Ezer Weizman played by Rockefeller Sr. / George Soros

The 7th President of Israel, Ezer Weizman, was a fictitious character played by the same actor that plays David Rockefeller Sr. and George Soros.

The official Wikipedia entry on this character states that Weizman was born in Tel Aviv on 15 June 1924.  His career involved an interest in flying, beginning as a combat pilot. He received his training in the British Army in which he enlisted in 1942 in order to fight the Nazis.  He served as a truck driver in the Western Desert campaigns in Egypt and Libya. In 1943, he joined the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and attended aviation school in Rhodesia. He served with the RAF in India in early 1944. Weizman ended his service in the RAF as a sergeant pilot.  

I don’t believe any of this is true, because how would he have had accumulated all that flying time when he was busy ransacking the Bank of England as George Soros?  Or overseeing the interference in the Western political system as the current patriarch of the Rockefeller clan?

Upon retiring from the military, Weizman joined the right-wing Gahal party. In 1977, he became Defense Minister under Menachem Begin.  Weizman developed a close friendship with Egypt’s president Anwar Sadat.  These relations were a crucial factor in the talks that culminated in the 1978 Camp David accords. He assumed office as President on 13 May 1993.   At the end of 1999, newspapers published allegations that Weizman had accepted large sums of money from businessmen before becoming president, without reporting this to the proper authorities, and he was forced to resign due to public pressure on 13 July 2000.

So, I wonder what George Soros and David Rockefeller Sr. were up to in the year 2000?


5 thoughts on “Ezer Weizman played by Rockefeller Sr. / George Soros

  1. this is incredible !! now i begin to understand why the muslims say the israelis have no right to the land. and to be honest it was futile to think that israel was somehow above the standard of the other countries, given the fact that 95% of all the people exposed here are jewish. so then we have now outed "muslim" governments, russia, america, europe, south america. what we havent yet is india, african countries (but there also you have those masonic "benevolent dictators" who reign like 40yrs in a row. dang man makes you think probably after all the world was created for the sake of the jewish people. or at least we can see how firmly intertwined with power they are today.how people can still believe in atheism is beyond me.

  2. so then bibi must be an actor too. who is he ? and the other clowns like ehud barak.. all the surrounding arab countries in middle east all run by jew masons posing as arabs. can please anybody check up on assad being tony greenberg, i need confirmation on that.its pretty interesting how they do it. they create israel as a small entity, fake opposition, and constantly bring attention to it in the news. u know i HATE that shit. its like total attention-mongering constantly 24/7. dont they have no other purpose in life ? give the goddamn world a rest and stop the stupid attention-whoring like some bunch of 3yr olds…its so pathetic..

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