Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) is a FRAUD!

CAQ Leader Francois Legault and Jacques Duchesneau

On September 4, 2012, the Coalition Avenir Quebec won 19 seats in the National Assembly September 2012 general election, in the province of Quebec in Canada.  This political party was formed on February 11, 2011 when François Legault and Charles Sirois held a press conference to announce the formation of a movement to be known as the “Coalition pour l’avenir du Québec“, literally Coalition for the Future of Quebec.

But the leader and his deputy are actors, posing as politicians.  My dear people of Quebec (and my fellow Canadians) you have been deceived and lied to by these criminals.  To begin to unravel this ball of lies, I will let Ed Chiarini explain it to you:

First of all, the background is FAR TOO OUT-OF-FOCUS for it to be an authentic shot. Therefore they are using a green screen. To make sure the background is not identifiable they threw it more out-of-focus than it would normally be.  For example, look at the lettering on the framed award.  You would be able to make out the large letters in a normal shot.  (You would at least be able to discern if they are letters from any aperture setting that you would normally use for an interview shot)  Even with the lens set at infinity you would still be able to see the lettering more clearly even at 15 feet away.

So who are these actors?

Francois Legault is Rick Warren:

Jacques Duchesneau is played by the actor that is known as Tony Sirico (aka Pauly from The Sopranos) He is a voice specialist as well as, of course, an actor.

Duchesneau’s office aide and the wife of Sirico are a match as well

Ricks wife


4 thoughts on “Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) is a FRAUD!

  1. His reaction today was perplexing. And as of right now, he hasn't responded to my polite requests for further comment. He was the inspiration to start this blog, so I would give him the benefit of the doubt and enough time to mull things over more carefully. People need time to digest these shocking and ultimately life-altering ideas.

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