John McCain is Fonzi, Henry Winkler

They’ve really jumped the shark this time!  I remember pieces of his face falling off, and when the media blamed it on his cancer symptoms, and some conspiracy sites blamed it on his “reptilian” shapeshifting, I knew that the whole character that is John McCain was fake.  But Ed Chiarini, aka Dallasgoldbug, has provided the photographic evidence to prove that the Arizona senator is a fake character portrayed by Henry Winkler.

If you’ve ever seen John McCain speaking and walking, the similarities to Winkler’s mannerisms are self-evident, once the connection is made.  In September 2011, Winkler was made an honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) “for services to children with special educational needs and dyslexia in the UK.  Here is Henry Winkler speaking recently about his dyslexia:  

According to the Huffington Post, “McCain is the first U.S. senator to publicly call for a military attack on Assad’s regime. During his floor remarks, he said more than 7,500 lives have been lost in Syria amid the uprising and that the United Nations has declared Syrian security forces guilty of crimes against humanity.”  

I suppose that McCain has not read my post on Assad’s ties to the CIA.

Let’s discuss the ramifications.  McCain is just another fake actor puppet, employed by his masters to spit out propaganda in support of more war, more death, more destruction.  I wonder if Henry Winkler has any moral conscience.  The nerve of him pretending to get a kick out of going to schools and talking to children about his dyslexia, and then putting on the facial latex for his role as McCain, and calling for military airstrikes on innocent children.  That’s one twisted criminal mind.

I’m sure there are hundreds of Patriot websites that would know what to do with this type of intelligence information on a character for who they have questioned the veracity of his Vietnam-era war stories.

Henry Winkler is also a Vietnam war vet, not in real life, but in a 1977 movie, Heroes.  He did produce an awesome show in MacGyver, I have to give him credit for that at least…


9 thoughts on “John McCain is Fonzi, Henry Winkler

  1. I sort of see the resemblance but McCain’s hair is so white and very little of it while Winkler’s hair is graying with dark highlights. I always thought he was capable of deception. Why does he do it? Who knows, glory, fame!!

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