George Herbert Walker Bush is Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

Joseph Patrick “Joe” Kennedy, Sr., was the father of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, who we now know was a fake character played by the same actor who currently plays Jimmy Carter.

But Ed Chiarini has established the relationship between the Kennedy clan and Bush dynasty.  Joe Kennedy faked his own death and became the character known to us as George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States.

From Wikipedia:

“Kennedy made a large fortune as a stock market and commodity investor and by investing in real estate and a wide range of industries. He never built a significant business from scratch, but his timing as both buyer and seller was usually excellent. Sometimes he made use of inside information in ways which were legal at the time but were later outlawed. He later became the first chairman of the SEC. After his death, various gangsters including Frank Costello claimed to have associated with Kennedy. According to some accounts, Kennedy was associated in the “bear raid” that precipitated the Wall Street Crash of 1929, as well as much of the bootlegging activity that was common at the time.  When Fortune magazine published its first list of the richest people in the United States in 1957, it placed him in the $200–400 million band meaning that it estimated him to be between the ninth and sixteenth richest person in the United States at that time.”

So we see why he had the time and resources to continue to interfere in politics for his family and friends:

“After graduating from Harvard in 1912, he took his first job as a state-employed bank examiner. This allowed him to learn a great deal about the banking industry. In 1913, the Columbia Trust Bank, in which his father held a significant share, was under threat of takeover. Kennedy, borrowing $45,000 ($1,058,182 today) from family and friends, bought back control and at age 25 was rewarded by being elected the bank’s president. Kennedy told the press he was “the youngest” bank president in America.”

His criminal activities continued with his career on Wall Street:

In 1919, he became an expert in dealing in the unregulated stock market of the day, engaging in tactics that were later labeled insider trading and market manipulation.  In 1923 he set up his own investment company, becoming a multi-millionaire during the bull market of the 1920s, and even more wealthy as a result of taking “short” positions in 1929.”

After amassing multiple fortunes, he turned his attention towards the film industry where he played the merger game, and played Alexander Pantages, and Gloria Swanson, and cleverly played his fellow investor into allowing him to amass millions upon millions in acquisition deals, the result of which was a more centralized and tightly controlled Hollywood movie industry.


50 thoughts on “George Herbert Walker Bush is Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

  1. — בושה– in hebrew means "SHAME", i only can repeat myself time and again. there is a person in the OT called "ish-boshet" the man of shame, who was a crippled son of the house of the way just started my very own blog where you can see and download my own collages, ear-comparisons,biometrical analysis, video and audiolinks.please pass it around and make a site-backup before its deleted, bugged or else…

  2. Every American should read the Talmud and read about what it really says and who they worship. I am not a jew hater and have jew friends but have always noticed they always keep scoreboard and always have to one-up ya. Now that I realize the Holocaust was a hoax it makes me think that Jews have pretty much infultrated every position of power. Or if they aren't jews, they have to make a deal with the devil to get that power. Also, the Talmud promotes Lucipher and hates Christians more than anything. Calls them their SLAVES. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but google it. I am sure there are some jews who don't take that seriously, but then there are those who do, and they are basically running things and have been for awhile.

  3. No, it's not Jew versus Gentile, that's how the opposition choose to deflect your attention. Whoever they are, they pretend to be Zionists so that you have a false target. It's hard for one to see this if they haven't escaped the religious programming of their youth…

  4. Yeah well I never was very religious. Do you think that Diamond Joe Esponito was Vince Foster? Afterall, Clinton is Elvis, and Elvis's BEST FRIEND was Diamond Joe Esponito. He did a eulogy or speech when Elvis died, so was Clinton/Elvis's way of repaying his friend by fake killing him and doing his eulogy too?

  5. Zionists and Jews aren't my target… I actually have a lot of Jewish friends, but when I read the Talmud I realize they obviously think I am an animal and don't like me. Weird someone would want to live with that much constant hate in their heart, but I guess they (These Luchiperian Elite who control the world) just see GOOD as being weak.

  6. Thank you so much, Markus, for your highly valuable and amusing new blog, which I have now bookmarked!That said, going over your comparison of characters "Tupac Shakur" and "Faustino", I cannot shake the dire hunch that if anyone, "Faustino" must be played by the same actor who is behind "Obama". Their resemblance is disturbingly eerie, so thank you for introducing me to "Faustino", who I might otherwise not have learned about! Adding to "Obama", that makes two more characters played by this same actor: "Corky Ballas" and "Faustino" (by that I am not saying that any of this makes Tupac any more credible, of course )!

  7. How am I sposed to prove it? Is this a PROVE IT site? Aren't we all just giving out examples and hypotheticals for the purpose of "thought." By the way, your "DieFreiwirtin" username is stupid. Just about as STUPID as they are.

  8. I agree. Thank you. I think we are all just trying to brainstorm here and come up with some possibilities. This Die person I think is one of them personally, but oh well. No need to post this on the blog, just a message to you. Thanks, James!

  9. What about actor William Atherton as David Duke? I was looking an interview of Atherton in 2012 and he looks physically fit like Duke does on his youtube vids. They have the same voice too, but I'm not an ear wiz. The one ears that I did notice really matched were Syracuse coach Jim Boheim and The Iceman Ted Kluklinski.

  10. I want to declare this… I am NOT a scientific mind… I was a photo journalist in the Army for 6 years. I have a degree in Psychology and History (Dual Major). I have a photogenic memory. I am throwing these ideas out there for you all to stimulate discussion and thought. I appreciate James for letting me be part of this blog. We all have to realize we run the risk of getting some disinformation agents on here to try and discredit our discussions. With that said, if I am wrong, tell me I am. If I think I am right about something, I will try to explain why from now on….

  11. I am starting to realize there is a "CODE" that they speak to let us into the truth.For example, Bill O'Reilly's wiki page says, "Bill met Howard Stern in college where Howard was the smartest in his class." Hmmmmm…. Same voice, same height, and O'Reilly interviews him on Fox where he says, "You really have to do a lot of work with your makeup and wardrobe before you are willing to get on TV with me." It's right there for us to see…

  12. Also, let's think about Obama….My premise is… Obama was the YOUNG Michael Jackson (KING OF POP) and then became Will Smith (THE FRESH PRINCE) of Bell Air in the 90s, which is when I belive Timberlake and or Corey Feldman (I think a lot of people played Michael) became Jackson. Anyhow, the story about Obama… His mom sent him away to live with his family in Hawaii and he she told his grandfather to take him to his "Uncle Franks." In the Fresh Prince it was his "Uncle Banks." I am just saying, start reading these actors wiki pages and it will all give us a chance in finding out who they really are. Will Smith = young Michael Jackson and Will SmithBill O'Reilly = Howard Stern

  13. James, I just did a close-up of Cali Gov. Jerry Brown and actor Larry David's ears and they look like a match to me. Could I get your opinion on that? Look at the deep pockets toward the upper part of the ear. Looks identical!

  14. Hmmm… ok. I just notice that Will Smith hasn't done any filmwork or TV appearnces from 2008-2012. I wonder if they are getting smarter and somehow changing their ear apperance. Do you think that serial killer Gary Ridgeway looks like Mark Furman from the OJ Trial? I remember Furman "helped find Ridgeway" and did a book on it. They sure look the same in the eyes. Ridgeway is obviously wearing prosthesis and stage make up in his interviews.

  15. Thanks Markus an Daniel.I knew that somethings gone wrong with this world long time ago,when the war came in my ex Country called Yugoslavia…The television reports was full crime..Lays,genocide ..bla..bla.All politician visited Bosnia,Serbia and so on were actors….finally the people ill find out the truth!

  16. Well talking obama-i wonder why anyone hasn't thought of this-can Obama be star trek voyager actor Tim Russ who played a black Vulcan tuvok for 7 seasons on it. Follow me on this-obama is ''propelled'' into national prominence by a sex scandal involving Russ co-star on voyager Jeri Ryan, who played 7of 9 a Borg/human character. Her husband senator jack Ryan was an apparent dvotee of kinky sex clubs-enough reasons to like him-and wanted her to participate in group sex. Gee I new I like him. Much online connecting Russ to Obama too. Plus Russ was on a show with Christina applegate playing a doorman.hmmm.

  17. Mentioned Jeri Ryan before in my Obama post she is quite possibly German actress heike makatasch also both born in Germany within 3 years of each other. Ryan as real last name is Zimmerman.

  18. Yeah plus Clinton is/ was a manwhore, just like Elvis…I know this sounds crazy, but what about Ronald Reagan as John Wayne?? They called Reagan "DUTCH" and Wayne "The Duke." Also, Reagan claimed to be a "Horse Calvaryman" in the Army at FORT DES MOINES IOWA, and John Wayne was born in Iowa a few miles outside of Des Moines… Now, with that said, I have no evidence or proof of Reagan being Wayne… They kinda walked the same and were about the same size… Any thoughts on this? They did a good job of faking Reagan and Carter, so Plastic Surgery was obviously nothing new in the 80s. Thaniks.

  19. A lot of the photos of Reagan and Wayne together look fake… It almost looks like a fake John Wayne in the face… There are only a couple out there… One even looks like a painting. Dare I ask, was Johnny Cash one of these guys? I'm not making any premises, just trying to stimulate thought…

  20. This is a bit off subject, but does anyone have any clue who NBA Commish David Stern is? I am an NBA fan… I was thinking John Lovitz in the voice, but then I realized he lived in LA and the NBA offices are in NYC. So, I got to thinking and remember what a big sports fan Billy Crystal is and how he even did that promo for the NBA "I love this game," and could sort of hear Crystal's voice in it too…. Also, Crystal lives in NYC. Then again, Stern might be a real person, but I doubt it.

  21. Ok after looking at this more, it looks more like Lovitz's ears, then again, it might not be either. Any of you sports fans want to check it out? It is not Crystal… I think it is Lovitz's ears. Thank you

  22. jery ryan and heike makatsch have same height 173cm and same teeth and same face. very likely theyre the same.i just stumbled on another one on thats a real shocker for germans, former wife of helmut kohl longtime german "kanzler" hannelore kohl is now head of german jewry charlotte knobloch. thats just insane. that means they pull this thing in EVERY COUNTRY. and history as we know it is a complete lie.

  23. I'm trying to figure out who radio show host Michael Savage is… He always talks about how he was a beatneck poet during the 60s before he "woke up" and became a right-winger. Part of me wonders if he isn't Allen Ginsberg who probably "fake died" like all of the rest of them?? I am trying to get good ear shots of them and compare. Also, I believe Mark Levin could very well be Richard Dryfeus. Just look at them in the eyes… Have either one of these guys been confirmed? Thanks

  24. jerry brown and larry david i dont think so. but guys check out NANCY REAGAN and MARILYN HICKEY the bogus tv preacher who is on TBN selling her crap for the "lord". frontal looks convincing but havent found hirez earshots yet to confirm. anybody find some send me plz. theyre both same height around 163cm. that old lady preacher hickey cant stop rambling crap a total joke.

  25. brian are u on shrooms helmut kohl is still alive in germany over 90yrs old he weighs like 800 pounds how can he be played by a slightly overweight dude in his 50s or early 60s ? i think u post much weird stuff lately n like to chat u up personally on skype or can u upload a youtube video where u speak i really think you´re a yeshiva student or something..

  26. ok and here to all you goys the jew of the day presented to u by mossad-alf: dr. david duke former grand wizard of redneckland is actor william atherton !!! that ear + profile are hard to miss ! will post picture on my blog soon..

  27. No. I served my country and am an American, and I think Daniel can atest to that if he'd look at my facebook. I'll quit posting weird stuff and just read your guys's posts from now on. As I said, I am not a pro at this, and I don't appreciate the assumption that I am on drugs, which I am not.

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