The Many Faces of Talented David Rockefeller Jr.

Not only Mr. David Rockefeller Sr, but also his son, Junior, are in the acting business…

James P. (Jim or Big Jim) Tucker, Jr. is an American journalist who, since 1975, has focused on exposing the controversial Bilderberg Group. He is the author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary and has appeared in several films.  WIKIPEDIA – JIM TUCKER

Tucker is recognised as a “veteran Bilderberg observer” and “the doyen of Bilderberg hunters”How did the journalist, Jim Tucker, have advance knowledge of Margaret Thatcher’s demise, and of the Housing Crisis in 2007?  How did he have inside knowledge of the Bilderbergs?  Why, of course…. If you are actually David Rockefeller Jr. in disguise, well then, that explains it all, doesn’t it?  

And to also play the role of Jim Marrs (I have two of his books in my library), that just takes the cake!  On top of all that, to be the Mayor of Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo, and Sheriff Arpaio as well!  I am left speechless.  How he finds the time is an easily answered question for a billionaire philanthropist/population control eugenicist, but the more pertinent question is where did you learn to ply the trade of acting?  Step aside Mr. Ripley; instead, here we have the very talented Mr. Rockefeller…

And you can add “Jim Humble” to this list of phony characters played by David Rockefeller Jr.  He sells the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or MMS.  I would say it would be a safe bet to recommend a “not buy” on this fraudulent cure…


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