Jennifer Lopez plays Pamela Geller

We all know who Jennifer Lopez is.  I first saw her as a dancer on “In Living Colour” also starring Jim Carrey, that great Canadian comedy talent.  Subsequently, she garnered fame through her portrayal as  “Selena” in the hit movie of the same name.  Then she tried her hand at music, but let’s not forget that first and foremost she is an actress…

Jennifer’s whole persona is seemingly diametrically opposed to the one she assumes as Pamela Geller, a blogger, author, political activist and commentator who is famous for being an extreme right-wing Islamophobe!  I knew that the building of the Mosque at Ground Zero was intentional political fireworks designed to keep the stupid hatred on both sides alive in the background, but why, oh, why would Jennifer Lopez be involved with this?  I am very disappointed, I have been a huge fan of J.Lo… but it turns out that she is a member of the opposition.  Too bad…


Just by looking at the photos it is plainly obvious.  She disguises really well the tone of her voice as well as the pitch probably through the use of an audio device or reversible implant.  But the speed and rhythm of Jennifer Lopez’s voice are unmistakable.  While you watch her talking to that other chump, O’Reilly, don’t you wish she would instead break out with a song and dance?

And it should be clear to you the purpose of this fraud:  To incite racial angst and perpetuate all of the old stereotypes among the viewers and listeners…


7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez plays Pamela Geller

  1. A friend of mine who is of Turkish decent tipped me off on this one. He pointed out that famous Cypriot/Turkish/British singer ZIYNET SALI looks remarkably like JLO. and damn after doing an image search they are practically twins. And ziynet has that unmistakeable J.LO face-chin/jawline/eyes/body type. Can't get good ear shots but she's got that J.LO SWAGGER too.

  2. “To incite racial angst and perpetuate all of the old stereotypes among the viewers” That is an interesting, however, not intellectual jump from ideology to race. You might want to back up and have another go at that one.

  3. It is crazy how the people are brainwashed and these phonies are right in front of them laughing at the sheep and those of us who expose them are conspiracy therorists I can't wait for Gods judgement on these Devils and those running this sin infested world

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