Mariah Carey is Wendy Williams

You just have to take one look at this photo of Wendy Williams and you will see it.  

That’s definitely Mariah.  The photo must have been taken at a time when Mariah Carey was halfway into the process of turning into Wendy Williams.  This photo right here is a perfect example of how makeup, lighting effects, and expeditiously expert use of latex in all the right places can turn one person into another completely!

I am really, really sad that Mariah is a member of this cabal of actors.  I would like to think that she was coerced into it.  Perhaps it was the money.  On second thought, yeah, that’s what it was.  Or the thrill of becoming someone else.  What an incredible talent.

Examine the voices.  They’re a match as well…


18 thoughts on “Mariah Carey is Wendy Williams

  1. when i was 15 (16 yrs ago) we would dance slowdance in our homemeade classroom "disco" and sob "i cant liiiiiiiiiive live without you" (mariah carey hit)…haha

  2. It's interesting but one morning two weeks ago I was in the offices of my physical therapy clinic and shortly after the WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW ended on came THE BILL CUNNINGHAM SHOW. so I'm watching it for about 10-15 minutes and I can't help but thinking I'm watching REGIS PHILBIN. knowing that he left the REGIS and KELLY show the BILL CUNNINGHAM SHOW debuts almost the same time. Anybody care to comment or look at this???

  3. Big x- I'm telling ya- looking for more images but there's not much on BILL CUNNINGHAM prior to just recently. and yeah I believe its latex or some real good make-up. Keep in mind REGIS kept saying in interviews he was looking for something else to do. I didn't know he wanted to be a JERRY SPRINGER knock-off.

  4. no couldnt find an ear shot from the side. theres only 2 pics online for apostol. of course for tupac theres lots more. but its hardly coincidence look at the structure on the upper helix that i highlighted with blue color. given all the other similar hoaxes where they cash in on fake death stars its very unlikely that the two are not match.if nobody finds proof faustino was supposedly 6ft6 or 4ft9 small then its a match. i guess many other musicians like elvis, janes joplin, mama kass, freddy mercury, jimi hendrix and jim morrisson are also roaming around someplace. they have too much ego to stay hidden for long. they constantly need a tv-camera in front of them to show the world how awesome they are.Mark

  5. check out my blog updates, tupac and diddy have same ear and the rest fits too. im having problems uploading soundfiles to esnips, anybody know of a good alternative, i mean no ads, no BS, no sign-up etc. pretty shure tupac is p diddy. the clown tupac also said in an interview "i dont know why i shine and nobody else shines" blabla he was full of himself just like p diddy who is totally overrated like all the other buffoons. (even tho he had some good songs)

  6. Hey, I checked out your blog. Equally as vile as those you complain about. Was there really any need to post those pornographic pictures of theirs. I'll never go to your site again. But thanks for solidifying that P. Diddy is actually Tupac Shakur.Sentient Being/Formerly Anonymous.

  7. So pathetic this person must think the race is truly dumb down. What are you really hiding, . the fact that they maybe men and are. A lot of men posing as woman in the entertainment industry, in fact in every field. The world is filled with deceit. it is obvious Mariah and Wendy are not the same person their pigmentation is completely different, can't change genetics.

  8. Why do you not put posts up and only selected ones can be posted this clearly shows this is a scam to divert people from the real hidden agenda.

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