Walt Disney and Adolf Hitler were the same man!

Here is proof of the FAKE mainstream media.  It seems to be such an exciting game for our real rulers; that is, playing with our minds, manipulating our reactions, using actors and celebrities to form a general consensus within a population.  It’s been going on for a long, long time.



“Kermit Roosevelt was the linchpin of Argentine banking.  Thus the Nazi connection presents itself and explains why so many escaped to Argentina and South America.   Also remember his son Kermit Jr was the Top CIA agent that is credited with being the master mind behind the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. He learned these tactics from his grandfather who funded the rebels of Panama to over throw the government so he could then purchase the land and build the Panama Canal.

And don’t forget who was in charge of handing out the oil leases as Secretary of the Navy. Also Theo and brother Archie (Roy Disney) got caught pulling off this stunt. It was called the Tea pot dome scandal which ultimately caused Theo to have to step down. But that’s OK. Disney was starting up and Archie could care less.  Remember at the same time the Disney brothers started their studio, their brother, as Joseph Kennedy, invested heavily in the other Hollywood studios. This is why they created the fake names as that move right there would have been highly illegal and the Trust busting laws their Father (Teddie) and Uncle (playing JP Morgan) created. They did that knowing that it wouldn’t hurt their own investments because no one knew who they really were. But it successfully put a cap on all their competition! Brilliant, if you’re that ruthless. So at that point they owned 80% of Hollywood including RKO. AND KNOWING THAT DISNEY IS ROOSEVELT do you see how the Disney Studios got the contract to produce all the War Propaganda films for the US and Europe? THEIR COUSIN Franklin D. Roosevelt gave it to them without the country even realizing he just handed the biggest contract (paid for with tax money) and put that money right back in the families’ pocket!”