Paul Rodriguez is Bill Richardson

Another actor in government.  Paul Rodriguez is a stand-up comedian and actor.  His second choice of a career would have been a lawyer.  I guess politician is close enough?  His other routine is the character of Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico.  Some may argue that this character is a comedic role as well.  Anyway, Paul was born in the other Mexico, as in the country.  So, this would seem a perfect fit.  Stand-up comedy probably hasn’t been paying as well lately as leading a State of the American Union.  The 30th Governor of New Mexico.  Not a bad title to put on the resume.


4 thoughts on “Paul Rodriguez is Bill Richardson

  1. It's weird how I notice this more and more now. I'm not really good at looking at photos and figuring it out, but on video I can hear the voice, mannerism or facial expression and somehow that person is unable to hide.Is anyone else freaked out about this? I know more and more are waking up but how long until this becomes quasi mainstream?

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