Drew Barrymore plays Jamie Radtke

As a sequel to my previous post on the Barrymore family connection to the other handful of families that run everything, not only was her great uncle a paid actor, but of course, as you may have suspected, she herself is in on the gig.  What do you think the going rate would be for impersonating a fictitious character running for the United States Senate?  No, that’s not a relevant question.  These people have more money than God Himself, so they do this out of boredom, perhaps?  Yes, that must be part of it.

Here is “Jamie Radtke” explaining her very religious life story including the part about praying for 40 days about whether to run for the US Senate seat for Virginia.  Aaay-men!

And then you can compare her voice with Drew Barrymore’s more recent interviews on her upcoming movie, “Big Miracle”, and it’s a perfect match but this time without the Aaay-men!

Like her great uncle, she is intimately connected with the British, and with Lucy Liu.  As we see HERE. Prince Charles may just turn out to be the third actor in this photo…


4 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore plays Jamie Radtke

  1. As a daily visitor from Europe, I commend you for this mind-boggling and VERY needed website. Keep doing your thing and ignore the haters. This is what all media should properly be doing in the weaponized Synthia-doomed world of lies we are facing these days.Let's expose these emperors without clothes and tear down their playhouse with all the vigor we can muster!

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