John Connally played President Lyndon B. Johnson

The 36th President of the United States of America, Lyndon B. Johnson, was an actor, a fictitious character, a fraud, a phony person wearing latex prosthetics and makeup.  

This was the monster who ordered the carpet bombing of thousands of innocent people in Vietnam.  He took over for President Kennedy, also another fictitious character, after that fake media blockbuster event known as the The Assassination of President Kennedy.  He also nearly started a war with the Soviets during the Israeli Six-Day War.  A warmonger cut from the same cloth as the current lunatics running the world.

His connection to the Kennedy assassination was not limited to merely being sworn in due to an emergency situation, because it was this same character, who has claimed that he was injured during that same assassination in Dealey Plaza.  John Connally.

The same man who pretended to be Lyndon B. Johnson was played by a man also called himself John Bowden Connally, the former Governor of Texas, until his death in 1993.  Or was that also fake?

Ed Chiarini has performed some epic homework in identifying these two characters as played by the same individual.

Connally describing his wound in JFK murder:  What a straight-faced liar!
Lyndon Johnson – Remarks on decision to not seek re-election:  VOICE MATCH!


2 thoughts on “John Connally played President Lyndon B. Johnson

  1. There are more than just a few pictures/videos showing LBJ and J Connally together A simple Google search of the two names especially referencing Dallas 1963 and then clicking on videos [and later images for more enlightenment] will show them to be distinct individuals. Connally was even Kennedy's Secretary of the Navy for his first 11 months as pres [before leaving to run and become gov. of Texas] and ample photographs exist of the three together. If the truth matters you need to set this to rest Imagine Gov Connally or LBJ not having been there with the entourage in Dallas – everyone would have known, surely?

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