Rat-Zinger! Pope Benedict is actor Robert Blake!

Benedict XVI (Latin: Benedictus PP. XVI; Italian: Benedetto XVI; German: Benedikt XVI.; born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger; 16 April 1927) is the 265th Pope, a position in which he serves dual roles as Sovereign of the Vatican City State and leader of the Catholic Church. Prior to becoming Pope, he was “a major figure on the Vatican stage for a quarter of a century” as “one of the most respected, influential and controversial members of the College of Cardinals”; he had an influence “second to none when it came to setting church priorities and directions” as one of Pope John Paul II‘s closest confidants. Interesting because we know that JP2 was none other than Tom Landry!

Robert Blake, was born Michael James Vincenzo Gubitosi in Nutley, New Jersey. His mother, Elizabeth Cafone (b. 1910), was married to Giacomo (James) Gubitosi (1906–1956), however according to Blake in an interview with Piers Morgan, his biological father was actually Giacomo’s brother. As a result of this, he said his parents were cold and distant towards him, and that his mother had actually attempted to abort him unsuccessfully in the same manner she had terminated two prior pregnancies. He had two elder siblings, brother James Gubitosi (1930–1995) and sister Giovanna Gubitosi (1932–1985).

His father was born in Italy, arriving in the United States in 1907, and his mother was an Italian-American born in New Jersey. They married in 1929. In 1930, James worked as a die setter for a can manufacturer. Eventually, James and Elizabeth began a song-and-dance act. In 1936, the three children began performing, billed as “The Three Little Hillbillies.” They moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1938, where the children began working as movie extras.
I personally believe that that this Blake character is as much of a fraud as the Pope Benedict character, and the actual actor behind the mask of both is likely Italian royalty.  Keeping this theory in mind and at the same time if you look at his filmography, you can reasonably make the assumption that he is not alone in this strange endeavour of royalty dabbling in politics and acting.  It would seem that many European royals got into Hollywood a very long time ago and haven’t stopped since… Hollywood turns out to be nothing but one big Royal Pain. Betty White playing the Queen supports this line of theory…


15 thoughts on “Rat-Zinger! Pope Benedict is actor Robert Blake!

  1. Ed Chiarini's numbers grow each day and more and more people are coming to his aid and are helping him to expose the worldwide corruption that seem to orginate from a group of familes. These famlies control the media, the music industry, the Catholic Church. religious organizations, the entertainment industry, major corporations, and of course they teach the classes at the majority of the uiversities all over the world! People who were used by these families are speaking up, and revealing the truth! But the truth is much more shocking than "any fiction" according to Ed. Every major and some minor events that have caught the attention of any news media has proven to be bunk since the early 1900's and even before that. I believe this is the tip of the iceberg, and the world is in for more shocks and thrills on this "emotional roller coaster ride". But the Pope being exposed, will cause a major shockwave heard and felt around the world for many years to come. The Vatican has been exposed!

  2. http://www.amazon.de/The-Jews-Their-Lies-ebook/dp/B0015VS4LK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352109565&sr=8-1the RCC is the greatest apostasy in the entire world. their symbology and rituals are ripe with pagan and babylonian mystery elements. its a free cashcow that keeps entire populations in their ban (south america, mexico, spain, italy). mostly those who refuse to mature and cling to their "mother goddess" image. thats also why america today is talking english, not french, spanish or italian. i just dont know how to get to these people. i called a bunch of offices last week and every secretary i talked to denied everything and laughed at me. they probably dont know either whats going on.so now we figured out a couple hundred already and clearly can understand how the system works ? so what can we do with that knowledge ? IMHO this is a spiritual battle, with human brains or ideas you won´t get far.in my opinion this form of power or government has been given to elite jew families by divine design to form an antagonism to the entire world until the age comes to a close, but that will still be a couple hundred years down the road. so what do we do with all this ?i have to say much as i despise what these people are doing, what sucks far more is the complete complacency and ignorance of people all around me towards all those things. they are like mindcontrolled and deny everything. thats a real mean, nasty and lieing spirit i hate that shit. i say all those people deserve to be fooled becuase they didnt actively take part in doing anything against it. they deserve it !

  3. Like I said, there is likely some additional putty for the Pope character. The fact that he shockingly resigned shows that these criminals are afraid of what might happen once everybody finds out the dark truth. Even if people don't at first believe that he is actually Robert Blake once confronted with this information, that little seed of doubt in their minds is what the Pope and his criminal gangster friends (charading as Royals) are deeply afraid of. The resignation also shows that they are losing this war of the mind. Even if the opposition have won many battles thus far, we are approaching victory sooner day by day as the masses awaken! This is a time to maintain the pressure, keep working hard to spread the truth and make more discoveries, and soon we will realize a time of great joy, like the world has not seen for thousands of years!

  4. I have a very difficult time with this one, considering I personally know Robert Blake's son, Noah. And even though Noah is somewhat estranged in a personal relationship with Robert, they DO live in the same city. It would be very apparent to Noah if Robert were posing as the Pope … Robert sure would be taking a lot of obvious trips outside of LaLa-Land !

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