Pauline Marois of Parti Québécois is Super-Nanny Jo Frost’s Mum.

Pauline Marois (born March 29, 1949) is the current leader of the Parti Québécois in the province ofQuebec, since June 27, 2007 and current Leader of the Official Opposition of the National Assembly of Quebec, representing the riding of Charlevoix.

Her husband, Claude Blanchet is a Canadian financier involved with financial moguls, the government, and public labour organizations. 

Here is her connection to the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history, the 2012 Quebec Student Protests:  Davide Mastracci of the National Post, in his article, “How Quebec’s student protestors won” has the pre-planned scenario described very well.

“First, an election will have to be called, likely in September, as rumours have indicated. Subsequently, the Parti Quebecois, led by Pauline Marois, would need to be elected. Finally, Marois would need to make good on her promise to cancel the tuition increases proposed by Liberal premier Jean Charest. If all that comes to pass, we’ll probably here much about how democracy has triumphed over the mob. That might make a compelling story for the media to pat itself on the back about, but won’t be an accurate version of what actually happened.”

Mr. Davide Mastracci, you don’t know the half of it, or maybe you do?   You see, the Powers That Be, have decided to play a little inside joke on these students.  They haven’t actually won anything, it’s all just a fun but disturbing game.  Pauline Marois is an actor, paid to fulfill her role as saviour and saint for the student masses, to appease them once more on one hand and then to possibly stymie them tactically on the other.

As a mother of four children, and a busy politician, she probably employed the services of a nanny.  Or maybe she didn’t need to.  Because she is the mother of Super-Nanny Jo Frost!

The following ear mugshots are taken from the photos available to the public.  These contain forensic matches for the left ear…

If we crop these photos and look closely at the blown-up left ear of both, we see that these two individuals are indeed of the same genetics:
They have found a suitable role for Super Nanny’s Mum, and it’s possible we’ve seen her performance elsewhere, even though the obvious old-age stipple on Pauline adds a few years quite easily also…


53 thoughts on “Pauline Marois of Parti Québécois is Super-Nanny Jo Frost’s Mum.

  1. Ed Kowalczyk of the Band Live has to be Andre Aggasi, or has that already been established? Look at Ed how he always bows to the crowd and blows kisses to them like Aggasi always did. Agassi's hippy hairdew when younger with the headband was obviously a wig. You can tell that is fake. They have the exact same voice. Andre always wears tighter clothes than Ed. I think that is how he disguises it, and it appears Andre has fake eyebrows to make them look thicker than they really are.

  2. I have often thought Andersn Cooper is Sean Penn/ Eddie Vedder. Cooper has NEVER interviewed Penn in person, but he did this video where Penn was supposed to be in Haiti, but it just looks so fake… Cooper just keeps nodding his head like it's B-Roll…. Penn with his fake outrage over Haiti is obvious… They have the same voice… Penn played Harvey Milk, a gay guy… Cooper looks milky white… Anyhow, I think this is Cooper interviewing himself.

  3. Look at Penn look down below the camera… in the vid… There is obviously a teleprompter or something telling him what narrative to tell… What a creepy mo fo this guy is, but then again, he's probably proud of it!

  4. Anyone think LTC Terry Lakin who supposedly stood up to Obama and declined to deploy based on his belief Obama was constitutionally inelligible, is Congressman TODD AKIN from Missouri?? The guy who said that weird comment about rape and abortion… Look at them… Same exact freakin ears! Both hang low almost around their jaw line… Same soft feminine-like voices too…. Lakin = Akin? Check it out…

  5. Anyone think LTC Terry Lakin who supposedly stood up to Obama and declined to deploy based on his belief Obama was constitutionally inelligible, is Congressman TODD AKIN from Missouri?? The guy who said that weird comment about rape and abortion… Look at them… Same exact freakin ears! Both hang low almost around their jaw line… Same soft feminine-like voices too…. Lakin = Akin? Check it out…

  6. Sean Penn was already outed by DGB as Eddy Vedder, so theres no need to go through this again. just google wellaware1 and eddie vedder.howard sterns ear is hard to get but i found a link here. however it doesnt look like bill o´Reilly at all.. the descriptions of the exposed false double persona on wikipedia is basically worthless. there is no end to their spin and propagation of lies. remember the father of lies is running their show. that means that you need to expect fairy tales, not cold hrd facts. in their own conviction to lie to us is not their option, but their duty, since we are only cattle, that is gullible and will believe everything they put out through the mass-mediums.

  7. I did a close up of Penn and Cooper's ear and they looked identical. You are right, it is hard to get a good look at Stern's ear. And you are right, there is a lot of disinfo out there to keep people guessing.

  8. DallasGoldBug said he thought that Jon Krauker was Sean Penn/ Eddie Vedder (I also think Penn plays Anderson Cooper). Anyhow, back to Krauker, check out this video… You can tell he has a fake nose on… Just look at the top of the nose and the little dent and the discoloration, and if you look closely you can tell it is a fake nose… It doesn't move ever like the cartilage of a real nose would.

  9. If you ever notice Sean Penn, one of his eyes always looks slightly bigger than the other… the smaller eye looks "puffier" almost as if it is slightly swollen and or has a bag under it. I don't know if it is from a scar or what. However, I believe the photo is always FLIPPED to look that way. You see the exact same trait with Anderson Cooper (One of his eyes is always slightly squited/ smaller than the other and looks puffy. I have already matched the ears, and now look at the eyes of Cooper (One more open than the other)… on Penn you see the exact same thing, but generally, not always, on the right eye, not the left… but the same puffiness under the eye. However, I have seen photos where Penn's eye on the left looks puffier and smaller. My premise is that they are FLIPPING the photos. They are the same person. Nice try, Sean! Now we know why you don't like your photos take, ya fraud! What are the odds Sean will fake fly to Iran and act OUTRAGED at Romney before he bombs them? Yeah Sean, ya scumbag! And we see the Luchiperian hand sings you make with the horns in your photos and in interviews on TV. Nice try, jerkwad!

  10. ok u can put a lid on that one, i outed agassi as that ed kowalczyk guy on my blog. there are too many coincidences that cant be just a lookalike. they are the same physical person.then eric sprott is keith olbermann confirmed.and i did the mao zedong – keye luke comparison.probably the most important of the 3 collages i made today. the chinese are still building statues for mao and have no clue, hehe. just like all those other poor fools in all the backward countries. all the pictures hanging in their personal shrines of their g-dlike leaders are nothing but a bunch of kikes, hahaha…now that i call humour, especially think about all the muslims, they have no clue, hahaha

  11. Penn and Cooper have different ears… remember to use high-res and zoom in as much as possible. They have to be virtually identical in all proportions, moreso the inner ear than the lobe or soft tissue on the outside.

  12. Haven't looked real close, but Agassi looks just like that Ed kowalczyk guy. Why didn't they put a wig on him or something. Or just start a music career as Andre Aggasi and get of to a head start with the pub?

  13. there is not a country that they dont control. every developed country has masonic lodges and bnai brith lodges. all underdeveloped countries are getting their little buddy-buddy dictators that are in the global gamble receiving their "aid money" and "support" from all those awesome "philantropists". and so it starts…

  14. They're not incompetent-there is a reason we are being ''shown'' this now. My theory is that there is a war between cointel/CIA/mossad/elite power brokers going on and they have selected to show us this cause as markus butzer said there is nothing we devil we can do about it. They own every govt/politician/world leader/general/admiral/foreign minister in the whole damn world. So when I go back to work next week and I use mass transit or I go into rite-aid to buy a box of candy or by a frikin metro card I'm paying into their not fool yourself folks this is being shown to us. There is a war going on and we are the one in the middle.

  15. Anonymous, I don't know if we are being shown it intentionally. I do not know if there is a war going on b/w them. However, I think you are right in that they control everything and it really doesn't phase them that much that DallasGoldBug and others have exposed them. They know there isn't much the general public can do about it expect live in their world. I mean, .001 percent of us probably expect something like this is up. I have told 10 people about the various sites regarding this and half of them think I am so nuts they won't even look at the sites, and 3 of the 5 laughed at it as if it was the ENQUIRER, and 2 who kinda believe in some of this are like ANGRY and in DENIAL right now (I was at that phase too). A lot of people are happy in their lil slave world and really don't have the critical thinking skills to accept this. Thanks.

  16. I've wondered about this as well. Why would Ed's site and others be allowed to exist if "they" did not want us to know. Maybe it's being exposed so people everywhere demand facial recognition software, biometrics or chips of everyone so it cannot happen again in the future. That old problem, reaction, solution meme. I don't know….

  17. Actor William Smith off of the original RED DAWN and movie MEAN SEASON (acts like a psycho in the movies), is Canadian Folk-singer Gordon Lightfoot… Did a close up on the ears and they matched…

  18. Just look at some of the crazy vids they have made about Ed on youtube… He is obviously getting to them, and maybe Ed just isn't big enough yet for them to try and stop him, or maybe he's too big that it is too late for them to do something to him, so they'll just try to ignore it. Maybe and a weird way they respect the guy… afterall, they've pulled this off for probably 100 + years now and nobody has really exposed him like he has. Ed has said they have threatened him, so they are probably just trying to play mind games with him, but he's obviously not intimidated. Ed's awesome! HA!

  19. Fellow anonymous-completely agree with you. Exposing this level of receipt and corruption, there is a purpose. Why would they let ANYONE post this stuff if there was not some nefarious end game. And yes sorry folks much as I might agree with the authors of these works they are being allowed to show us this. Parcel it out in snippets/create an internet buzz/mix some maybe lots of truth with some that defy logic/etc. No one has ever done any of us favors in telling what really happened so yes I too must question why now and what purpose?. If you do not ponder these questions as well as the sincerity/connections/validity/honesty of the authors of these posts then you do yourself a great diservice. I only ask you to think of this cause truely free thinking individuals need to ask all

  20. So you think they are up to something very evil? Population reduction? Some crazy war? I'm starting to wonder, but I think technology is really what has exposed them more than them wanting to be exposed, but since they have been exposed they have been extremely brazen about who they are… So that's a bit alarming…

  21. My premise is they just don't care… they have 99.9 percent of the world's public brainwashed… Out of the 10 people I have sent or tried to send to Ed's site or this site, only 2 have seriously considered this is going on, and only 1 of those is looking into it further along with me. Then I have 5 people who think I am nuts for even suggesting this… So even trying to expose this you risk damaging friendships, or at least I do, which has made me pretty much give up on telling everyone, only a select few who I believe can think outside the box and "get it." So I don't really think the elite are "worried" about being exposed as actors, but they have to know that some of us know the truth. I am sure they visit the sites to find out who has been clowned out today. Maybe they even have fun with it… Who knows?

  22. I don't think they want to kill everyone off… We make too good of slaves for them… That's our goal… Manipulate us into being their slaves, and they are quite good at it. I really don't see how any of this gets stopped. When you think about it, we are all sinners, they just take it to a whole new leve….

  23. Has it been confirmed yet that Obama is Will Smith, or the guy who plays Will Smith? I see Will hasn't been in any movies from 2008-2012. Has this already been exposed on here or is he someone totally different all together? There was some fake looking interview b/w Obama and Will Smith on youtube that just basically seems to rub it in our faces that they are the same person… Then again, maybe I am wrong.

  24. For those of you who are sports fans… Any chance Rick Carlisle, head coach of the Dallas Mavs, is Singer/Songwriter Bruce Hornsby? I remember an interview where Rick kept talking about what a good friend of his Bruce is and how he too could have played in the NBA, but you can't find any photos of them together on google images, and Rick plays the piano too like Hornsby… Starting to wonder if they are the same guy…

  25. make the collages yourself, please i am so tired. everyday new material coming in theres no end in sight. all u gotta do is gather hirez shots. some good profiles. some good frontal. some good from a like 40° angle. then open them with irfanview next to each other. rotate them into the right position and adjust size. then use the snipping tool function from windows. then open everything with photoshop or gimp and put em on a canvas, encircle the structures you wanna point out. write a funny caption on the bottom slap your logo on it and youre done :)))

  26. no will smith cant be obamba, ear is different, voice is different, lips different.too many inconsistencies. check out DGBs new update on obamba. he writes something about a hairdresser.obamba is the first Nxxxer in world history that flies in his private 747. and people keep saying theres no progress to be made…hehe…

  27. Maybe I'm not reading enough into this, but these actors just got too cocky and slipped up. Unlike Alex Jones types stuff, you don't need any 'insiders' leaking classified documents. If you've been following along you have a good idea of who is behind any manufactured news event. The more you know their game, the less fearful you become. I'm sure they don't what that. Whenever I watch the news these days I laugh my ass off at all the bull.

  28. I agree, but at the same time I don't think enough people believe, or have seen these sites, or even have the critical thinking skills that this is happening… We are part of the .001 percent that know, and THEY know that. They have most everyone fooled. Have you tried to explain what's going on to anyone and they look at you like you are nuts or messing with them? Just about everyone I've tried to explain this to has. It's pretty defeating.

  29. They're power comes solely from their ability to get people to believe things that aren't true. Part of this psych out is the rulers are invincible, and all knowing. In reality, these actors posing as leaders are so average. I've contacted some A list celebrities alternate personalities on Facebook and Youtube, and they are nothing special, and unlike the hype and press that are used to make their characters. They're only distinguishing characteristic is vanity. They want attention and adulation, its almost childlike. I don't know who is really running the show, but they are only as good as the people they hire.Once you see who these people really are, it's easy to understand how they goofed and this information came out. If Ed didn't make these connections somebody else would. People were already becoming aware of news using actors, and he was able to find many of their true identities. Why, because they are vain and aren't geniuses. How this will resolve is uncertain. It is evident this information has made a dent in their facade, and I've seen a change in how some information is disseminated. If this information reaches a critical mass, and these actors are regularly identified in their regular life as playing alternate roles, it's game over for them. Whether it will reach a critical mass nobody knows.

  30. I see these types of people everyday even at the local level. Some people just have that vanity bug in them and want to feel loved and worshipped by others. Many of them don't even hold any special qualities other than they are in love with themselves and think in their mind they are more special than others. I just avoid those types of people if I can, but they are out there.

  31. I believe that this is all preplanned like everything else we're fed on the internet now. I have followed Ed since he started with giffords stuff, and there is noway he found this stuff on his own. Someone is not only backing him, but also pointing him in the directions he goes. I believe there is some other sinister reason we're being shown this. I don't know what though. I think it is all to keep us "busy" like every other agent out there except Ed's work has woken up the few who can see it now. They don't give a damn, what are you going to do about it? They're all freaking actors, we don't even know which is the real person and vice versa. We still know shit. I believe the only way to stop these people would be to shut it all off and ignore them, they'd then go crazy from the script writers to the celebs not being paid attention to. Sadly, this isn't going to happen as nobody can get onto the same page now thanks to them. And that was the plan, to keep us all divided to argue who is right/wrong. Just my 2 cents.

  32. It's a fair question to ask if Ed is being fed information by insiders. I don't think it's necessary as this content is obvious once you know where to look. Non-insiders are giving him more leads than he can handle. Even on this blog there are more leads in the comments than one person can handle. The cat is out of the bag, and it is causing them to change the way they present in the media. Ed has done some damage to Tony's, Ryan Dunn, and others careers. There's no way they wanted this out, and they're pissed about it.This knowledge has changed my world, but will it alter the mainstream? So they have to change the textbooks, and people see the news for being propaganda? Hard to say. The opposition still has some advantages. They control much of the flow of content that is online, television, newspapers, etc.. Also, a sizable portion of the population wants to be deceived. They could watch Ian Mckellan, put on his make-up, fake eyebrows and become Ron Paul, and they would choose to ignore this. t. I agree and believe these actors fear being ignored more than anything, even exposed. I've heard what if there was a war and nobody showed up? Well, what if there was an election and nobody voted. It was devastate all these actors, producers, and directors.

  33. i also wonder where ed gets all his info. i think he´s genuine though. he dont seem very jewish to me at all. when i wrote something hebrew on his youtube video he blocked me immediately. i think he´s the last real american. and its true when 100 people send u their leads and you check them out you will have lots of material to work with without having to do the tiring preselection.the other important thing is that this really is a form of witchcraft that they practice. look at old people like helen thomas(ayin rand) or betty white or all those others. they are literally wasting away with their endless lies. they cant stop the act cause theyre trapped by their own games.

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