Joel Osteen is a Fraud

Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American author, televangelist, and the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. His ministry reaches over seven million broadcast media viewers weekly in over 100 nations around the world. – Wikipedia
You have probably seen his handsome face on your television.  It’s hard to miss.  Shiny forehead, gleaming eyes, perfect hair, pronounced jaw, smashing smile, and irresistible feel-good Christian message…

But there is a problem… Joel Osteen is a charlatan, a fraud, and a liar.  Men like him have been preaching to widows and desperate people for centuries, it’s not a new game.  He is not Christian; in fact, he is Jewish!  And his real name is Joel Alhadef.

If you are involved with Joel Osteen Ministries, or have given money to it, but you did not have the information in this blog post, please be advised that the leader of this organization is a fraud and a phony, and you would do well to divest yourself of all affiliations as soon as possible.
Listed below are the charity registrations in the US, Canada, and the UK.  Kindly spread the word to your loved ones who may have been victimized by this fraudulent organization:

IRS Section 501C3 Organization

Canadian Registered Charity: No. 82605 6368 RR0001

England and Wales. Reg. Co.: 1119836, Charity No. 6135565

This is a photo of Joel Alhadef with his real mother, Anita Alhadef.  Obviously, she also goes by the name of Dolores (Dodie) Pilgrim, a character she plays that is supposed to be Joel Osteen’s mother, and was allegedly healed of her cancer.  You can be almost guaranteed to be right if you said that story was totally bogus.  This is the same character that plays Gloria Allred, who is at the centre of many fake media events.  I call her the Queen-pin.  More on her later…

In case you were also interested, here is a link to a new song that Joel Alhadef has composed.  Apparently, he is a budding star in the Jewish entertainment sphere?



42 thoughts on “Joel Osteen is a Fraud

  1. This recent "prosperity' twist on the old fable of Christianity is a thriving money-maker, preying on the greed and fear of its followers, but mostly greed. I used to be religious, but luckily escaped the clutches of religion a long time ago. Others are not so fortunate. People we care about, friends, relatives, just your everyday average young person making their way in the world and seeking meaning for their lives, are unfortunately, through no fault of their own, sucked into this murky world. I hope we can save some of them…

  2. If Joel osteen were any more of a fraud he would explode from the guffaws he must laugh at the flock of fools who donate money to his ministries. Can't wait to see MATT MCCONNEGHY PLAY him on the big screen. I'll buy the popcorn.

  3. ALL TV evangelists and cult leaders need to be looked at closely, as there may be many more 'fakes' out there, most of whom seem to be very adept at relieving people of their money/hard earned cash.(Ed has already identified JOEL OSTEEN, HAROLD CAMPING, TOM GREEN and WARREN JEFFS as being played by actors). In fact just the other day i came across MAX KEISER AND STACEY HERBERT for the first time, and was stunned by their resemblance to TV EVANGELISTS ANDREW WOMMACK and SARAH BOWLING (voice especially), both of whom reside in COLORADO, apparently. (Max and Andrew have similar spinal/neck curvatures/deformities too). There is always the possibility of them being lookalikes, twins/siblings or cloned people, of course as in all of these cases perhaps.

  4. Bingo! Nice catch, Jude. The coincidences are just too great. I was not at all familiar with these people but just a quick image search and it is plainly obvious…

  5. ok i gotta look into the sarah bowling / stacy herbert thing. just received a mail back from my local pastor at my church in germany who had invited wommack 3yrs in a row every summer. he believes him to be authentic and advises me to abstain from "evil suspicions", haha..see how the jews laugh becuase they can con the xian pastors. just like in NT-times where they stoned paul and forbade the new faith/cult. they con the muslims, the gullible asians and africans, and the west as well. then sit in israel and kick me out for forgetting my pocket knife in my backpack treating me like i was trying to start WW3 but in fact its them who do it while getting their holy bumroses massaged in san fernando valley, CA.

  6. They sit and spew hatred for the Islamic people talking about the good old "calephate" that started with Glen Beck, and beg for people to send them money for the "joos". It's disgusting how they playup to these people, that the end is nigh, and we must "protect" Is Ra El, DUH! It's freaking sunworshipping illusion.Please expose this Sid Roth guy. And his many "guests" who always are wearing prosthetics playing different people.I remember the woman was a little blonde on a comedy show, but can't remember which one. It was around the time of Mary Tyler Moore I think. I'm sure you will recognize right away.!/photo.php?fbid=10151136284147263&set=a.10150628638477263.388521.118981582262&type=1&theater

  7. All of you people are nuts! This conspiracy theory is right up there with the reptilian conspiracy, which is also a complete joke. I truly hope that no one buys into this hoax. Joel Osteen is a false teacher, sure, but is he a Jew using prosthetics to pose as a televangelist? Give me a break. I'm sorry, but these two guys are absolutely 100% NOT the same person…sheesh! Whoever created this is yankin your chain. Don't buy into it.

  8. And your claim of 100%? What is your evidence? You sound desperate to me. You are employing the logical fallacy of guilt by association. The reptilian conspiracy has nothing to do with this whether that is true or not. Try logic next time, maybe?

  9. So we're to believe he had a nose job, chin job, eyebrow job & changed the look of his adams apple? Really?Joel Olsteen is a false teacher, in my opinion. But only a fool would look at the two pics & think they're both the same person.I'm against prosperity preaching, but I'm even more against blatant lying, which this "blog" is nothing but.

  10. You can believe anything you want. But you haven't addressed the other family members or any of the other evidence. Your tactic is to get others to miss the forest for the trees. Concentrate on one aspect, create doubt on that part, and ignore the rest… It won't work anymore…

  11. LOL OK so according to you we are to believe all the things Tom Foolery mentioned PLUS all the family member 'look alikes'…WOW THATS PROOF!! Woohoo yeaaa L O L …. right. Picture of his children shows 2 girls and 1 boy, the other children are 2 boys and 1 girl… and even if how does all this make you happy? Sitting in your rat hole apartment on the computer all day with nothing else to do…no work, no family, no hobbies, no passions…for real? Get a life, enjoy life, dont worry about this crap and focus just on yourself and what makes you happy! Dumbass internet trolls

  12. People please realize that the first 10-50 responses are not from real people, so ignore them. They mold public opinion the same way. Trust me when I say that the biometrics show that he IS Joel Osteen. And there is not much you can do about it. Just like skateboard champion Tony Hawk is the poster father of Sandy Hook- And there's nothing you can do about that one either.

  13. Used to be religious? What do you mean by that? Are you Baptized? I see you identify yourself as Xdisciple. What do you really mean by that? You are no longer a disciple of Christ, Himself? Or, you are just done with what you see as false representations of His Religion? Peter denied Him and Judas betrayed Him – It's always been that way. It just never changes…

  14. I will pray for all of you that have nothing better to do than make up lies and spread evilness. I dont judge you, because you obviously dont know God or check your facts. To say that you want people to throw things at him and harm him shows me your character and morals as a person. Joel has changed many lives for good, including mine. I am a strong independent single mother of two. I live in a nice 3 bedroom house, and an amazing job. No weakness there!!! My strength comes from God , Joel and various other vessels. What have you done to make a positive ,very successful impact for God? Not much i would guess. Again, i will pray for you!

  15. Not joking. How is it obvious to you that they are different people? If you answer this honestly, you will find that you are ignoring the whole while struggling with a minor piece.

  16. Am trying to understand the makeup. The difference of appearance. That's the difficulty with seeing some of these actors as the same individual. They look too different from each other for me to rightly grasp the reality of the situation. Joel Osteen is a perfect example. I hope to have somebody show us how this change of appearance is done. There more to it then lens distortion. If one of you understanders out there will take a little time with me to help me it will be a great help to me in showing others.

  17. What planet are you all from with your conspiracy concept? I will pray for your safe return to your home planet. Please go spread these lies in your own planet. Safe travels.


  19. Remember Kid Kraddick in the morning show in Dallas,…….he had a huge charity and then he supposedly died of a heart attack,…….do an image search and guess what you ll see,…..Joel Alhaef/ Joel Olsteen. These are billionaires, we are talking about. Some one plz exposé him

  20. I did an image search,…..and seems like Joel Olsteen aka Joel Alhadef also fooled us for many years as Kid Kraddick, radio show host who died on a golf range cuz of some heart attack and then his Chatirty org as a result get more than 200,000 per year! Add that to your vid.

  21. Too bad that he has duped so many. My wife watched him and I told her when he first hit the networks he was a Jew and a fraud.

  22. Joel is not a true Jew, but only Jewish in name. No different than Mark Zuckerberg of FB, who happens to be an atheist. I can't abide by either, but truth be known, they are not true practicing Jewish men.

  23. Joel, like all the TV-send me some money preacher are frauds. They prey on the gullible, poor and un-educated. Be very suspicious of any preacher who neglects to back up what he says with chapter and verse. Analyse his scriptural quote to be sure he has not twisted the real meaning. Those who wave their hands, have a brass band cure all sort of illness are always frauds.

  24. That guy with his mother (or whoever she is) isn't Joel; it doesn't even resemble him. That lady is even further off from looking like Joel's mom. What's wrong with you? Don't you have anything better to do with your time than create this absurd web page? Really. Go out make good use of yourself instead of creating all this nonsense for whatever stupid reason you may have.

  25. I just think he's passionate. And I like Joel even more. Regardless if you're a Baptist, born-again Christian or Catholic (like I am) his sermons are very inspirational. I wish our priests would speak with such uplifting messages. I do like some of the homilies at mass, but I would like EVERY homily if Joel was the speaker. Yes, you can say he preaches the prosperity Gospel, but none the less it's very uplifting. And believe it or not, his jokes at the beginning of every service are really funny. Funnier than a lot of comedians out there.

  26. I never heard him say salvation, repentence or Jesus Christ! what the hell is this man sellingh for donations? He use'sthe word god instead of specifying Christ , why? this way he doesnt alliniate Muslims, Jews , Buddahists , Monks, Monkeys from donating to his life style. This guy is a Tony Robins but makes millions and millions more. All you would need is a story teller! Why would you people make this fake a billionaire!
    Joel doesn't promise you anything not salvation not even a old piece of pressed bread you get in Church… I am a Christian!!!! and I am appauled with him and the anti Pope.

  27. P.T. Barnum had two sayings that explain Joel's appeal: #1 There is always a market for bull manure and #2 There is a fool born every minute. That explains this.

  28. The photos have different teeth and different chins, not the same person. Also Joel's face is thinner and longer, the other photo has a round face. Dimples are different also.

  29. One jew one wears hair on face the chin is the same also the jew joel puts something under his shirts lower part to look like large belly.l spotted it when l saw him in a thin shirt.look l found it hardnto believe to but his mothervand children help.jew joel doesnt have many pictures.also they do use stuff to nose snd cheeks.if you catch in can see the shaddows.

  30. Osteen's nauseating replies in Larry King's interview (CNN transcript) about salvation and going to Heaven:

    “KING: What if you're Jewish or Muslim, you don't accept Christ at all?

    OSTEEN: You know, I'm very careful about saying who would and wouldn't go to
    heaven. I don't know …

    KING: If you believe you have to believe in Christ? They're wrong, aren't they?

    OSTEEN: Well, I don't know if I believe they're wrong. …”

    Osteen is a false teacher hiding behind the pulpit to preach his own “gospel” and “itching ears” theology …

    I've never heard Osteen say anything about sin, repentance or Matthew 16:24… “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

    He's absolutely a lukewarm leader of a modern Laodicean church deceived into believing that you can “have your best life now”… Revelation 3:16.

    And he ain't related to Anita or Joel Alhadef…sheeeeesh…

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