Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook school shooting and Michael Phelps

This is the only type of grainy photo they have of the shooter in the recent Sandy Hook school shooting?  Really?  Astute minds should know by now that this event was fake.

Nick and Laura Phelps, the FAKE parents of the FAKE victims of the FAKE school shooting in CONNecticut, are having fun playing the name games they like to play.  See below for more insight:

And so now we see the sick humour to which these family members suffer upon us.  What a pity that one of the most famous Olympic swimmers of all time may be involved.


3 thoughts on “Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook school shooting and Michael Phelps

  1. Phelps may not have willingly participated. He may have signed some media or licensing agreement without knowing his image would be used in this way. I have no idea how the actor who plays Jack White could be in Steely Dan. That would put him at 60+. If it's true gotta say he puts on a good show even if his music isn't original. All the musicians I know that age are done with it. Don't have the motivation anymore to jump through those hoops and make that sort of spectacle. So I have my doubts about that one.

  2. Just a suggestion. When comparing the Jack White photo to this "James Holmes," I would have probably selected that other photo where "he" had his mugshot taken, even though that picture looks NOTHING like the drugged out "James Holmes" that we see in court! I think Jack White more closely resembles the guy in the mugshot photo, where "they" even make his hair look like it has 2 evil horns!!! lol. GREAT JOB!!!!

  3. Adam Lanza does not exist ,,only RYAN does, the bullshit about Adam having Ryan's ID is the key, reporters were saying he way Ryan & 20 yrs old & some were saying Ryan 24 yrs old, then it changed, this is a total hoax & all the kids sang at the Super Bowl ,they are all 11-13 yrs old, the pictures were old photos. even the parents were on the field with the kids who were used,. They are putting it all right in our faces ,, SANDY HOOK SCHOOL does not exist ,,it was inoperative!!! PERIOD, no staff ,,no nothing, abandoned & government controlled !!! These people all need to be arrested & lawsuits need to be started for high treason on everyone involved ! Gene Rosen should be arrestsed, the parents, Robbie Parker aka TONY HAWK & his wife, all of them ,,, put them in jail!!

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