Jon Voight plays Marion Ashley

With both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt identified at the Occupy protests with disguises on, attention had turned to focus on other “family” members.  Jon Voight seemed a reasonable choice to be next identified.  Jon Voight is a famous movie star and father to Angelina Jolie (allegedly).  He was a popular actor in the late 1960s and 1970s.  It turns out that he is actively employed in the government as District 5 Supervisor for Riverside County, California.  His pseudonym there is Marion Ashley.

“We can’t just sell hamburgers to each other” – Thanks for the insight, Jon!


4 thoughts on “Jon Voight plays Marion Ashley

  1. I have a friend who did some contract work for Voight's home. Said he was nice, but during dinner he went into a character and said it was really creepy, and asked him to stop. I already tried to tell him politics was theater, and he went on some pro obama anti bush rant. I'll bring this up and see what he says.I sort of think Mr. Rodgers may also be Mondale/Sagan.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. I do think there must be an element of self-possession to get into character. They're usually flawless when in character but sometimes they slip up. It's got to be stressful either way pretending to be someone else…

  3. Really,….with all that money you ld probably never work a day in your life. And these unlucky jerks, work their asses off, remembering details of all of their characters and lines,…..traveling in disguises and layers of makeup,……hell!!! This is a curse of God on them. So much money but no time to enjoy it. And sooner or later they ll just go to their graves, where there's hell waiting for them. Nice! Satan promises you nothing but hell, people do t follow Satan. You ll lose this world and hereafter.

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