Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel XXXposed

This is a family-friendly blog, for General Audiences.  My daughter, nieces (and nephews) absolutely love Katy Perry.  Catchy tunes, fun videos, a seemingly humble person, relatively clean career with hit albums, what’s not to like?  For the sake of the little ones, I would rather have the children in our lives who are fans of this musician to keep the image they have in their minds of Katy Perry, even if fireworks shot out from questionable places.

But for the adults and parents and uncles and aunts who would want to be aware of this musician’s past, this blog post is a must-read for you.

The first observation we should make is that the actor who plays Katy Perry also plays Zooey Deschanel.  Apart from the obvious resemblance, their connection is revealed through both Gordon Joseph-Levitt (who dated Zooey Deschanel) and Russel Brand (who first hooked up with Katy Perry and then with Zooey).  Both Gordon Joseph-Levitt and Russel Brand are fake personas.  Zooey is most likely an earlier role for this actor, with the pertinent episodes of her life and film career shot earlier than would appear to us, because of other obvious differences related to the fireworks mentioned above.   I think it is more shocking that this actor’s handlers would think that bust size alone would preclude us from making the connection that they are the same person… how shallow do they think we are?  I mean, haven’t they seen Your Highness (2011)?  Zooey’s performance in her more recent movies (like My Idiot Brother) is rather muted and almost seems like there is something not right with her…


So, working backwards, we can trace Katy Perry back to Zooey Deschanel.  That’s not so bad, it’s not a crime for an actor to play multiple roles, unless the intention is subvert our liberties or affect our minds in a negative fashion.  

But like the Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga characters, we should be aware of the negative aspects of the entertainment industry to which this actor has been exposed, and to which I have alluded to and sifted through in earlier posts like parts 1-5 of Hollywood is Just a big Escort Service for the Elite.  

Zooey Deschanel used to play the role of Ellie Idol.


24 thoughts on “Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel XXXposed

  1. People have been saying Cobain is Rivers Cuomo for years. Lots of info out there about that, looks on to me. I think DGB said Kurt played Sid Vicious too, not sure if I see that. Kurt was usually the shortest guy in pics, and Syd the tallest. Did watch some video of Syd, and it's obviously a big act.

  2. So this post I must say is suspect cause the person who is posting this is SAMEFEET who is also LINDA JOSLIN-JOSLIN had a YouTube account under SAMEFEET-since removed – where she did the same comparative shots of GaGa/whinehouse's toes and feet. She had similar material on universallyaware and removed it too. Since Mr chiarini was told months ago that this was so he responded with stone silence. SAMEFEET is still fb friends with Mr.chiarini which brings into serious questions concerning any and all posts on this site/blog.sorry I must report what my research finds too.

  3. This is samefeet aka Sameantha Feeterson. To prove it, I just posted some new Zooey tooth shots on Ed's facebook account tonight, as well as a Gaga/Perry Twitter photo. You can believe I am Linda Joslin if you want… I could care less what random people think of me, but I ask you to look at my entire body of work, which I have since reposted on Youtube. I appreciate this blog, whoever runs it, and I would say you are dead perfect in what we know so far. I am interested in the new actresses names posted previously, and I can assure you I will be looking closely at these actors in the near future. My photos to compare are available on Facebook under Sameantha Feeterson. -samefeet

  4. @samefeet-i can only report what myinvestigation has turned up.last fall I was commenting on Linda joslin's site UNIVERSALLYAWARE when I noticed she began posting pictures of GAGA/WHINEHOUSE with emphasis in the feet/toes and the telltale small circles. At the time she was friends with ed chiarini as she had him on her radio show. Then all of a sudden he turned on her-did she Ask to many question?? And claimed she was also lady Diana. There were also a series of accompanying videos. Then this spring both the pics and videos were gone only to show up on Mr.chiarini's fb page and wellaware 1! I mean the very same pictures!! It is my opinion that Mr chiarini knew full well that she was Linda joslin as he was emailed that info regarding the findings. So one must ask the question why would he let Ms. Joslin's alt acct continue to post on his fb page if he claims she is a person he outed as a fake???? You may think what you like but THOSE PICS AND VIDEOS were on universallyaware and were removed several months later only to show up on ed's site/fb page

  5. By the way I do not expect either Linda/SAMEFEET/ed to be forthcoming on this matter. Since Both LINDA and ED were contacted about the overwhelming circumstantial evidence that I previously stated. One must draw one's own conclusions but I DO KNOW the very same pictures/videos were on Ms joslins site and SHE did take credit for them using the Nome de plume ''samefeet''. You decide.lol.

  6. Hey um since pornstars have been in the news lately I wonder if not JENNA JAMESON is also not playboy model/actress-JENNY McCARTHY?? I cannot figure out whether Jenna's ''plastic surgery'' was just bullshit. She seems to have had a breast reduction but who knows. I sort of wonder with her being in the news about a ''DUI'' a classic Lindsey lohan/Paris Hilton fake back story and the rumor of her appearance at the RNC and endorsement of ROMNEY is all playing into a larger tableau. JENNA=JENNY??? ages are about the same. Call bill o'reilly!!!!! Or bill Clinton!!! Or bill daily!!!! Or bill shatner-oh you get the picture!!!

  7. How come SAMEANTHA feeterson's fb page is no longer/or SAMEFEET on YouTube?? I was right from my earlier posts. There would be no reason for SAMEANTHA to delete/hide/make private her social media outlets if the previous claims of collusion with ed chiarini did not exist. Linda was/is SAMEANTHA feeterson on fb/youtube-SAMEFEET. SAME OLD GAME WMV says it all. proof Linda is SAMEFEET.

  8. THIS is all true and they do this legally ,that is the problem, we must pass a law so these people cant be 2-3-4 different people, McCain should be arrested,,but arrest him as McCain so we rip the shit off to find winkler underneath ,,jfk is jimmy carter,,lady gaga is amy winehouse,,Jodie foster is the prime minister of austrailia,,tony Greenburg plays bin ladens son and about 22 other characters,,tina fey is Jennifer Greenburg sexton who also is gabbi giffords who don’t exist and also sarah palin and truther girl Sonia on you tube,,truther girl Karen is Bristol palin or the actor that plays her,, this is ridiculous ,,we need to publically expose them while in disguise,, walt Disney is Kermit Roosevelt who played HITLER AND FATHER CONKLIN WHO was a radio broadcaster from the 1930’s.. this is nuts folks, tell all your friends, we must set them up..all congressmen and woman and senators are actors too ,,this is how they are winning… they must be stopped NOW.

  9. I was wrong about Stefani Germanotta playing Lil’ Debbie (Jordan Capozzi) She was actually played by Gaga’s sister, Natali Germanotta.

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