yet, all money is printing, the economy ran, by a private group of people, who also own the I.R.S. which takes part of your wages to keep. Yet, they could never own the media right? All the news, all the information? just money huh YOU ARE A Total disgrace.

  10. I’d like to know how you think all these people were carrying out all these different lives at the same time. Not that I would defend Joseph Kennedy’s having Rosemary lobotomized, but that picture you have was taken before WWII began, in England. The lobotomy did not take place until 1941.

    • You make many assumptions that surely cannot be proven, and certainly, in light of the photographic evidence right in front of you, cannot be trusted. How do you know when the photo was taken? How do you know when the lobotomy took place? Obviously it did not take place. Your understanding of the historical events (as well as everyone’s) is plain wrong and has been handed to you by the same people who fabricated it. Is this a concept that escapes you?

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