The REAL Indiana Jones: Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is a well-known researcher, talented writer, and articulate speaker.  His body of work has been first class and altogether forms a textbook introduction to Alternate History. 


“… and this led me to conclude… that academic history… is part of an overall system of… mind control” – From the video interview with Joe Rogan below.

As a trained journalist, not only does he seem to be a walking encyclopedia, but he is willing to accept he is completely wrong with regard to his major premises, and that is a sign of a true scientist.  His books are intriguing reads just for the lucid writing, let alone the magical story-line of human origins he weaves together with his travel adventures around the world.

Here he speaks with Joe Rogan (who has questionable ties to actors associated with persons illustrated on this blog); nonetheless; there is much to be absorbed here for our benefit.  Please sit back and enjoy!

He had also been interviewed by that fraudster, David Wilcock, at one point as well and you can see that when David starts goofing off, Graham would have none of it and steer back the discussion to a more intellectual focus.  The intention of David here is to control the information by associating with Hancock and generating credibility for himself.  I hope you are not fooled.


9 thoughts on “The REAL Indiana Jones: Graham Hancock

  1. White People Are The Descendants Of African Albino's. by Drusilla(f): 8:05pm On Jul 29, 2006 There is something different about being Black. How can white be GOD of this world, if black is not the DEVIL of this world? It is deeper than economics, it is deeper than religion. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing wrote an excellent book about the psychology of Colors in this world: The Isis papers. She puts forth the theory that because whites are the descendants of African Albino's and were rejected because of their genetic mutation, that this rejection is part of their core psychological being. In essence she is saying that racism specifically against Blacks is deeper than economics and religion, it's in their psychological make up.

  2. Albinos–The Origin of the Caucasian Race? As new information comes down the pike, it is necessary to rethink theories that were once in place. The origin and labeling of the “so called” Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid Races by 19th Century scientists, started racial groupings based on skin color by naturalists and anthropologists like Johann F. Blumenbach, JA Gobineau and HS Chamberlain. These men also equated skin color to psychological value and importance to race. Blumenbach named whites after the Caucasus Mountains because he thought the purest white people originated there. He didn't seem to realize the following: Russia, Chechens, Armenians, and other Southern Russians are considered to have Black Negro origins and Caucasus Mountains people are classified as "black" and are discriminated against. Blacks have lived in Southern Russia since prehistoric times and have occupied the Black Sea Region since the time of Senwosret/Sesostris (2000 BC) when Africans dominated the region. (SEE 'HERODOTUS' ON THE COLCHIANS).FROM AFRICA – NOT TO AFRICA! Reference: White and Albinism Today The American Anthropological Association declares there is no such thing as race which is merely a “social construct.” If that is the new scientific principle, then….There are plenty of scientific facts to back up this principle. According to The South African Institute for Medical Research in review – Journal of South African Science, THE HIGH FREQUENCY OF ALBINISM IN AFRICA provides more clues to early African history. The Department of Human Genetics at the SAIMR is currently involved with numerous research projects, most related to human genetic disorders and population origins–one of these, ‘Albinism in African peoples’ having received particular attention because it offers new insights into the historical movement of peoples in sub-Saharan Africa. The albinism syndrome shows parallels with sickle cell anemia. The carrier of the sickle cell mutation is at an advantage in regions where malaria is hyperendemic, which includes large areas of Africa. About one in 35 southern African blacks is a carrier of an albinism mutation, a surprisingly high prevalence for a genetic disorder where the homozygote is at a survival disadvantage. It is postulated that the albinism carrier may actually be at an advantage, possibly also with malaria as the selective agent. It has been suggested that mosquitoes are less likely to alight and take blood from a lighter-skinned person and thus the albinism carrier may be at an advantage over darker-skinned people. The testing of this hypothesis is opening up a new line of research into malaria studies, which may yet show some other selective agent may be responsible for the high frequency of albinism in Africa.The new scientific genetic information derived from the Human Genome Project, an international effort to decode the information embedded in the human genome, confirmed to the world by scientists in the East Room of the White House (June, 2000). We all evolved in the last 100,000 years from the same small number of tribes that migrated out of Africa and colonized the world". "All human beings are 99.99% the same at the DNA level and the remaining 0.1% genetic variation that exist seldom segregate in a manner that confirms to the racial boundaries constructed by social political means.”

  3. Phylogenetic differences between "typical" black and white are not isolated to skin colour. Although height distributions are roughly the same, African people on average have larger limbs and increased musculature. There are facial differences also but these are not related to overall bone structure or evolution whatsoever, and they have nothing to do with climate. Long ago, lost in the mists of time, people were separated and isolated geographically on their respective continents. I will speculate in future posts on what caused this. But there was one group of people who intersected with all of these isolated groups for their own benefit. These were the Sea Peoples, and their legacy can be discerned in global culture today. Their descendants are the ones who engage in deception and fraud, carrying on the tradition of their ancestors.History is not about race. It is more clearly defined and understood in terms of families.

  4. There is no point to anything. Which is irrelevant anyway. We infuse meaning and purpose to everything. What you are proposing is mental laziness which is not the same thing as freedom. It's the exact opposite. But you're happy. Or so you think…

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