Queen Elizabeth is Betty White

Today is the 1st of August in the year 2012, more than 60 years since Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed sovereign of each of the Commonwealth realms on 6 and 7 February 1952, after the death of her father, King George VI, in the night between 5 February and 6 February, and while the Princess was in Kenya.

The Queen’s Privy Council for Canada issued the first proclamation of the Queen’s accession.  Since her accession to the Throne in 1952, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has made 22 official Royal visits to Canada, usually accompanied by her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and sometimes by her children Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Queen Elizabeth has visited every province and territory in Canada.

She is said to love dogs and horses.  She is shy and given to routine.  She would have rather not been crowned Queen and spent her life in the country.  But very little more is known about her.  She never grants interviews, and apart from her annual Christmas message, she rarely speaks to her subjects.  You might say that her role is simply to be seen and not heard.  So why then, is she so thoroughly and adamantly reticent at the thought of abdicating her throne in favour of her quickly aging son, Prince Charles?

Queen Elizabeth II: The accidental queen

Queen Elizabeth II is the largest landowner in the world.  Though, it is thought by many that she is just a front for the real owners.  Admittedly, she is merely a figure-head as the monarchy doesn’t involve itself in the political affairs of any country of which it is sovereign.  But as we will see, not only is the queen just a symbol for the real powers that be, but the person playing the role of the queen is a well-known and famous actress…

Queen Elizabeth II is Betty White !

In 1951, a year before she took on the role of Queen Elizabeth II, Betty White was nominated for an Emmy award for Best Actress.  And then it wasn’t until more than 20 years later and three marriages later that she won the first of several awards for her acting work on TV shows.  Clearly, she deserves an Academy award for her portrayal of the queen, does she not?  Betty did not produce any children of her own but does serve as a step-mother.  She loves animals also.  Betty White is 90 years old while the official age of the Queen of the British Commonwealth is 86.  

1950s Clip of TV star Betty White singing “Getting to Know You”

Queen Elizabeth II is Betty White

39 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth is Betty White

  1. Queen Elizabeth sells Snickers bars!!!! Finding out who owns the land is key to figuring out who instructs these actors. They may be pissed at them for getting caught, but the actor families have been doing this for centuries and have a lock on that racquet. Rothchilds, Rockefellers, and Greenbergs are looking to be merely court jesters.

  2. i am just working on various betty vs lizzy comparisons. everything is bang on, but the nose. betty had through the years a slight hump in the middle of her nose, while queen lizzy always had a straight, slightly upward pointing nose. that means that if theyre both the same elizabeth throughout the years must have worn a fake nose all the time ! i cant explain it any other way. the rest is all MATCH.guys CHECK OUT OBAMA HE IS JIMI HENDRIX !!! FORGET THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE; TAKE THE JIMI HENDRIX MUGSHOT FROM 1979 AND COMPARE IT TO THE OFFICIAL OBAMA PHOTO. now look at the arc in the lower ear, you will see it is the same man.

  3. The fro covers a lot of Hendrix's ear in the mughshot, but there appear to be differences in the inner ear. Fingers appear to have different lengths as well. If you could find a good palm shot of Hendrix could prove or disprove quickly. I'd have to say no with what I've seen so far.

  4. we have seen more than 20 yrs bridged in other individuals before, so that should not be the biggest problem. look at the old wohls greenbergs etc they are 90yrs old and stillplay people of 80yrs and younger. they live to be 100 yrs old. dont forget they are sorcerers, have the worlds best makeup artists and are in technology always advanced. when hitler used the microphone he was among the worlds first. when michael greenberg aka werner von braun built the saturnV rocket, he was the worlds first. catch my drift ? corky ballas is too small for obama, even tho his face is similar. if biden is jimmy page, and uncounted others have been musicians, elvis and clinton, jobs and lennon, why not obama as jimmy hendrix ? or do u believe in his birth certificate that has like 8 different photoshop layers ? come on !!

  5. Acting and make-up. A talented actor can play a large age range. Biographical movies will often depict a character throughout his adult life by the use of 1 actor. I think it's possible for a man in his late 60's to play somebody 50, but Hendrix doesn't look to be Hendrix due to differences in the ear. Personally, I believe Obama to be played by an actor who is around 35-45, and made-up to look a bit older.

  6. Both Hendrix and Obama are left handed. So many left handed US presidents. Regan, Bush Senior, Clinton, Obama. Are left handed people really on the "sinister" path?Betty W: about a year ago I saw her pictures and decided she has a really dark nasty side. Her eyes are horrible and dark. Such a shame to see a talented person sell their soul. Also See: Barbara Bush.

  7. Nope, not buying this one. I notice that Ed doesn't do ears with many well known ones now when he constantly whines about ears. Whats up with that? His theories on the different writing is also just that. Gosh, am starting to think the "trolls" on his videos were right.

  8. not the same handwriting. You can see what you want and please do not tell me ed is a handwriting expert. Besides many folks handwriting changes over time. Broken fingers/arthritis/carpel tunnel/illnesses/etc.

  9. I agree. This has got to be one of the boldest false assertions in the doppelgänger research camp so far. Mind you, this is the queen of all people, so anyone making a claim of this magnitude must have either the truth or an agenda backing him. I cannot imagine how even the experienced makeup artist could consistently mold those 2 completely distinctive marionette lines into her face. And that is just one of several striking disparities between these two.Explain that, Ed?

  10. (I am not Ed). The makeup artists involved are exceptionally gifted. Notice the nose and philtrum, as well as the tear ducts and chin. Identical. We know the royals are impostors, so why is it "false" when we are able to identify the actor behind them? It may take some time to settle in your minds, and that is normal. Unlearning.

  11. I think that the actor who plays Will Smith might also play the role of Obama. Although I'm not an expert, it seems to me that these characters share the same ear structure and many facial landmarks, too, including the hairline, the shadow outline of a potential beard and mustache, the rectangular jaw, and the teeth, right down to the detail of a single, out-of-kilter, lower front tooth. Smith's voice sounds like Obama's too, if one listens closely.

  12. Yeah he does…. Look at IMDb and look at the films and tv shows Will Smith has been in from 2008-2012…. None! Look at the films that Richard Jenkis is sposed to be in past 2012, it says, "????"

  13. Hendrix isn't Obama… Michael Jackson/ Will Smith is in my opinion… That one is too easy… Will Smith's first show "FRESH PRINCE" of Bel Air/ King of Pop…. Now they all say, "Obama thinks he's the King…" Also, does anyone think Charlie Sheen and Corey Feldman are the same person? I'm pretty sure Corey Haim is Kirk Cameron.

  14. Sean Hannity has to be Sean Austin(RUDY)… Hannity always throws a football at the end of every show, he talks about how he GREW UP BUSSING TABLES AND BEING A BARTENDER (Like Rudy in the movie), he talks about being IRISH CATHOLIC (which he obviously isn't, he's luciferian) Look at that Austin actor today… he used to have dirty blonde hair and now it is darker like Hannity… And not to mention they have the same nasally voice with the NYC Accent…

  15. GO look at how the Jackass people made Johnny Knoxville (Or whatever his real name is) into an old man on one of the Jackass movies… Put Jackass Old Man in youtube and you will see how it's done…

  16. Anyone think John Voight is Donald Trump? That one seems too easy…even the same accent and face, and Trump obviously has fake hair. Voight is a very talented actor, but obviously an evil man who hates those outside his inner circle.

  17. Jack Nicholsan = Whitey Bulgar… He played a "composite" of him in that movie…Just look at their hairline and body-type as they've aged… That's what they like to do…. rub it in your face like that…And I think Damien Nichols of the West Memphis 3 is obviously Johnny Depp… Depp was on that 48 hours special talking about him, in other words, he played the part in court Duh…

  18. John Stewart = Anthony Weiner…. duh… That's too easy. They say they were "Friends and roomates growing up" but you go online and you can't find a photo of them together and John never interviews him on his show… Gimmie a break. HA! That was kinda funny though! And Weiner's wife Huma has to be the reincarnation of Britany Murphy.

  19. Will Smith… Go google how many films Smith has done from 2008-2012. None. There is also some fake interview where Smith asks Obama questions and they almost make a wink wink joke that they are the same person during it. They aren't hiding this stuff well and they are being very brazen about it but it doesnt seem to matter as only about .0001 percent of the public are onto it.

  20. Is it safe to say Harry Reid actually is Dirty Harry AKA Clint Eastwood? When Preibus/ Gary Senise went on TV and said, "DIRTY HARRY IS A DIRTY LIAR!" Harry Reid has the same body type and same scratchy voice as Eastwood…

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