James Brolin plays George W. Bush

The good news is that Dubya wasn’t as dumb as he acted.  And it was an act.  At least he made us laugh.  James Brolin is actually kind of funny, too.

George W. Bush, who was the 43rd President of the United States of America and the 46th Governor of Texas is a fake persona, a character played by the actor known as James Brolin.


38 thoughts on “James Brolin plays George W. Bush

  1. I Really believe-after doing a number of voice comparisons that BARBARA BUSH played the role of CATHY O'BRIEN-the MK-ULTRA-''VICTIM''. sold to us as the real deal it was just another dead end rabbit hole. And having TED GUNDERSON in her corner made me more suspicious.

  2. Brolin looks tall 6'4" while bush seemed a short 6'. The laugh doe look the same. If true I wonder how they can make them appear to be differant heights.Brolin has played the politicians Regan and governor Robert Ritchie.

  3. So what about their build.have you notice that JIM BROLIN is broad shoulders while bush is narrow. Doubtful of the ear too. Sorry.oh and i saw Jim brolin on a few episodes of BATMAN. he's taller than ADAM WEST. and in VON RYAN'S EXPRESS he towers over everyone.

  4. Pretty much the same build. Bush hunches as part of the act which accounts for any perceived height difference. Also don't forget that the order and timing of when you see Bush and Brolin over the years in the media is not the same as the actual recording…

  5. Ok -in looking at BUSH43- ITS VERY obvious he is the offspring of BUSH41!! and BARBARA. his siblings also have the same traits too. His modest height is a product of a tall/rangy dad and a shorter mom. Also I looked at about 100 pics of JAMES BROLIN. Pitted against other people of ranging height he is/was far taller than most. So are you saying brolin was bush when he was gov of Texas and owner of the rangers??? So then we are talking nearly 25 years. I saw bush at Yankee stadium in the early 90s when he was owner of the rangers. Still not sold and sorry the esrs are iffy.

  6. Hey Los gauchos- DONATELLA VERSACE could very well be the presidente de ARGENTINA-CHRISTINA FERNANDEZ DE KIRSCHNER. Holy port Stanley Batman.look at that un mistakeable face.

  7. If CHRISTINA FERNANDEZ DE KIRSCHNER president of Argentina isn't DONATELLA VERSACE she could be DWTS- hottie KARINA SMIRNOFF. KARINA did a mean tango as her signiture dance routine. her face may be a better match than donatellas is.

  8. Well x-man-i think it boils down to either DONATELLA-remember she is fake but ITALIAN. there is a large Italian population in Argentina.or it could be the younger and very naked in playboy-YEAH BABY-KARINA SMIRNOFF. remember her association with MAX of DWTS-who is in the ADNAN OKTAR videos.and her signiture dance is the Tango. Oh man I need to take a cold shower!!!!

  9. Say what about dubya's buddy ol'vladimir Putin aka puty pie. Check out actor VLADEK SHEYBAL who was in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE- with CONNERY/KHOMENI. he played spectre agent kronstenn. Very creepy bug eyes like vlady.

  10. Hi, Gavin here. One of the simple ways they disguise their voice is by simply speaking from the head. An actor speaks from low in the diaphram from the stomach area. That way he has a stronger commanding voice that projects better. This is the voice they use on screen as well. When portraying a person from the real world they will speak from the head area more as anyone else untrained in voice projection would. JK Rowling I noticed (who is played by Natasha McElhone speaks out of one side of her mouth also to disguise her luxurious voice. It looks like she has a some sort of injection to paralyse one side of her mouth to achieve this. If you listen it looks like she just went to the dentist or something. Interesting technique there. Cheers

  11. Does anyone here notice that Charles Koch looks and acts a lot like Donald Rumsfeld? Has it been determined who plays Rummy? I thought I could see a bit of Robert Redford in the eyes, but I'm not sure. Thanks.

  12. when i compare sheybal to putin, whats striking is the age difference of about 30yrs. so if they are the same then putin is at least 20yrs older than we think. the inner ear looks pretty similar, the upper earlobe seems to be bigger for sheybal, probly they took off a bit. then the nose. putins nose must have been remodeled completely if he inded is sheybal.giving the overwhelming evidence from other actors it is almost impossible to think putin is not also an actor.

  13. I'm leaning more towards identifying "Donatella" as a "new & improved" Streisand (note: "Streisand" is another fancy name reminiscent of the German collocation "jemandem Sand in die Augen streuen" [= to pull the wool over s.o.'s eyes]). Mind you, most "family members" are of Habsburg lineage (liars, actors, and crooks throughout time memorial) and other "old" Austro-Hungarian/German money.I'd like to recommend starting out your research comparing images such ashttp://www.totallytop10.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Donatella-Versace.jpg andhttp://www.google.de/imgres?um=1&hl=en&biw=1133&bih=586&tbm=isch&tbnid=O4BAAYT0TSWzUM:&imgrefurl=http://www.allposters.de/-sp/Portrait-of-Barbra-Streisand-Poster_i5099074_.htm&imgurl=http://cache2.allpostersimages.com/p/LRG/37/3704/93EAF00Z/poster/portrait-of-barbra-streisand.jpg&w=338&h=450&ei=YJtFUI_cOYfKtAbKmoDIAw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=458&vpy=2&dur=2408&hovh=259&hovw=194&tx=110&ty=79&sig=114294174030725124823&page=3&tbnh=132&tbnw=102&start=59&ndsp=31&ved=1t:429,r:11,s:59,i:306

  14. so is SRA (satanic ritual abuse) true or is it all fake ? anybody know about it ? is the marc dutroux case just a fake case or do they really worship orphan children etc. to their demon entities ? in every culture in ancient times sacrifice was as present as bread and water. it was a normal part of life. in EVERY culture under heaven.

  15. All the people who have claimed to be SRA victims seem like actors to me. It's just more pageantry and theatre. The media spreads fear and paranoia and these stories are perfect for that. They work hard to maintain this illusion just like congress and the news, but once you dig, it doesn't add up. For instance, I've read SRA victims are trained to be assassins. Well, we've learned these assassinations are staged, so you don't need assassins just actors.

  16. Yeah just look at Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, who are both played by Sir Ian. Paul looks about 6'1 and Kucinich about 5'9. It's effortless what they can do with various camera lenses to change heights.

  17. i agree in what they do they are very shrewd and clever. so they actually dont murder people, they just make it appear as if to create a certain scenario against another culture, and then have them choose their own death in a big war that they stage, where people sign up for by free choice (WW1, WW2, and now nr3. with iran). this is also a big sacrifice in a way.but i´m not convinced. belgium f.ex. is a major center for child abuse. there must be something going on. given the demons that these people work with i cant imagine it works without a certain sacrifice.

  18. Ted Gunderson = bruce schaefer

    check out the pic of Bruce Schaefer and Ted Gunderson??

    Same hair, same hair style and line, same facial cracks, same nose, hell, same glasses.

    1st pic above is picture of Bruce Schaefer (who other than this picture I cant find one of him.)
    He killed his wife, Nancy a senator from Georgia who championed children's rights. He killed
    her and himself a couple of years ago.

    Bottom is Ted Gunderson, retired head of FBI National Office, died years ago
    of poisoning???? for becoming a whistle blower esp missing and exploited children, sexual rapes
    and the occult???? He supposedly married the daughter of the Anton LeVey (leader of the Church
    of Satan.)

    and Nancy Schaefer is Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch Fame

  19. And I believe Brolin is also playing Steven Spielberg. He directed Christian Bale (his son) in his first movie Empire of the Sun and Josh Brolin in the The Goonies, his other son…

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