Walt Disney and Adolf Hitler were the same man!

Here is proof of the FAKE mainstream media.  It seems to be such an exciting game for our real rulers; that is, playing with our minds, manipulating our reactions, using actors and celebrities to form a general consensus within a population.  It’s been going on for a long, long time.



“Kermit Roosevelt was the linchpin of Argentine banking.  Thus the Nazi connection presents itself and explains why so many escaped to Argentina and South America.   Also remember his son Kermit Jr was the Top CIA agent that is credited with being the master mind behind the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. He learned these tactics from his grandfather who funded the rebels of Panama to over throw the government so he could then purchase the land and build the Panama Canal.

And don’t forget who was in charge of handing out the oil leases as Secretary of the Navy. Also Theo and brother Archie (Roy Disney) got caught pulling off this stunt. It was called the Tea pot dome scandal which ultimately caused Theo to have to step down. But that’s OK. Disney was starting up and Archie could care less.  Remember at the same time the Disney brothers started their studio, their brother, as Joseph Kennedy, invested heavily in the other Hollywood studios. This is why they created the fake names as that move right there would have been highly illegal and the Trust busting laws their Father (Teddie) and Uncle (playing JP Morgan) created. They did that knowing that it wouldn’t hurt their own investments because no one knew who they really were. But it successfully put a cap on all their competition! Brilliant, if you’re that ruthless. So at that point they owned 80% of Hollywood including RKO. AND KNOWING THAT DISNEY IS ROOSEVELT do you see how the Disney Studios got the contract to produce all the War Propaganda films for the US and Europe? THEIR COUSIN Franklin D. Roosevelt gave it to them without the country even realizing he just handed the biggest contract (paid for with tax money) and put that money right back in the families’ pocket!”


16 thoughts on “Walt Disney and Adolf Hitler were the same man!

  1. How could they pull this off? Did Kermit/Walt just film all of this in a studio in California for propaganda purposes or was he actually in Germany as part of the Government? And was there a real Hitler or was he just a created fictional character?

  2. No, Hitler was a fake character, as was Walt Disney. We may not even know the true identity of Kermit Roosevelt or of the Roosevelt clan in general. You must understand that they are either royalty themselves or work for the real royalty, but it does not matter because either way, they have unlimited resources at their disposal, and have been involved in this trickery for a very long time. It's the family business.

  3. I see, so Kermit played this character Hitler right from the beginning, even writing Mein Kampf? I understand that in many ways he was a genius. He wanted to bring peace and prosperity to not only Germany but the whole world but was brought under the control of evil extraterrestrials stationed under the Giza plateau through the Thule Society, which made it impossible for him to resist what they wanted him to do. I also heard that there were doubles and that Hitler or a double changed his identity and entered the Vatican as a seminary student named Carlo Crespi in 1943, the same year that Kermit faked his suicide. And then in 1953 popped up as a Priest in Ecuador named Father Crespi with the priceless artwork from the Nazi's which was in his church including the painting that hung above his desk when he was chancellor of Germany. But how could this be if the real Hitler (Kermit) was already playing Disney and would continue to do so. And then also Father Coughlin supposedly lived until 1979 in Michigan according to Wikipedia.

  4. No need to bring aliens into this (even if true it's unnecessary)… And don't be fooled by the official timelines because obviously all of the photos and videos are not necessarily produced in accordance with the fake characters' fake lives… because they're fake! Logically, these would be produced months or years in advance ready to spring onto the unsuspecting populace. And then they plant cointelpro to control any leaks of information or serendipitous discoveries…

  5. All most of US know is that at some point around "WW2" lots of people died. how perfect is it that it was all ONE MAN? one loose end to tie up and say, yep there is justice. one loon and his mistress suicided in a bunker end of story , sorry for your loss. fact is something terrible did happen back then and the "victors" write history. WINNERS WRITE HISTORY. and the rest of us spend our lives learning how to wipe our asses and figure out that Santa Claus isnt real. (and fighting amongst each other) you learn what you are told. you discover the truth

  6. If they have private planes and private hangars any number of possibilities can arise. Remember skull and bones has nicknames for all these guys and they usually are pre-biblical names like odin, thor and magog.

  7. Hitler and the Nazis were very heavily into the occult. The Nazi Party was an offshoot of the Thule Society, which itself is an offshoot of the Teutonic Knights, which is an offshoot of the Knight's Templar, which was succeeded by the Freemasons. Being born into that bloodline Kermit Roosevelt must have been taught about the occult from a young age.

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