Martin Luther King, Jr., historical fraud played by Sidney Poitier

This one hurts.  This latest example of the absolute disregard for moral virtue or ethical standards to which these criminal elite will summon themselves to, in order to deceive even the innocents who learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. in school as a role model, stabs me personally in the heart.  Our children everywhere must know of these revelations today and forever remember…

It is a betrayal of all that is good and true, a slash to the face of decency and respect for fellow humanity, a complete and utter nihilistic assault against our collective pursuit of sociopolitical and spiritual progress. 

So, let’s now begin to unravel the mess that impedes us…

The first bit of information you should be aware of is that SIR Sidney Poitier acted as the Mayor of Philadelphia during the MOVE incident.

And I don’t mean in a movie.  I mean in real life.  As a real-life Mayor of Philadelphia, Wilson Goode.


The history books will have to be re-written and the criminals currently in our governments dragged out and tried for treason, treachery or worse…

I guess the first question one would have is WHY?  Why go through all of this charade and what was the point?

As usual it involves that old vice called war… most likely to justify a crackdown by Lyndon B Johnson on the legitimate war resistors.  It was a time of widespread and far-reaching change not only in the US but around the world as the mere thought of war itself was slowly fading from the consciousness.  What need did we have for it?  We didn’t but it continued to bring great profits and fortunes to the WAR MACHINE.

From LBJ’s wikipedia page:

“Johnson escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War, from 16,000 American advisors/soldiers in 1963 to 550,000 combat troops in early 1968, as American casualties soared and the peace process bogged down. The involvement stimulated a large angry antiwar movement based especially on university campuses in the U.S. and abroad.  Summer riots broke out in most major cities after 1965, and crime rates soared, as his opponents raised demands for “law and order” policies.”

But could there have been multiple purposes for this deception?  We shall continue to dig…



13 thoughts on “Martin Luther King, Jr., historical fraud played by Sidney Poitier

  1. If this is true, that's a great disguise. I don't see this one yet, but I've known MLK to be played by an actor for some time. The name is a dead give-away. Every hero and villain is cast. If someone truly possessed heroic properties and threatened the status quo, they wouldn't get any press. The true villains hide behind all the fake ones they create. Pretty sure Gandhi is also played by an actor.

  2. Ah hello completely different facial /bone structure. Just look at MLK'S sloping forehead. Not to mention his stocky build. To use a sports analogy. MLK is Joe Frazier Sidney is Muhammad Ali. You guys are going off the deep end. No introspection. Geez look at and compare the images. Failure.of epic proportions.

  3. Mlk is a 2nd or 3rd cousin of my grandfather. You are very mistaken with this one. There may be holes in the official story, as there always are, but MLK was not Sydney Poitier. Ears are even different. Nostrils different. Everything is different. I almost want to be offended, but I've lost that ability long ago. You and Ed do fine work, sometimes, but I think you need some fresh air. Oh wait, there is none left out there. Oh well. I still love you and I'm grateful for your work.SB

  4. 2nd OR 3rd? What? You mean you don't know? Please. I have stated in the post how offended I am by this deception in no uncertain terms. It is what it is, whether you can fit it into your mental construct of what you think the world is, well, that's your individual struggle. Why are you here?

  5. I agree with you. The appearance of the facial features was a well-done deception and if you think about it from their criminal standpoint, it was absolutely necessary to get this one done right because of the crucial importance of steering the Civil Rights movement away from the Anti-War movement, to separate them so that we can have what we do now, civil rights in the midst of a segregated secular society along racial lines with the full impact of global war still at our heels…

  6. I am new to all of this. I am skeptical at times and am a bit skeptical of Poitier and King but listened to the vids and I heard King in Wilson or Wilson in King. I'm not here to insult anyones intelligence I'm here to learn.

  7. Skepticism without profane insults is always welcome. When one combines their skepticism with hostility, then either one is having difficulty coming to terms with the truth, or they have an agenda to push which is contrary to the purpose of our collective ideals.

  8. James, how do you explain the difference in height between MLK and Poitier? Yes, the ear bio-metrics look to be a match and actors can alter their voices a little. But MLK was supposedly 5'6" and Poitier is 6'2." On film you can see MLK looks shorter than the others.

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