Max Keiser is a Fraud

Max Keiser is a character played by someone else wearing obvious facial latex prosthetics.  No one can dispute he is a great actor, jumping around like a monkey, spewing obvious statements about the Wall Street corruption, but one thing that is a clear give-away is that he never talks about the real hidden hand behind the Wall Street and the bankers.  No, it’s always Goldman Sachs all the time.  Has he never heard of the Rothschilds?  Or Rockefellers?  Or Greenbergs?  Come on, Max, ‘fess up, showtime is over, now that you’re in jail, it would seem rather fitting, even though it is all a pretend exercise.

Timothy Maxwell (Max) Keiser has duped thousands, if not millions of people with his gold and silver fear-mongering schemes (the Greeks seem to like him).  They and many others are quick to point out how badly corrupted the current banking system is, and how a new system is going to replace it, but isn’t that the plan anyway?  Certainly from an Illuminist perspective!  The world elite already know they are going to replace the small banks – with a huge centralized one world bank.  So what are Max and Stacy really saying?  Well, of course, they are not only stating the obvious but also preparing us for their version of events they and their masters have already planned for us.  A new digital currency banking system.  And they really push the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) agenda, for some strange and obviously unrelated-to-precious-metals reason.  Anyone care for some Carbon Credits or Population Reduction?

And what of the connection to the Lutheran Church in Milwaukee?  My feeling is that this is only scratching the surface of a much wider conspiracy aimed at creating chaos within this religious organization that stretches across the U.S. and Canada.  This Lutheran group believes that the Pope is the Antichrist, and are about as fundamentalist as you can get without playing with poisonous snakes and speaking in tongues…

Below is a link to a Vimeo video of Joel Hochmuth speaking at the 2009 WELS convention.  The similarity of the voice to Max Kaiser’s is striking!



5 thoughts on “Max Keiser is a Fraud

  1. You might be more believable if you were consistent with your spelling (Hockmuth-Hochmuth; "should of" instead of "should have", plus many other instances). Some of the photos you show do not make sense whatsoever, although I believed from the beginning that the Giffords thing was a big fake and that there is something drastically wrong with Obama.

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