Princess Margaret was played by Lily Tomlin, Queen Mom was Jane Wagner

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon (Margaret Rose; 21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002) was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been exposed as Betty White in the previous post.
Margaret was the wild rambunctious member of the royal family. Her divorce with   photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, who was created Earl of Snowdon by Elizabeth II,  earned her negative publicity, and she was romantically linked with several men. Her health gradually deteriorated in the final two decades of her life.

Her official death in 2002 ended a whirlwind parade of several marriages, divorces and extra-marital affairs.  You might say it as a soap opera, a made-for-TV script.  Because that is exactly what it was.  Her character was played by Lily Tomlin.

Lily Tomlin is a famous actress, comedian, writer, and producer. Tomlin has been described as an important influence in American comedy since the late 1960s.  From wikipedia:

She has won many awards including Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, and a Grammy Award and has also been nominated for an Academy Award. Tomlin’s humor is often sharp and insightful in the traditions of standup comedians, but also frequently endearing, slightly wacky, and generally quite “family friendly” in the tradition of television comediennes such as Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, and Eve Arden… Tomlin was also one of the first female comedians to break out in male drag with her characters Tommy Velour and Rick… Tomlin was the first woman to appear solo in a Broadway show with her premiere of Appearing Nitely at the Biltmore theatre in April 1977… 

Check out Lily Tomlin’s websites HERE and HERE. Tomlin’s partner Jane Wagner, also plays a role in this deception.  

As you will notice from the images below, Jane Wagner played the role of the Queen Mother.  Her career is not as extensive or notable as Tomlin’s but the highlight must have been portraying a member of royalty!


6 thoughts on “Princess Margaret was played by Lily Tomlin, Queen Mom was Jane Wagner

  1. holy ship, thats incredible. should have swallowed the blue pill instead (LOL) but now its too late..ok so now what we´re gonna do ? get us some land and form an independent country ? stop paying taxes ? prosecute them ? this is incredible they are pulling this off with OUR TAX MONEY. thats the ultimate scam when people pay you to get scammed and ask for it ! holy ship…

  2. How can it be possible for Jane to play the Queen Mother? At least two people must have been involved due to the time-frame involved. My grandmother saw the Queen mum back in the 1920's or 30's and was appalled to see she was wearing really thick/theatrical make-up, so maybe she was in disguise, but obviously it was a different person to the one Jane was playing. I wonder when the switch happened.

  3. Ok. I think sometimes I need a bit more help than others with this information. Thanks for pointing out the obvious – I'll be more careful with my responses in future!!

  4. its crazy they get away with it & no one does anything, where are the lawyers that want a BIG NAME FOR THEMSELVES., i think changing the world to a better place by trying each & every one of them would be a good thing for all,. Ignore the trolls on youtube & such, these people are easy to pick out, common sense will tell you this is really whats going on, anyone that denies it , are opposition, period!!

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