Coast To Coast AM George Noory is also Gilani, Prime Minister of Pakistan

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yusuf Raza Gilani, was declared ineligible for office by the Supreme Court, leaving the position of PM vacant.


And coming up this Saturday June 23, 2012, George Noory will be hosting a live event in Toronto, Canada.  So what’s the connection?  They are the same person!

OK, so even though you have the photographic evidence above, you may be thinking that this is impossible.  But let’s explore this a little further.  If we can establish that George Noory is a fraud, then perhaps it won’t be a stretch to suggest that he could be a member of the opposition, a member of this cabal of actors that are working to deceive the rest of humanity. 

Here is a recorded radio segment in which George Noory is busted on live radio and then there is a section of the audio in which Art Bell reveals some interesting things about Noory and the takeover of Coast to Coast by Premiere Networks.

The voices are similar enough, and obviously, this actor is a flawless bilingual.  Here he is pleading before the Court in Pakistan.

We’ve established that George Noory on Coast To Coast AM is not what he seems to be.  We’ve established that the newly ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan is contributing to increased tensions with the US and with obstructing justice in Pakistan.  The motives are not clear but we can be sure they relate to benefiting this actor’s employers, The Family, in that region of the world, and there is the Chicago connection to Obama.  I’m sure there is more to this story yet to be discovered…


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