Gerhard Schröder is played by Jeff Bridges

Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder was Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005.  In keeping with the pattern of these criminals he also led the Greens in Germany.  Before becoming Chancellor he served as Prime Minister of Lower Saxony (1990–1998).  Following the 2005 federal election, which his party lost, after three weeks of negotiations he stood down as Chancellor in favour of Angela Merkel of the rival Christian Democratic Union.  He is currently the chairman of the board of Nord Stream AG, after having been hired as a global manager by investment bank Rothschild.

While fulfilling the role of Chancellor, Gerhard played a key role in the weakening of the Euro currency during the early part of the previous decade, laying the groundwork for all the recent market turmoil in Europe.

Jeffrey Leon “Jeff” Bridges (born December 4, 1949) is an American actor, musician, producer, photographer, cartoonist, storyteller, and occasional vintner.  He comes from a well-known acting family and began his first televised acting in 1958 as child with his father, Lloyd Bridges, and brother Beau on television’s Sea Hunt.  Some of his best-known major motion films include:  Tron (and its sequel), Fearless, Iron Man, The Contender, Starman, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Jagged Edge, Against All Odds, The Fisher King, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot,Seabiscuit, Arlington Road, and The Big Lebowski.  He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Otis “Bad” Blake in the 2009 film Crazy Heart and earned his sixth Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn in 2010’s True Grit.

But he’s been busy dismantling Germany’s social welfare system, and helping Volkswagen with pro-car policies, and assisting Gazprom with having 1 billion euros of the cost of their direct pipeline from Russia to Germany guaranteed by the poor German taxpayer.

Do you see now why these actors and their criminal associates go to these great lengths to deceive you by putting in their fake puppet actors in the highest offices to oversee and conduct their bidding?


4 thoughts on “Gerhard Schröder is played by Jeff Bridges

  1. Sorry, but you lost me – this doesn't cut it by a far shot!!!That being said, I would by no means rule out Schröder is some underworldly member of the fake Roosevelt/Kennedy/Bush clan. But we need to look further than the end of our noses …

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