Michael Rivero is John Wenckus of Flight 11?

Michael Rivero was born in Boston and spent his childhood in New Hampshire. He launched www.whatreallyhappened.com, initially called Rancho Runamukka, in 1993 after the Vince Foster murder.  Until late August 2010, Rivero ran the Whatreallyhappened radio show on GCN, airing six days a week. He also frequently spoke about political affairs with radio host and Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show.  His WRH website has been among the top ten ranked daily sites on the Internet.

Michael Rivero, who along with Alex Jones, are the self-proclaimed “Grandfathers of the 9/11 movement”.  Alex Jones has already been exposed as a fraud, and now just to add to the documentation of this cointelpro duet, Michael Rivero has also been exposed.  He played John Wenckus, a passenger on Flight 11.

From the website link above:  “John was a business associate of Otto’s that was among the many that were lost on September 11th, 2001. He was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles. John was returning to California, after spending a week celebrating his father’s 70th birthday. He will be remembered as a kind man, with a quick smile and a positive outlook on life.”

This is the only photo available of this man.  With the apparently miniscule history of this man prior to 9/11, this just adds to the evidence.  But wait, there’s plenty more…

Why did CNN remove most of the photos of the Flight 11 victims after Phil Jayhan broke the John Wenckus story.

Phil Jayhan of Lets Roll Forum claims that:

Mike Rivero worked for NASA for 25 years as a photo analyst. The passengers from the 4 flights on 9/11 disappeared while in custody of NASA & the FAA, not where we were told they died on 9/11. See here for the documentation of this;
Mike Rivero also believes, and attacks all others who don’t believe as he does;

1. Rivero believes a commercial plane with passengers hit the pentagon, and those who say otherwise are disinformation.
2. Rivero believes commercial airliners with passengers & hijackers hit the WTC, and those who say otherwise are disinformation.

Phil Jayhan is not without controversy of his own.  A former moderator on his forum, Brian Staveley claims that Phil is not on the level.

Brian S Staveley On The Kevin Smith Show- 9/11 special on Vimeo

This guy Brian Staveley also believes that Nicki Minaj’s voice is really Jay-Z’s sped up!  And he doesn’t have kind words for Ed Chiarini. – The Real News Online.com – Home

The main features of Brian’s message and radio show are that 9/11 was a CGI event, and that the twin towers were mostly hollow shells and that the victims and their families are actors, just not famous actors.  Okay, but why not?  Brian has some more explaining to do…


11 thoughts on “Michael Rivero is John Wenckus of Flight 11?

  1. I was flipping through channels tonight and landed on C-SPAN where Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs is being interviewed. The interviewer, David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group, caught my attention because he sounded exactly like Steve Martin. Well, after a little digging it appears that many people have noticed this and it's even joked about in a somewhat clever, cryptic way in a WSJ article I read.I'm probably the last person on earth to figure this one out. LOL.

  2. As someone who personally knew John Wenckus, I find this post and others like it to be offensive. Not only to his friends and family but to his memory. John Wenckus was a very nice man who was extremely bright and talented. Please stop trying to see things that aren't there.

  3. Please note that I offered this post as a question. If you truly knew this person, please feel free to email me a photo or other evidence of your friend to prove the hypothesis wrong, and I will humbly remove this post. Thank you.

  4. I agree with anonymous. It seems that too many posts conclude-GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. I hate to be on death row and rely on the speculative posts of a few fanatics. Sign of the time unfortunately.

  5. @anonymousYes, media personalities are accused of playing multiple roles, but it is occurring. Yes, when someone takes a measurement there is a potential for error, so I don't think anybody is correct for all their identifications. It is apparent that virtually everyone who voluntarily plays a part in many media topics; truthers, mass shootings, politics, etc are indeed actors. Being identified as playing another role is part of the risk they must take for their paychecks. Unfortunately if an actor is misidentified they can't protest in a meaningful manner without casting light on their shady employers.Consider that many personalities in the truther movement routinely accuse public figures of being pedophiles or even participating in human sacrifices. This is a far more damaging than being accused of playing multiple roles.If you really knew him, you can clear things for your late associate John Wenckus as there is little information on the web. For instance nobody by that name is in the ssdi database for 2001. So it's likely the person you knew was using a pseudonym. If you can publish photos or recordings of him it could be used to establish he is not Michael Rivero.

  6. Michael Rivero talks about Dov Zakheim’s System Planning Corporation as being a key player in the 9/11 deception, so I hardly believe he is trying to obscure facts. You should work for Ed Chiarini, I hear he’s looking for some talented individuals to help spread disinfo.

  7. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I worked with John Wenckus at Hi Shear Technology in the 80s. This man rivero is NOT John Wenckus. John was the most well respected intelligent kind man I've ever known. The guy looks nothing like him. Stop trying to cause a conspiracy at his family's expense and his memory.

  8. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I knew John Wenckus and worked with him at hi shear technology Corp in the 80s. He was a very well respected highly intelligent mechanical engineer. This rivero person is NOT him. And he looks nothing like him.

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