Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a fraud played by the Chris Farley clown!

For years we had the pleasure of listening to Rob Ford, City Councillor, on AM640, whine about the perks and abuse of taxpayer money at City Hall.  Little did voters know at the time, that he is a fraudulent character played by the same actor that played the Chris Farley character.  

He was brought into the role of Mayor for one purpose, and that main purpose was to make austerity popular.  The people of Toronto, like the rest of Canada are being swindled by the same financial parasite class that brought the US middle class to its knees, through the devaluation of real estate, which is currently an inflated balloon in the process of deflating.  And it was Rob Ford’s job to create a rift within the middle class of the 5th largest city in North America.  Divide and conquer.  Create attention on the little nonsense in City Hall, in order to divert your attention away from big picture.  Did it work?  You betcha!  

AM640 in particular should be held accountable for the false and misleading overtures it has presented to the people of Toronto.  Its hosts and writers should be exposed for the danger to society they are.  Who owns that radio station?  You guessed it.  Corus Entertainment, who owns 50 radio stations in Canada, and like all dinosaur media, is bleeding cash.  Their mode of operation is to sell propaganda, sell fear, and create division in society.  Divide and Conquer, and keep you in a perpetual cycle of consumerism and debt servitude.  Did it work?

Here is the photographic proof that Rob Ford is the same individual who played Chris Farley, who is supposed to be dead.  The right ear of both are virtually identical:

The left ear also is identical.  Now to this evidence we could add the corroborating facts that they have the same voice, same stature, same approximate age, same substance abuse, and same slapstick physical comedy.  Did anyone actually vote for this clown?  Or are the elections rigged?  It matters not.  It should be illegal for anyone to run for public office using a pseudonym or fake identity.  Can someone check on the books if this is the case?  If so, this actor playing Rob Ford should be handcuffed and sent straight to a jail cell, and all those who knew about this and were his accomplices in this fraud against the public, should also be handcuffed and sent to rot in jail until they face a disciplinary process in front of a judge and jury…

20 Things Worth Knowing About Toronto’s Crack-Smoking Mayor, Rob Ford

Rob Ford’s “brother” Doug Ford, by deduction, is also a fraud, as well as the association with DECO labels.  The photo hung up at City Hall of Doug Ford Sr., is most likely photo-shopped and/or fraudulent.  All those scandals involving Rob Ford and especially the media-frenzied news such as with Sara Thomson, who incidentally, hinted at Ford’s cocaine use…, are just made-up stories to capture your attention, waste your time, and get you to notice the accompanying advertisements from the media sponsors.
The criminals in charge of your government have plotted to get rid of the Rob Ford character for some time. This is proven by the fact that recently, his alleged use of cocaine is being used as an excuse to remove him from office, just the same exact script they used to get rid of the Chris Farley character.  It’s a slap in your face, as a voter in Toronto.  You have been informed of this fraud, now what will you do about it?  How many City Councillors know and/or knew about this?   Where is the long arm of the Toronto Police?  Are they “in on this” also?  How is it possible that an actor can assume public office without repercussions?  

Did they actually think they would get away with this fraud?  Yeah, that must be it.  Unless the truth of this deception is conceded by all those involved, all succeeding candidates and incumbents for the role of Mayor of Toronto are to be suspect.


8 thoughts on “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a fraud played by the Chris Farley clown!

  1. Is there not one fine Toronto Police Constable that is willing to take that ear shot to their Chief Bill Blair and demand justice for those whom they serve? Actually, Bill Blair kind of looks familiar… OMG!!!

  2. Hi Xdisciple, thanks for posting the findings on the PM of Trinidad and Tobago. Wouldn't you know it, it is at it again. Check this out and please pass along/post, thanks a million. I do believe it's a match. Prime Minister of Jamaica: Porsche? Simpson-Miller: Minister of Trinidad and Tobago: Kamila Persaud/Michael Jean: very much.

  3. He's paying himself. He and his family are multi-millionaires. They engage in acting just for fun. The charade is simply to maintain their grip on power by deceiving you into believing that there are fair and democratic elections. Bread and circus.

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