David Wilcock is a Fraud, aka Gary Johnson

David Wilcock is a fraud.  The actor that plays the David Wilcock character is also the actor that plays Gary Johnson, the former two-term Governor of New Mexico and who recently ran for the 2012 presidential campaign.  

The biographical information on David Wilcock on his own site is suspiciously sparse just like the Wikipedia page.  But we do have quite a bit of information on Gary Johnson, a businessman who made it big in construction in New Mexico, then went on to spend his time climbing mountains.  No, seriously, it’s right there on the Wikipedia page:

Johnson is an avid triathlete who bikes extensively and abstains from all recreational drug use, caffeine, alcohol, and some sugar products. During his term in office, he competed in several triathlons, marathons and bike races. He competed three times (1993, 1997, 1999) as celebrity invitee at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, registering his best time for the 2.4-mile (3.9 km) swim, 112-mile (180 km) bike ride, and 26.2-mile (42.2 km) marathon run in 1999 with 10 hours, 39 minutes and 16 seconds.  He once ran 100 miles (160 km) in 30 consecutive hours in the Rocky Mountains.  On May 30, 2003, he reached the summit of Mount Everest “despite toes blackened with frostbite.”  He has also climbed three more of the Seven Summits: Mount Elbrus,Mount McKinley, and Mount Kilimanjaro—the tallest peaks in Europe, North America, and Africa respectively. On October 12, 2005, Johnson was involved in a near fatal paragliding accident when his wing got caught in a tree and he fell approximately 50 feet to the ground. Johnson suffered multiple bone fractures, including a burst fracture to his T12 vertebrae, a broken rib, and a broken knee.  He used medicinal marijuana for pain control from 2005 to 2008″

 I suspect a lot of lies mixed with truth here, but I’m sure the medical marijuana part is true.  How else would his other character, Wilcock, come up with so many bizarre theories in the last few years?  Especially, the one about being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  LOL.  Here are some more of Wilcock’s claims:

– He said the ascension was going to happen by the year 2000
– He claims to be Ra, Edgar Cayce and Pythagoras reincarnate
– He said we would experience first contact in October 2008, and that full disclosure would happen by the end of 2009
– He associates with Project Camelot and now Benjamin Fulford, who have almost zero credibility to anyone who has been studying fringe/conspiracy topics for more than a couple of years
– His books simply rehash old information that has been floating around on the internet and in books released over the past two+ decades, that, again, any conspiracy researcher who is not a total noob has already read before.

In this video clip, Alex Jones, also a fraud, is interviewing Gary Johnson, and you can easily tell that this is the same voice as David Wilcock.  They do a great job of concealing his physical appearance, but in this instance, they did a poor job of disguising the voice, as they usually do when Gary Johnson had made speeches (tone is lower).
Compare the voice to David’s in his popular “2012 Enigma video”

And we will conclude this post with information that this actor also played Bradley Manning (they used older photos of him when he was younger) and that his real name is Joshua Frederici:


27 thoughts on “David Wilcock is a Fraud, aka Gary Johnson

  1. No, these aren't the same people, I not convinced by the argument. However I agree that Wilcock is a total fraud. His absurdist claims that he was an important high figure in Atlantean culture, that he is able to remotely access hidden records still undiscovered in the Egyptian pyramids & of course that he's Edgar Cayce's 2nd coming ('proven' by a vague likeness in an awkwardly posed photo) are an insult to honest truth seeking people. Saying these things does not give anymore credence, nor validity to the many topics he discusses at large. His recent crocadile tears (about his life being in danger) he shed when talking over the phone with the gullible Kerry Cassidy, was the final straw for me; I don't know if he has been put out there for a reason, or who is just some lone psychopath who's rampant narcissism (need for attention) and desire to make money from New Age suckers is what fuels him. I thought the former, just because this is a guy who turns up out of nowher, who is 'performing' to packed out swanky convention centres & who has a very professional website + expertly made videos………basically, he has a massive team of people behind him (like Barack Obama).

  2. This is spot on Wilcock is absolutely Gary Johnson. Ive been watching speeches of Johnson and videos of Wilcock for weeks now and i am 100% convinced on this. He’s a good actor, and he uses small pauses with Johnson to conceal himself sounding more like Wilcock. He gives himself away time and time again in his words and phrasing.

  3. Brad, there was a problem with all the videos converting from Goggle Blogger over to WordPress, so the videos mentioned above in my post are missing for now, but I hope to get all the videos added eventually, Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m glad you see the obvious voice similarity from other videos you’ve looked at…

  4. Science proves David Wilcock is the real deal. You morons that are making these claims need to get back to your high school and start learning physics and other sciences to understand science better because your arguments are weaker than any I have ever seen. You might need more brain power to get David's explanation of what is going down with regard to aether physics and other provable scientific research and how it is showing the interaction of torsion waves and aetheric forces that are impacting the evolution of all life on this planet as he discusses this in his free book Divine Cosmos and his best seller the source field investigation. I would tear you apart in any scientific debate easily able to prove David's work using scientific based logical arguments made in his ground breaking game changing information that nobody else has ever connected the dots on before. A high school educated science aficionado better known as a geek could obliterate you it doesn't take an expert in science David has made the advanced concepts he covers in his books simple to understand so that even dumb retards like you guys can get this stuff. You won;t though because your too busy making money off this website and don't care about making accurate claims. How much are you making posting ridiculous disinfo? Let me in on this I can do a better job selling total BS than you guys.

  5. Mixing truth with lies, this is the essence of evil. What better way to hide the truth than by keeping it right out there in the open? Generations of people pass by it and think "Oh yeah, we know about that and it is just a ridiculous theory". All the while it is the truth, and only the Initiates know it. Initiates are simply family members who have the time and money and power to pursue the truth, while the rest remain obliviously brain-washed. Humanity is an obviously advanced race, we have simply forgotten who we are… and this is not by accident…

  6. You, sir, are a moron. I don't understand why people try to connect people to other people via VAGUE physical resemblances. This is even less convincing than Wilcocks' argument that he is Edgar Cayce. Good luck pulling in the Google ad dollars.

  7. haha laughable! what a poor attempt for what ever reason i can see why some might want to smear his reputation. i could do better! but this is a shameful activity. please stop being naughty!

  8. login and show your face otherwise stop posting anonymous BS. anonymous lifeforms creep around by the zillions in th earth, as amoeba, larvae and centipedes. dont waste our time, login or stop complaining.

  9. David Wilcock is the same actor as Bigfoot who played Cpt. Kirk in the original Star Trek. He is also Gov. of Iowa and owns Wal-Mart. He bought Harris-Teeter and then got a sex change and played Ginger on Gilligan's Island before he started Led Zeppelin. All very very true of course!

  10. If this isn't David, it should be.

    Read his blog, read Sourcefield Investigations, read Synchronicity Key, and watch his videos and his weekly tv show on Gaiam TV. No one puts this much time into research that is perpetrating a fraud. The fraud lies in the off the cuff nonsensical artical written here.

  11. This is a joke, isn't it? These 2 men look nothing alike. What I would like to know is how you came up with this particular comparison? Has David been shape-shifting again? Oh you silly boy:)

  12. Gary Johnson just came over for a steak dinner, as he is related to one of my sister's cousins and they were visiting here on vacation. When he went to the bathroom, I flipped through his wallet (had fallen out on the floor while sitting at the table). Much to my chagrin, I found a driver's license there issued to “David Wilcock.” So this debate if meaningless to me.

  13. Judgements never seem to pay off. It's hard to tell what's up with Wilcock since he seems to be obsessed with promoting himself. It's not enough to be a historical researcher….no, he continues to push himself as some 80's style singer and musician every chance he gets If I were him I
    'd leave well enough alone. Just take the money and run.

  14. This individual {David Wilcock} is a total waste of oxygen..with the possible exception being that he generates enough carbon dioxide to sustain a small shrub, he is a complete fraud and should be completely ignored.

  15. So because you know nothing of what he speaks and you cant prove that he that is not on the enlightened path, your best efforts are to claim he is this other person, who quite obviously has very different facial structure, skin texture and color, with the most obvious differences being jaw and teeth structure as well as nose and eye sockets. As for voice identity, you are an idiot. Your completely direspectful accusations are based on videos you have listened to on the internet. Videos recorded in various places on various machines and varied accoustical environments. But you wouldnt consider things like this because deep down you are scared to death that maybe he is who he says he is and is right about the coming shift. Mor than likely you are a paid lemming of the cabbal, spewing lies about the truth sayers so you evil pricks can keep people in the dark just a little longer. Besides, your proof is about as solid as a soft shit. In my sixteen years in the military I met 11 people that not only looked very similar to me, but eerily sounded just like me. Must be a conspiracy. But hey its all good, without idiots like you we havent have plain examples of MORONS! Get a life, and be more creative if you want to try and hurt someones reputation because your efforts are a joke.

  16. instances of this that people just need to do there own research and make up there own minds on this BUT one thing i have noticed is that David repeatedly uses the Huffington Post as a reference source of evidence in his presentations. As it turns out David actually supplies this media outlet with information himself which i find EXTREMELY DUBIOUS to say the least. Look for yourself here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-wilcock/ I highly recommend watching Gaium TV and his shows, which you can pick apart till your heart is content, just sign up for the first month 99 cents, then cancel your sub.

    In the future mate i highly recommend using verifiable links and sources, it would definitely lend more weight to your claims.

    Personally i believe Davids “inside sources” do feed him tidbits of real info mixed with crap designed to scare the crap out of the public. Weather he knows it or not he is one of the best dis info agents out there (imho). He always says disclosure is coming year after year after year, it never does. Even Dr Steven Greer now states “We will NEVER EVER receive disclosure from the current governments of the world” Yet David persists repeatedly “it's just around the corner and the Alliance is coming to save us from the Cabal” BULLSHIT! Do your own research people and make up your own minds, do not let Wilcock make it up for you.


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