Gloria Allred, the Queen-Pin

How did the thief who stole the beets get caught?  Why, she was caught red-handed, of course.  ALL RED.  It seems such an appropriate name for Gloria Allred, who is a famous attorney and also a fictitious character.  Her real name seems to be Anita Alhadef, mother of Joel Alhadef, or as you may know him, Joel Osteen.  Well, I know you’ve probably seen his preaching face on TV.  He is a sanctimonious fraud.

But, back to Gloria Allred.  According to wikipedia, she was born Gloria Rachel Bloom.  She had her only child, Lisa Bloom with her first husband.  She divorced and remarried William Allred, and then divorced again, but retained the name Allred.  Her daughter, Lisa Bloom is best known for her work as an anchor on Court TV which grew its fame during the OJ Simpson Murder Trial, which we know was totally fake.  

Her daugher, Lisa Bloom, also joins in the profitable family business of media deception.  She plays Arianna Huffington.  This person also plays the wife of Joel Osteen.  Arianna Huffington is the principal founder of The Huffington Post, the online news website that was recently ranked #1 among political websites.  Not bad for a woman who formerly was a member of the Rajneesh movement in the early 80s along with her then-partner Bernard Levin.  Later they both joined the MSIA movement.  You will find that these groups were more involved in profits than prophets, if you know what I mean.  And so we begin to see the pattern of fraud emerging within this core family structure.  

     Let’s recap:  the actor who plays Gloria Allred’s daugher, Lisa Bloom plays Arianna Huffington as well as the wife of Joel Osteen.  In real life, she is the wife of the character who plays Joel Osteen.  Are you still with me?  That would make Lisa Bloom the daughter-in-law of Gloria Allred.

Gloria Allred has represented numerous parties in various high-profile cases, and frequently comments on television.  You will find that most, if not all, of these cases were fake media events.  See the complete list of fake media events HERE, which encapsulates much of the scandals in the media for the last few decades.  This is why I call her the Queen-Pin.

– She represented Amber Frey in the Scott Peterson case (fake)
– She represented Nicole Brown Simpson‘s family during the O. J. Simpson murder trial. (fake)
– she represented Tony Barretto, a former bodyguard of pop singer Britney Spears, in the child custody case between Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline. (fake)
– she is representing a former girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, Eugene being the now deceased cannibal of the 2012 Miami cannibalism incident. (fake)

You can see Gloria here with January Gessert, who to me looks a lot like Lindsay Lohan!

The agenda is clear:  To Divide and Conquer.  To inflame social tensions and create divisions along every line of controversy available to her and her criminal associates.  To spread fear and confusion.  To provide a fake basis for social change in her family’s favour.  To provide a diversion for the public eye, wasting our time and energy on useless bits of entertainment that passes for media.  Do you get the picture?


8 thoughts on “Gloria Allred, the Queen-Pin

  1. You missed this one:–abc-news-topstories.htmlGloria Allred represented a women who was fired for having big boobs, who worked an a lingerie company.How can people believe this crapYes, Divide and Conquer. That seems to be one of the things these characters are designed for. And a name like Allred conjures up images of communist and extreme feminists. I used to approach news from the standpoint of assume its true until proven false, but I've completely flipped. Assume it's false until you are able to show it's true. There may be a few things I believe to be false that are really true, but I'm correct far more frequently now. Very few news events hold up to much scrutiny.

  2. Yes, in order for the MSM media mind control to work, there has to be a constant barrage of fake news stories so as to form a continuous veil of deception, layer upon layer. They've had hundreds if not thousands of years to perfect this system of bread and circus to control the masses.

  3. X-MAN- TRUER words where never spoken-ok a cliche.. on a lighter note name two more annoying people on the media scene than GLORIA ALLRED and NANCY GRACE. OMG…rather live on a leper colony than listen/see those two.

  4. X MAN- I mentioned NANCY GRACE in conjunction with GLORIA ALLRED. well I believe she plays the role of JUDGE MARY ANN GUNN-love that name-in a syndicated schlock-fest of a program. Did a voice comparison and several images give me a positive hit on this. The voice is a giveaway. That same annoying twang. Can you check it out???

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