Ron Wretham, ISN CEO is a fraud perpetrated by the Dana Carvey actor!

Another actor identified by Ed Chiarini.  What a shocking way to conceal your own identity!  By pretending to be involved in solving crimes as a member of the Toronto Police and then as a private investigator in the private sector!  The ultimate insult to an unsuspecting public.
Ronald E. Wretham is mentioned in public court records with the Supreme Court of Canada.  Did he actually work as an undercover officer?  Is he somehow involved in the drug trade?

It’s not a coincidence.  These criminal families are crawling like cockroaches all over the police forces in North America and probably the world.  It was only a matter of time until they would be found.  And today, presented here is thorough and unmistakable photographic evidence that was discovered in response to yet another one of Ed Chiarini’s brilliant observations.  The media often calls upon Ron Wretham as an expert to comment on the news of the day involving crime and criminals.  Here is a summary of his appearances in the media as is boasted on his company’s website.  Pretty odd for a private investigation firm to do that, isn’t it?  How many other private eyes do you know, that like to get their faces plastered in the media?  His partners, Dave Perry and Mike Harvey enjoy the spectacle also and should be suspect.

Ronald E. Wretham, is currently Vice-President and co-CEO of Investigative Solutions Network, Inc. with an office in Pickering, Ontario.  
Office 905-421-0046, 
Cell 416-457-5170, 
603 Liverpool Road, Pickering, ON L1W 1R1…

Ron’s claimed experience includes 31+ years as a decorated law enforcement professional with the Toronto Police.  From his LinkedIn page:

– Harold Adamson Police Officer of the Year Award in recognition of work done with the Department of Justice regarding the importation and distribution of heroin in Canada
– Received several Commendations for saving the life of a man who had fallen through the ice; excellence in community policing, and collaborating with Federal Department of Justice on successful prosecutions
– Police Officer of the Month, on a number of occasions.
– Service included the following positions:
Progressed through the ranks, from uniformed patrol to leadership of division charged with the security and safety of over 200,000 community members. Accountable for leadership, performance, discipline, mentoring, compliance, budget issues, Police Association (union) issues and policy writing.
Led and managed 105 non-uniformed personnel, as Detective Sergeant of 52 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau. Oversaw all activities of Plainclothes, Major Crime, Juvenile Task Force, and Asian Crime squads.
Prior positions and assignments included Detective, 52 Division, Officer-in-Charge of major undercover and wiretap, importation, distribution, and conspiracy investigations within Five District Drug Squad,
Member of the elite Emergency Task Force, Special Weapons Team,
Community Response Supervisor.

Ron’s resume also boasts saving a man who had fallen through the ice.  Could that man please contact me now to verify?!   Upon joining ISN, he claims to have “created an in-house mobile surveillance team…which has proven to be a very lucrative, additional income stream for the company”.  He was a Member of the Elite Toronto Police Drug Squad, during which time he acted as an undercover operator, performed electronic and mobile surveillance.  He is a wiretap affiant (a person who swears to an affadavit) and is certified at all levels of the courts as an expert witness!!!  All public court records should be combed for his expert analysis and repealed immediately.  I’m sure there must be people in jail who would like to have a word with Ronald E. Wretham.  If guilty, let’s make sure he joins them in jail to have that conversation…

Ron Wretham’s LinkedIn profile
Ron Wretham’s Facebook page

Dana Carveyis an American actor and stand-up comedian, best known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and for playing the role of Garth Algar in the Wayne’s World movies.  He is well known for his impersonation of George H. W. Bush on Saturday Night Live.  In one of the biggest spy comedy flops of all time, his appearance in Master of Disguise was aptly named if he indeed is an expert in wiretapping and surveillance.  He is extremely talented, and like all of these family members, uses this talent to deceive using a pseudonym in public life.  


5 thoughts on “Ron Wretham, ISN CEO is a fraud perpetrated by the Dana Carvey actor!

  1. I have been unfortunate enough to make Ron Wretham's acquaintance on numerous occasions. He isn't Dana Harvey, which is unfortunate, because then maybe it would have been a funny experience or two. However, I agree with everything else you say, and yes, all should be repealed. You should hear my story with this #^$*head!!!!

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