Susan Sarandon is the President of Switzerland

Truly, it is one unmistakable face.  You and I have seen it in countless films. Spanning several decades, her acting talent has been virtually peerless and resulted in one Oscar in 1995 for Dead Man Walking, and several Oscar nominations over the years.  

Like Jodie Foster and Christina Applegate and others exposed on this blog, Susan Sarandon has snatched up one of the biggest roles of her acting career as the President of Switzerland, named Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf.  Her Wikipedia page claims that she worked her way up from Vice President and before that, Head of Police.  Very conveniently, it seems she was excluded from meetings with her other party members.


8 thoughts on “Susan Sarandon is the President of Switzerland

  1. Could it be that SUSAN SARANDON and SIGOURNEY WEAVER are the same person??? I did see the comparison on cheezburger but I do not want to base it on that. They both are political activists and have played in political dramas. If its true I know it will crush the heart of the ALIEN. hey he has enough trouble with the PREDATOR on his ass.

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