Canadians affected by MKULTRA

Your government has been involved in mind control research for decades.  Here is one of the survivors of this torture speaking about her experiences.

“After publishing Chameleon: The Life of Dorothy Proctor in 1994, this articulate and determined woman launched a complaint with the Corrections Service of Canada (CSC), saying she suffered permanent brain damage and hallucinations haunting her to the present day.

“I was reduced to a lab rat, a monkey in a cage,” she told the Ottawa Citizen (7/21/98), which has been covering the Proctor and other Canadian human experimentation cases for a number of years. A government inquiry turned up documentation (including clinical notes) that Proctor was not the only victim of involuntary prison experimentation 1960-1963. At least 23 other women prisoners were also used as human guinea pigs. Only four of these women have been found to date. And instead of complying with the CSC’s recommendation of an apology and financial compensation to Proctor, the Canadian government commissioned an “ethics study” at McGill University. Meanwhile Proctor hired lawyer James Newland and filed suit for $5 million in damages from the Canadian government, George Scott, MD, the prison psychiatrist, and Mark Eveson, a psychologist affiliated with Queen’s University”


8 thoughts on “Canadians affected by MKULTRA

  1. MK-ULTRA is another well conceived mind-screwing. Totally exaggerated. A PSYOP from the PSYOPERS. CATHY O'BRIEN/ARIZONA WILDER/SIRHAN-SIRHAN-all fakes that need to be exposed. Yes there were probably some experiments done by the CIA/FBI but not on the level that has been reported. More boogeyman crap.

  2. Haven't heard much of Cathy lately, aye? I fell for her big-time, too. Even bought several copies of her book. Now want my money back from these defrauding scammers. I'll never be the same after having spotted her here:–Q9SmzvORs&feature=plcp (go to 1:28). Compare with: So "Cathy O'Brien" is now officially "RADM Penelope Slade-Sawyer, P.T., M.S.W.,PCPFS Acting Executive Director" (I guess the hiatus is on the "Acting" here). If DallasGoldbug is correct, she is also Laura Bush!?

  3. This MK ultra fragmented personality material may have been created as a cover for these actors. If they were caught playing multiple roles, they could claim they were an am ultra victim. Those picassa family albums pretty much demolish that premise.

  4. That is what I have thought for about a year now CATHY OBRIEN/LAURA BUSH. LISTENED TO several you tube videos with O'BRIEN and I thought I recognized LAURA BUSH. but the audio quality on some of them is not so good. Also wasn't she introduced by TED GUNDERSON at some of these lectures?? Never trusted ol'TED.

  5. BRICE TAYLOR the other MK-ULTRA ''VIC-SIM'' may very well have been BARBARA STREISAND. and funny when i Google BABS JENNIFER ANISTON sometimes comes up in the search. So is JENN/BAB'S daughter???

  6. TY for corroborating my impression. I don't trust Gunderson either, although I still think his "death dumps" vid had its merits in as far as it raised awareness among those less interested in the chemtrail question.DGB's vid above (–Q9SmzvORs&feature=plcp) did much more for me though: If you go to 2:30, you will see "Dr. Cathy Baase, Director of Health Services, DOW Chemical", being impersonated by the same actor who also stars "Little Grandma Kiesha Crowther" (compare vid: It's devastatingly obvious down to her very hand gestures, mimics, micro expressions, including her voice. Though I am still not sure she is also the other woman DGB claims she is, I must say this vid has been such an eye opener for me!

  7. Yeah well when GUNDERSON jumped on the SONNY BONO WAS MURDERED bandwagon my spidey-sense started to vibrate. But I will say this BONO'S cross examination of JANET RENO about WACO was great political theater. Even ol'SONNY faked his death that you tube video was priceless.

  8. Other Canadian victims subjected to damage control and concealment, consist of over 100,000 Quebec Duplesiss orphans, who were exploited for CIA MK-ULTRA LSD and lobotomy research, along with the exploitation of children who suffer epilepsy, being subjected for unauthorized classified lobotomy and brain implant research, after parents have only been informed of “scar tissue removal”.

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