John Cleese is the Prime Minister of Spain

And now for something completely different.  Ha!  Actually, it is more of the same old nonsense and fraud by  this witches’ brew of great acting talent combined with this apparently incessant need to control the world.  What better way to control a population than to pretend to be the Prime Minister!  

People of Spain, your Prime Minister is a fraud.  The character of Mariano Rajoy is a fake person, played by the actor known as John Cleese of Monty Python fame.  But he also played the voice of King Harold in the Shrek movies.

In November 2011, Mr. Rajoy’s center-right Popular Party won its biggest majority since the country’s return to democracy in the 1970s, securing 186 of the 350 seats in the lower house of Parliament. Voters turned to him in hopes of alleviating the pain of Europe’s debt crisis. Following the general election held in 2011, Rajoy was elected Prime Minister by the Congress of Deputies on 21 December 2011.  

The political purpose for John Cleese playing this role appears to be the adoption of austerity measures:   8.9 billion euros in savings and €6.2 billion in new revenues. Public workers’ salaries have been frozen, the workweek in public administration was reduced to 37 ½ hours, and recruitment of new public employees has been halted.   A program that provided rent assistance for young people was ended, and the minimum wage has been frozen—something that has not happened since 1966. The income tax and tax on real estate was also increased for 2012 and 2013.

I would expect either a resignation or fake assassination to occur shortly once this information becomes more widespread…

Here is a clip of Mariano Rajoy being asked if he speaks English.  Too funny.  And notice also the signature John Cleese shoulder curls…

Ed Chiarini has also pointed out that John Cleese is going by the name of Ken McCormick on Facebook.  Here is his profile.


12 thoughts on “John Cleese is the Prime Minister of Spain

  1. we soon have to start another blog where we expose all people who are NOT part of the scam. haha. remember john cleese in monty python "fremason handshake" where they shake hands through their feet ? they always feed in some disinfo on the fly while keeping the sheeple entertained.

  2. The plot certainly is thickening with each passing day it seems. Just saw a documentary on British T.V. this evening (on CHANNEL 4) about the Fifty Shades of Gray/Grey publishing phenomenom, and was struck by how much the supposed author, E. L. James reminds me of well known British actress and comedienne Caroline Quentin – voice wise, and every other wise. Could she possibly be playing this part? Any one else have the same thoughts?

  3. Well, we certainly do have some very talented actors/actresses and comedians/comediennes in Great Britain – and John Cleese is definitely one of them.In fact I was just watching a documentary on British T.V. (Channel 4) this evening about the recent publishing phenomenom which is called 'Fifty Shades of Gray/Grey', and was struck by how much the supposed author reminds me of well known British actress and comedienne Caroline Quentin – voice wise and every other wise (with a little help from a wig, eye contacts and some prosthetics perhaps). Could she possibly be playing this part? Anyone else have the same thoughts?

  4. By the way, if anyone is wondering why I wrote more or less the same thing twice it is because I thought the first email had been deleted somehow, as no message came up to say that it had been sent, as it usually does, so I wrote it again just in case.

  5. boy o boy….ed chairini is blowing up my teenage idols 1 by 1…the who,the beatles,led zep,alice cooper,all of the snl people….spinal tap(just kidding),and now monty python…this one hurts a lot!

  6. John cleese is also actor billy connolly who played a psychic priest in the very regrettable X-FILES-I WANT TO BELIEVE. in 2008! Thanx to this regretable movie probably killed the franchise. Oh well there's always LOST IN SPACE.

  7. Jude: interesting theory about Caroline Quentin. I thought it was Arabella Weir. When I saw your comment I checked Arabella against Caroline and I think they look very similar. I tried to find ear shots and they do seem alike but I can't get a clear-enough shot to say for sure, plus I'm not as skilled as others at doing comparisons.

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