Jerry Sandusky is played by Kevin Costner

With the amount of media coverage being given to the Jerry Sandusky drama currently in the news, it occurred to me that this could just be another fake media production.  And Ed Chiarini, aka Dallasgoldbug has completely confirmed without a shred of a shadow of a doubt that the true identity of Jerry Sandusky is Kevin Costner.

Simply indisputable photographic evidence.

Another football coach?  We’ve got the Breitbart/John Fox character, and then the Tom Landry/Pope John Paul 2 character, and now it’s Jerry Sandusky / Kevin Costner.

Kevin Costner has claimed that Princess Diana was all “set to star in The Bodyguard 2”.  Interesting because we know that the actor that played Princess Diana currently plays the role of UK radio host, Linda Joslin, and also Jean Broke-Smith, the queen of etiquette.



29 thoughts on “Jerry Sandusky is played by Kevin Costner

  1. OK big x-i like much of your work. However I must throw a fly in the ointment on this one. You say COSTNER/SANDUSKY are the same guy. Well I saw PENN STATE play RUTGERS at GIANTS stadium in the mid-90s. SANUSKY was on the sidelines coaching the vaunted PENN STATE defense. It was well known that SANDUSKY was one of the finest DEFENSIVE COACHES in COLLEGE FOOTBALL. SO unless the ''ACTOR'' KEVIN COSTNER is also a football coach and can instruct grown men-many of whom became ALL-AMERICANS and great professionals then something is amiss here. And how can the ACTOR KEVIN COSTNER shoot films-remember he was sought after in the 80s and 90s AND coach PENN STATES defense at the same time then I fail to see this match. Yes much can be faked but athletic ability and the ability to coach SUCCESSFULLY is difficult to say the least. Oh and in his last game 1999 ALAMO BOWL THAT WAS COSTNER WHO HELPED SHUT OUT TEXAS 24-0???????? MAYBE COSTNER SHOULD HAVE BEEN A FOOTBALL COACH. SORRY I DON'T BUY IT.LOL.

  2. The timelines you are presented with on TV and the media are also faked. For example, the movies and videos you see are prepared years in advance, and they have secondary and tertiary contingency plans should anything go amiss. Kevin Costner is also a fake character, we may not know who the actual human being calls himself. It takes time to digest it, even for me. I understand and empathize with you… Good luck.

  3. No no wait-this is my point I SAW JERRY SANDUSKY-WITH MY OWN EYES-COACH THE PENN STATE DEFENSE vs RUTGERS in 1995-6!!! that was him ON THE SIDELINES-directing the PENN STATE DEFENSE. ALSO THE GAMES PLAYED ON SATURDAY ARE LIVE. THIS MUCH CANNOT BE ARGUED WITH. THAT WAS HIM-WEEK IN/WEEK OUT. you cannot ''FAKE'' athletic or coaching prowess. So although COSTNER may be a fake name/character one must also answer just WHO WAS ON THE SIDELINES FOR THE NITTANY LIONS coaching a slew of great defenses. Like the one that stymied the MIAMI HURRICANES in 1988 to win the fiesta bowl. I mention this cause the Miami QB-VINNY TESTAVERDE- I met at NEW YORK ISLANDERS/RANGERS HOCKEY GAME at NVMC in 2007! I remember us talking to him in between periods and we mentioned the FIESTA BOWL and the first person he mentioned was JERRY SANDUSKY.TESTAVERDE threw 5 INt's in that game. So you would have me believe that all of his coaching exploits were faked!!! Sorry can not buy it. Again YOU CAN FAKE MANY THINGS-YOU CAN NOT FAKE ATHLETIC PROWESS. I WISH I COULD THEN MAYBE I COULD HAVE BEEN BRYAN TROTTIER.

  4. "So you would have me believe that all of his coaching exploits were faked" – Where did I imply this? Of course, the live games happened. The actor that plays both Costner and Sandusky was coaching. You cannot understand this, or you cannot accept it?

  5. So this person who is both SANDUSKY and COSTNER is both an accomplished actor AND a first rate DEFENSIVE FOOTBALL COACH????? And while he was making all those films he also had the time and energy to coach the NITTANY LION DEFENSE EVERY SATURDAY FROM AUGUST TO A JANUARY BOWL GAME WHICH PENN STATE WAS A FIXTURE IN FOR 30 YEARS?? Not to mention all of the scouting trips/recruiting trips/practices/film sessions that ALL COACHES have to do to be successful. Impossible. Sorry. You need to read BILL PARCELL'S book and understand the 20 hour work days most coaches put in. I know most people on this site have no concept of big time athletics and they cannot understand the truely laborious endeavor it takes to coach men on such a high level like DIVISION I NCAA SPORTS. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE COACHED AT HOFSTRA/L.I.U/STONEYBROOK/BKLYN COLLEGE ETC. THEY BARELY HAVE TIME TO TAKE A DUMP. YHIS IS NOT BREITBART/FOX. BREITBART was a marginal figure who was a construct of devious media types. But while he blog from the comfort of his own laptop and morph into JOHN FOX-SANDUSKY could not have been anywhere but the sidelines of PENN STATE FOOTBALL for 8-9 months. Well I said my peace and respectfully disagree.

  6. Basically, if your argument is that it is impossible for one man to coach a football team and make movies; then, my friend, you are wrong, plain and simple. But if you are arguing that the man on the sidelines is not the same man in the interview above, then, perhaps you could be right. Maybe they used a double. Maybe not. Doesn't matter either way. The point is that the media is lying to you, and has been for a very, very, long time…

  7. Really. Sorry bro there many things on your site that are very spot on. JESSICA SIMPSON/FERGIE-NO BRAINER- BOTH ARE SINGERS/PERFORMERS NO STRETCH THERE. J.LO/PAMELA GELLER- ISPOTTED THAT ONE MYSELF. SO IF YOU ARE SAYING THAT ITS COSTNER IN THE INTERVIEW YOU ARE ALSO SAYING THAT THEY HAVE BEEN ONE FOR MANY YEARS??? so then the person on the sidelines for PENN STATE is just who??? COSTNER/SOMEONE ELSE.???and yes I'm sorry it IS IMPOSSIBLE to coach for 30 years SUCCESSFULLY-FILM SESSIONS/PRACTICES/GAMES/SCOUTING/TRIPS/RECRUITING/ETC ETC. and churn out one film after another during the same time span. Maybe YOU should ask a top level coach just what its like to do it for many years. And then ask him do you think he could shoot movies

  8. Sorry x it does matter if a ''DOUBLE'' is used and without knowing just ''who'' the person on the sidelines was then the COSTNER/SANDUSKY match doesn't fly. SAYING A ''DOUBLE'' was used is SLOPPY and a COPOUT. that's akin to saying GEE THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK. if you can not authenticate the man on the sidelines for 30 years then the framework of this EXPOSED individual loses its validity. And yes I KNOW WE'VE BEEN LIED TOO EVERYTIME. IN FACT BEING LIED TO IS THE ''ONLY'' TRUTH WE CAN BANK ON. BUT I WILL SAY THIS- TO BELIEVE IN NOTHING YOU ARE TOLD/SEEN/HEARD IS ALMOST AS STUPID AS TO BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING YOU ARE TOLD/SEEN/HEAR.

  9. I didn't say that a double was used. It was only a suggestion. In fact, I strongly believe that Sandusky has been Costner from the beginning. If you look at the young Sandusky, it is obvious it is Costner. I disagree with you, that's all there is to it. The rest of your post is an illogical rant. Take a pill. What will you do when I do a post on OJ Simpson's real identity? You are just not ready to handle the truth. Perhaps you should not visit my site for a few weeks until you can properly come to terms…

  10. Obvious!!!!! To whom???? So you say you will post who OJ SIMPSON ''REALLY IS'' as if the person I saw at SHEA STADIUM trample the NYJ in the 1970s was ROGER something or other. Again YOU CANNOT FAKE ATHLETIC ABILITY. What YOU CANNOT PROPERLY COME TO TERMS WITH IS THAT PEOPLE MAY HAVE HAD REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCES WITH SOME OF THESE INDIVIDUALS or have any knowledge of the craft/vocation of an ''OUTED'' subject. Oh and by the way SANDUSKY and COSTNER'S teeth don't match. I showed it to 3 different people. NO SALE. and since I know you and ED CHIARINI are the same person lets talk about THAT BIT OF DECEPTION SHALL WE!!!!!

  11. How incredible that one man can be a talented actor AND a top flight football coach too. So these disiplines-diverse as they may be were mastered by one man??? So while he toiled in the vinyards learning the ins/outs of the differences between the 3-4 or the 4-3 defense/the multitude of blitz packages/the reading of the oppositions offense/the tackle-end two man game at the line of scrimmage/the 2 deep zone/etc etc etc. he also had the time for DANCES WITH WOLVES/JFK/FIELD OF DREAMS/WATERWORLD/BODYGUARD/SILVERADO/ETC ETC ETC. MAN NOW THATS TALENT. SEE WHAT I MEAN. AGAIN ASK A FOOTBALL COACH. ONE WJO'S EARS YOU CAN TRUST.LOL.

  12. To convince normal people who aren't that familiar with Ed's work. The 30 year football career in which he met thousands of people, and had relationships with football players needs to be addressed. I think, the Sandusky character on the news is Costner. I find it interesting, that I can't find photos of Sandusky when he coached at Penn State. The ones I can find look like staged modern photo ops. There must be gobs of them in the alumni and athletic buildings at Penn State. The obvious hypothesis is the coach and the character are two different people. Photographs of him between the 70's and 80's on the sideline are needed to test this.

  13. Your tactics will not work on me, so give it up. There's no point in performing damage control at this point. If you wish to contribute, you are most welcome. If your intentions are less than honest, then, please, spare us the vitriol, and move along. A whole 3 people agree with you? Well then, that makes it unanimous, and that makes all of the other data and info and connections also wrong, eh?. Your logic is certainly interesting. What about the judge, the lawyer, the other lawyer?

  14. What about them??? Lets keep it to the main character so this renaissance man who can coach the mighty NITTANY LION DEFENCE FOR 30 YEARS CAN ALSO FIND THE TIME TO ACT IN OSCAR WORTHY FILMS. IF ONE CANNOT CRITIQUE THE CRITICS THAN THOSE CRITICS ARE WORTHY OF MUCH DOUBT. SO if we see the blatant incongruities of someone being BOTH a COACH and an ACTOR simultaniously at such a high level we cannot say so.???? Most people I know would ask those very questions.

  15. If by ''CONTRIBUTE'' you mean rubber stamp everything??? Perhaps the goal here is to divert our attention from real pedophiles operating in PENNSYLVANIA and elsewhere.

  16. You are not asking questions. You are claiming to already know the answers. What you are doing is pushing your unsubstantiated opinion. Learn to tell the difference.

  17. Photographs??? How about the fact that MOST OF THE PENN STATE GAMES WERE BROADCAST LIVE ON TV. PENN STATE WAS ON NATIONAL TV MANY MANY TIMES AND LOCAL/REGIONAL TV TOO. that slightly pouchy gentleman on the sidelines was SANDUSKY. I can say that cause I watched many of those games and videotaped some too. So tell me how do you answer that. Hmmmmmm.


  19. Could you provide a link for a video of Sandusky coaching on the sideline? I can't find them. I did find this: is just some Ed Wood style editing. They'll show an old photograph of Sandusky(Costner), then some stock grainy football footage. They never show historical footage of Sandusky coaching at Penn State. Also the photograph of Sandusky's father looks like it could be Bernie Madoff.There are badly photo-shopped pictures of Sandusky at the 1999 Alamo bowl circulating on the net. If the Sandusky Costner really was at the 1999 Alamo game, why would they need to fake the photos?I can easily find videos of the Alamo game on surrounding years, but I haven't been able to find any for 1999.From the information I've seen I'll conclude, Recent Sandusky is Costner, but Costner did not perform this role as an active coach for Penn State. My conclusions can change with additional information.

  20. Which was my point that I should have been clearer in earlier posts. COSTNER could not have performed those coaching duties at PENN STATE. I want to clarify BIG X- I'm not denying the voracity that COSTNER may have slipped into the role of Sandusky-perhaps recently-to engage in a fake news story that rocked the nation. As I have said I saw SANDUSKY on the sidelines at GIANTS STADIUM in 1995-6ish vs. RUTGERS. lots of PENN STATE games were televised live for many years. One strange thing that has come up is the fact that a successful DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR USUALLY LEAVES for a head coaches job after paying his dues. In tracing some news stories THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND was interested in SANDUSKY in the late 90s but nothing ever came of it. STRANGE but he never got a head coaches job. This could be a. He was another character and could not risk exposure or b. The scandal was real. One must admit the nebulous grey area that exists here. Peace and love.

  21. How incredible that one man can be a talented actor AND a top flight football coach too. So these disiplines-diverse as they may be were mastered by one man??? REALISTICALLY:Costner is a pathetic actor and he "acts" as a top flight football coach. Ultimately it's the top that's calling the shots and rigging the game. So not very much this costner character had to do, but show up and be on film.

  22. Sports are fake also, did you see last years superbowl blackout? These so called grown men and ALL-Americans are not great professionals, but great professional bull shitters. They are getting paid big money 100s of millions to workout, take roids, and run around in tights like gay super heros.

  23. They don't fake, they are exceptionally smart people, who are good at many things. They are able to host talk shows, act, write books, preach, play sports, coach and some can even write and sing songs and play musical instruments. They are trained for their parts, Illumanati don't pick average or dumb people they go for the top players who can make Major Impacts on millions. For instance, Joel Olsteen is a world renowned Preacher, talk show host and a singer. We don't know his other roles yet!

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