Heath Ledger lives on as Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Andrew (Heath) Ledger was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  His family in Australia owned the Ledger Engineering Foundry.  From his biography:

“The Ledger name was well-known in Perth, the family having run a foundry that provided much of the raw material for the famous Perth to Kalgoorlie Pipeline … The Sir Frank Ledger Charitable Trust, named after Heath’s great-grandfather, was renowned for granting funds to the area’s universities, paying for visiting lecturers and scholarships for gifted students.” – Dominic Wills

Like all members of the 1% club, he was free to pursue his love of acting unfettered with trivial things like paying for bills, rent, etc… Or even for prescription drugs which caused his death.  Or was it partly due to his own claim that the exhaustion of movie-making in such roles as The Dark Knight in which he presented the well-worn role of “The Joker” in a brilliant new fashion?  His death was mourned by millions of people around the world.

But, I’m happy to report that Heath Ledger is alive and well.  All reports of his death were grossly exaggerated… or should I say, fabricated?  In the latest installment of the Batman movie franchise, his performance as “Blake” is a surprisingly good one.  From IMDB:

A hard-nosed young Gotham beat cop who is secretly helping Batman to bring down the super-villain known as Bane. In the end after the Batman fakes his own death and retires, Blake takes over Batman’s mantle as Gotham’s watchful guardian.  His full name starts with, Robin. John Blake is a fictional character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt from the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. He works for the Gotham City Police Department as a detective.  


John Blake is a young Gotham cop, raised in a boy’s home sponsored by Wayne Enterprises after both his parents die. He is very independent and will take risks/disobey orders to do the right thing. Near the film’s end he discovers the bat cave under Wayne Manor after Bruce Wayne’s departure from Gotham. His full name is revealed to include “Robin.”

 There is another reason why the director spends a great deal of time on this character:  he is played by a good actor.  You may think I am mistaken, that it is not Ledger but Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is playing the role.  

Technically you would be correct, but in reality, the Hollywood role Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger are played by the same, extremely gifted actor, whose real identity we may never know.  So I will refer to him as Heath Ledger.
Once you are aware of who Joseph Gordon-Levitt is behind the mask, you will find that his dialogue in this movie is laced with double meanings.


31 thoughts on “Heath Ledger lives on as Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  1. Hey I don't think this is much of a surprise. Many people who know what's going on understood they are the same person. A real no brainer. We know he never ''died'' and is part of this core of devious actors doing this nonsense.

  2. the most answers i encounter from people when confronted with actual REALITY:- leave me alone with your conspiracy theories- thats just your imagination- yes it might be but it doesnt affect my life- i have my opinion and you have yours.- even if it was true i dont wanna be confincedyou see how deep their magic works on the people. they just dont care and are afraid to hear the truth spoken. they will side with the impostors out of fear. its incredible. they will agree with you every petty thief steealing a car or briefcase must be prosecuted and punished for JUSTICE, but withthese people they seem to have a double standard.

  3. Stumbled upon your blog from reading comments at Greater Fool. I'm having a hard time here with my sarcasm detector. Are you for real? John Cleese is the Prime Minister of Spain when he's not pretending to be some dirt poor pothead paralegal on Facebook? Betty White is the Queen of England?! Hey, everyone tells me I kinda look like The Rock (the wrestler, not the film, in case you're confused) — maybe … maybe he plays me!?! OH NOES!!!At any rate, I don't even know why I'm bothering to point out the obvious flaw in this one particular aspect of your apopheniac delusion, but what the hell — Ledger and Levitt were actually in a film together.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MRU8QBdipgBut hey, I'm sure you've got your crazy screwed on tight enough that you can assume it's all a computer-generated move in an elaborate Rothschild conspiracy to … well, to do something anyway.

  4. You must think you're pretty smart. I am aware of that movie and yes it is pure CGI. But thanks, I'll look up the word apopheniac for laughs, not. And it goes way above the fake Rothschilds. I will forgive you for calling me crazy.Suffice to say, it is not I who is confused… and yes I am for real, so get used to it… When you are ready it will be clear to you as well…

  5. I must agree with the above post since Linda joslin also posted comparisons under SAMEFEET on YouTube about HEATH LEDGER too one must question the validity of any and all posts.since Ms joslin's account under same feet no longer exists as well as her photos on universally aware then something is quite strange here. Again mr-chiarini is cognisant of and was made aware of Ms joslin's posts as same feet but refuses to address the issue as well as why he continues access to his fb page to a person he claims to be lady Diana.

  6. Apophenia is a mental disease where a person perceives patterns where none exist. Such a person is basically incapable of belief in coincidence. Everything is somehow connected, usually in ways that the sufferer himself cannot even articulate. It's fairly common in schizophrenics. A Beautiful Mind is probably the most well-known story of a (real) person suffering from apophenia. If you go visit any psychiatrist and tell her that your niece's science teacher and Prince Charles are both being played by John Travolta as part of a global conspiracy, I'm sure she'll be able to tell you more about apophenia and schizophrenia.PS: I'm normally loathe to publish comments anonymously, but you are clearly disturbed and I'd rather you not know who I am.

  7. he outed at least 10 dozen people by now, the list grows daily. why do people complain if he has 2 or 3 mismatches ? what does it change in the fact that almost 97% of the mass media, political stage is a masonic hoodwink ? nothing.

  8. I am clearly disturbed? I see patterns where none exist? If that is your definition, then you are wrong about me. In fact, you do not even know yourself. Anyone who presupposes that they know there is not the existence of a global conspiracy (there are several actually) is someone full of themselves and lacking in humility, and does not understand the basic premise of the scientific mind, and actually has a childish mind. There is no such thing as mental disease. And by the way, A Beautiful Mind was a movie, though based on a real story, your example is still a movie. And you're calling me crazy.

  9. Philosophy teaches us and unsettles us by confronting us with what we already know… it works by taking what we know in familiar settings and making it strange… philosophy estranges us from the familiar… by inviting and provoking a new way of seeing… with humility we pursue philosophy with the risk that once the familiar turns strange, it is like lost innocence… you don’t know where the story will lead, but you know it is about you." – Michael Santos, Justice on youtube.(link below)http://www.youtube.com/results?q=michael+santos&aq=0&sugexp=chrome,mod%3D8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=w1&gl=CAPeople who accuse others of mental illness are really just projecting their own fear of the unknown… – xdisciple.

  10. If this blog is proof of anything, it's that there is indeed such a thing as mental disease. I'd tell you to get some help, but it would be pointless. In your mind, I'm sure all medical science/psychiatry is part of the thought control conspiracy, as are the signals that are coming from your toaster, signals that can only be stopped through judicious application of tin foil to the cranium.Anyway, I'll leave you to it. I'll keep reading from time to time, though, just to stay up-to-date on which famous people happen to vaguely resemble other famous people and are secretly running the world. Keep up the brave work, free thinker!

  11. Ear shots of Michael santos-we need ear shots to prove that he's not ''oppostion'' as anyone who seems to have some legit questions about any post on this site/blog. So as I have stated why does Mr.chiarini knowingly associate with a person he ''outed'' as lady Diana?? It seems to me that the critics do not like being critiqued. So knowing that he flirts with known ''opposition'' why is it sacreligious to point that out???

  12. it would make more sense if JGL was born after Heath died, otherwise it doesnt make much sense. Youre implying that both people who lived at the same time were the same person.

  13. I just watched "10 things I hate about you". Both Ledger and Levitt where in the movie and did several scenes together. I know Hollywood is crafty, but I have watched the scenes several times and this certainly looks authentic. I am not above being fooled, but their body types are different when compared to the same actors in the movie.

  14. So, do you want to retract your toaster comment, Anonymous? Now that hundreds more actors have been exposed portraying fake characters, your straw man tactic of implying that I believe my toaster is talking to me, proves to be rather juvenile, does it not? Haha…

  15. the only question i get from people is: how can they both be in the same movie or at the same time be on the same tv show and such things 😉

    i know many of those are the same but a few of them seem to be not imaginable because they were at the same time at the same spot.

    Not talking about me, just what i get to hear from other people 😉

  16. Look at their childhood photos on google. Type name and then images and you will see they were different looking as children! I don't believe all of this this, however there is a huge difference when one loses or gains weight, makeup, prosthetics, surgery

  17. They are brothers… Heath was killed off to create Hens worth. He is now Thor… Levitt and Ryan Reyonalds Re the brothers. Evelyn due Rothschild is their father… these are easy tie ins. You will always find mom, Lynn Forrester in there somewhere.

  18. Also look at GJL's film history, he never got any A-list big box office roles until right after Ledger died, I think they did it to guarantee big money for the batman film ledger was in.

  19. “10 Things I Hate About You”. It stars both Heath Ledger and J Gordon Levitt. I'd say a more rational explanation would be that they are BROTHERS…

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