Ellen DeGeneres in The Netherlands

I am almost certain I have seen Ellen DeGeneres in other disguises in several movies… Those particular suspicions are not confirmed but the following shows that she was employed as an actor in fake media event:  The  Mohammed Bouyeri case in the Netherlands in 2004.  

Ed Chiarini has found Ellen working hard in the Netherlands, along with the infamous Jackass crew.  Shame on you, Ellen DeGeneres.

We can see from the above photographic evidence that whole media event in the Netherlands was a fake media-scripted production.  The intent is clear:  To incite hatred for Muslims and for Islam.  But the generation of hatred is not confined towards Muslims.  Truly, they seek to divide and conquer through inciting hatred among various ethnic and political groups within nation-states, such as The Netherlands.  In Palestine, they seek to generate hatred for Jews because of the plight of the Palestinians, and this is no accident.

They play both sides of the conflict, and cause each faction to war with each other.  They are war-mongers, and they employ these actors on a grand scale to deceive you and to manipulate your thoughts and instincts.  DO NOT BE FOOLED ANY LONGER.  The world is not so fearful a place as they would want you to believe.  Our only enemies are these people who think they can continue to pull the wool over our eyes.


3 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres in The Netherlands

  1. when i made a eurail trip throu western europe in 2004, i went to amsterdam. first time ever for me in holland and this creepy town full of junkies. there were tall american journalists who were doing kindofan interview or somethin like that in the public square. not really an interview they kinda pretended to be politicians. they were really tall, wellfed and didnt look like the skinny drugged-out dutch all around. one wore a large texas hat. a tall woman interviewer and the crew stood aside. i had no clue back then how the whole media thing worked, but anyway they do this stuff in holland just like in any other country. when u see a guy with a camera and a big crew behind him. he´s probably not looting a bank but merely doing crime on a higher order.

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