Ahmadinejad is Henry Winkler! Let’s Avert War, Shall We?


H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a fraudulent character played by Henry Winkler. !!!!
And Winkler also plays John McCain, that hawkish senator bent on bombing Iran.  Regarding military action against Iran, McCain has said, 

“There’s a whole lot of things we can do before we seriously consider the military option,” but clarifying, “I still say there’s only one thing worse than military action against Iran and that is a nuclear-armed Iran.”

Playing both sides of the conflict.  Nicely done, you criminals.  This is crystal clear evidence that we have been deceived.  Many of us knew that the allegations against Iran were not well-supported to say the least, and a spike in oil prices is beneficial to the rulers of Iran just as much to the oil cartels.  

But this is akin to a stab in the back.  Here is this charlatan, Ahmadinejad, played by Winkler, antagonizing the pro-war followers in the West with what seemed like reasonable statements  to most Western moderates, but always laced with anti-Israeli and anti-American sentiments.  Just enough venom to slightly infuriate the misinformed Western masses and make himself out to be a villain, and just enough sycophantic and pro-Islamic verbal nuances to ease the Muslim world into generating hatred for the West.

Slicker than the oil the leaders of Iran bathe in.
Earlier today, Canadian diplomats walked out on the Iranian president’s speech to the UN General Assembly after a Foreign Affairs spokesman denounced Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “hateful, anti-Western, anti-Semitic views.” 
What other purpose is a speech like this intended for but to incite military action on both sides?  It is chock full of generalizations stating obvious and well-known observations regarding the economic, cultural, political and environmental degradation of our planet, all the while his tyrannical government is raking in the oil money and offering no solutions.
Instead, let’s now observe how the criminals in our world’s governments use staged events like this speech and potentially reported “military action” in the Strait of Hormuz to further their agenda of war and destruction.
Knowing what you know now, let’s all abstain from partaking in this madness…
The only real New World Order is one without war and needless suffering…

34 thoughts on “Ahmadinejad is Henry Winkler! Let’s Avert War, Shall We?

  1. delinquentwords… You hit the nail on the head. Couldn't have said it better myself. The Protocols were leaked deliberately. For the very reasons you contended. More great work, Ed! Thank you again.

  2. goys check out steven harper MP of canada and german politician Oscar Lafontaine. same profile similar ear. are they father+son ? or is lafontaine also an older character portrayed by a younger man ? hes been in german politics for ages, at least 20 yrs or more. how can they do this for so long they must be schizophrenic. or father+son again ? i dunno.

  3. Look for inconsistencies in old age stippling If you suspect an actor is playing an older character. Wrinkling will be different every time its applied. Of course they can photograph numerous events after one make-up session. So you may have to examine many photos.

  4. DieFreiwirtin, thanks I'll check the pics. Indeed it is shocking and outing so called King Khan, ah woah, how would they go about changing/polishing off that character? Tee Hee. Always knew there was something very suspicious/wrong with Bollywood, what a thrill my hunches were correct. Don't you think that Kareena Kapoor is Paris Hilton and Preity Zinta is that wolf, Drew Barrymore? One good thing about all this, it provides for some great laughs from these silly goofs.Sentient

  5. Also that deceitful witch Drew Barrymore is very much Aishwarya Rai of Bollywood also her husband Abhishek Bachan seems to be none other than Tony Freekberg/Will Kopelman?

  6. ok on my blog i outed drew barrymore as aishwara rai, and tony our most frequent customer as zaif khan and also another bollywood heavyhitter abishak bachchan. (i neve rheard before of any of them) so to transfer from holly to bolly isnt a biggie for them. once they have mastered the language halfway they just follow the same procedures as in LA, learning lines, reading scripts, sitting still for the makeup artist, and then "boom" go bananas for the camera. and it works.

  7. Yep, just did a signature comparison on Kapoor/Hilton. Seems like a match. Never mind the signature. The skank feeling my senses picked was evidently enough. Thanks chiarini and Butzer (Butt, hmmmm?) for proving what my eyes and senses was telling me all along!! Time to take a nice long shower, scrub their muck off and then we go play.

  8. Sentient – Don't know why but the actor Gael Garcia Bernal popped into my head when I looked at Shah Rukh Khan. On an unrelated note, I was watching the pretend US election last night and Grover Norquist sounds exactly like Dick Morris. This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  9. Thanks Butzer, hmmmmm, for posting. How about:Halle Berry=Manuela Testolini=Freida Pinto(Slumdog Millionaire)?Eric Benet=Prince?Amitabh Bachan=Ricardo Montalban?Another thing that becomes apparent, is how easily they can make white people appear as other races. Are Hendrix and any of them really Nubians/Black? Hmmmm… Yes, the more I look into this, I seriously don't think. Wow, talk about revenge of the "Descendants of the African Albinos/Albino Saxons. Hmmmm….Okay. Mystery solved, this case closed. Much more important things to figure enjoy. But will dip in every so often. Thanks.

  10. YES A MESS IT IS , we must demand our military arrest all of these actors ,they all need to be tried, jfk,carter, marylin monroe,carter,onassis,all one in the same, this is HUGE !!!! SPREAD THE WORD, they will fake an alien invasion in 1 month ,,probably 3-22-13,,they keep putting that # in our faces at the super bowl, yesterday the time the pope resigned, 322pm, i mean ,we have to stop these bastards before they destroy the world ,, you know they will do anything to get their way, we need to unite the world & fix this NOW, we cannot wait any longer , Charlie Sheen is the Governor of CT ??/WHAT THE F$%^&

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