Malcolm X was Patrice Lumumba fraud

In 1964 Malcolm X declared Patrice Lumumba “the greatest black man who ever walked the African continent”.  Now, we know why.  The same individual played both roles.

Malcolm X was a fraud played by the same actor that played Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected prime minister of the Congo, after it had won independence from Belgium.

Look at the spouse, look at the ear, and look at the right hand.  All evidence stacked up by Ed Chiarini of  


3 thoughts on “Malcolm X was Patrice Lumumba fraud

  1. He played two good guys. That's interesting. Usually the actors are told to play one good guy and one bad guy, as an insult to the public. That's why so many actors play politicians. Because everybody loves actors, and everybody hates politicians! So they play the actor and enjoy getting praise from the people they deceive, then laugh at them behind their backs as they spew hatred towards their political alter-ego. But the fact that everybody loves actors adds an extra level of protection while they play multiple people. Because it makes people think: “How could somebody as “good” as that actor also be someone as “bad” as that politician?”

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