Hollywood Secrets

What really goes on in Hollywood?  Here’s a lengthy introduction to the heart of the mind control industry.  Look at this as a textbook and consider this post as Class 101.



3 thoughts on “Hollywood Secrets

  1. You know I was watching a ''documentary'' type show on ESPN about the tiger woods scandal and it just occurred to me how much number one babe Rachel uchitel-u-can-tell I am a fake is also super model Angie everhard. Both were allegedly pregnant at relatively the same time and of course we know Rachel conducted that vic-sims crap after 9/11. You remember she was the girl on the cover of the new York post crying about her ''fiance'' who died in the twin towers on 9/11!! Oscar winning material.

  2. Also, as far as I can tell it is the Nordic Aryan Nazis who control the world. It's not the Jews. All the banks on the planet go through Frankfurt and Switzerland. Switzerland is totally controlled by Nazis. After WW2 all of the Nazi gold was put into Swiss banks.

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